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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Islam, the State, the cult of Gay and Queer, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, 'Science', Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion....a nice variety for the human-hater, amoral, anti-rationalist to choose from.  It is so much fun mocking them isn't it ?

Tempus Fugit Memento Mori - Time Flies Remember Death 

Archive - June 2016

EUtopia's quite easy to predict collapse is finally starting to occur

Trans-national Socialism and Tyranny does not work.

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The failure of the European Socialist Experiment is obvious and it manifests itself in some shocking numbers:


-It is a completely unnatural union with very little real economic, business or trade pattern rationale stretching across 28 very different countries.


-Overall real unemployment is about 30%, and even higher amongst youth in many countries [Spain, Greece, Portugal, likely Italy].


-There has been no austerity aka budget cutting [just very marginal cuts in total spending, some billions out of collective budgets in the trillions]. No labor, market or capital reforms have been enacted to counteract tepid economic growth and high unemployment. This is a travesty.


-Average net wealth per head is far lower than in North America, about 30-50% lower.


-EU per capital debt is now 21.000 Euros per person and going quickly to 25.000, with Greece and some countries at 31.000 per person. It is essentially bankrupt.


-Living standards are far lower when compared to North America, along with GDP per capita [about 25% lower].


-Due to trade distortions and keeping out non EU products and services, the cost of foodstuffs and consumables is 20-30% higher than it should be.


-Common Agriculture Policy which protects French and German farmers, has resulted in prices for all agro-products being much higher than they should be.


-When you add in quotas on fishing, farming and restrictive regulations on the same, you have a food price crisis, with the average food bill some 2x higher than in North America.


-The Euro has gone from 1.68 to the US$ in 2008, to 1.10 now and will fall far below, 1$. This means that the real cost of living in the Eutopia will skyrocket yet again.


-Open borders and the Moslem invasion. By 2050 many German prognosticators predict that Turks and Moslems will be a majority in the Germany. This will be replicated across the Continent. What sentient person in the UK wants to be a part of a future Fascist Islamic Caliphate ?


Add in further doses of reality. Entire industries in the UK have been wiped out including; shipping, steel, farming, fishing and refining of many raw materials. EU regulations, quotas and taxes, have conspired to either limit British involvement [farming, fishing], or so completely distort trade and material flows as to make the industry uncompetitive [steel, ship building, refining]. Hundreds of thousands of UK jobs have been lost due to EU policy.


Layer on the socialist tyranny from Brussels, where unknown, unaccountable EU Commission members make 65% of national laws [Euro Parliament does not make the Laws]; and where the gross violations of trade and commerce are dictated from; and it is a wonder that the UK did not separate sooner than 2016. Not one single 'Remainer' in the UK can identify their MEP, nor how the EU works, its budget, or what CAP is. Voting to remain in a socialist tyranny, in a system you can't describe, nor even bother to understand, and which is being eviscerated by cultural Marxist and Islam, is simply an expression of ignorance, not 'internationalism'.


Exit the EUrinal - a socialist tyranny and immoral project

The EU destroys, it does not create.

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  • No one can name their MEP or how the EU works,
  • 4 Commission Presidents,
  • 50.000+ EuroCrats,
  • 10.000 Eurocats earning £200.000 or more;
  • 65% of laws in member states passed by the Eurocracy;
  • EU Parliament does not pass any legislation [it is passed through the Commission];
  • no accountability, no transparency;
  • regulations which kill the economy [fishing, agriculture, tariffs against non EU member trade flows];
  • for every £ 1 the EU spends locally [to buy very shrill and loud support], you pay them £2.30;
  • no democracy and certainly no freedom.

People who support the EU have no clue whatsoever how it works, nor can they name any part of the process that is transparent, understandable or even reasonable.

It is a top-down elitist socialist tyranny, designed very specifically to destroy national cultures, borders, and rights.

Brexit the Movie.

Brexit, Dismantle the EU beast, get back to basics and real progress

Socialist-Multi culti Marxist tyranny is alas, not freedom.......

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The corruption of the EU[rinal]. Transnationalism is as morbid a disease as National Socialism, or Communism in one country. Myths and lies abound about how felicitous and necessary bureaucratic tyranny must be, for groups and nations with little in common, most avowedly secular and militantly hostile to their own history and true cultures. European socialism and top-down elitist control is as immoral and counter-productive as the Divine Right of Kings, which emanated from Protestant theology, or 19th century militarism, itself a by-product of secular naturalism and irrationality [called rationalism].

The modern EUtopia is a disaster in many ways. Media and political propaganda as to its merits include:

-EU has kept the peace and prevented another Euro-civil war
-It has fostered trade
-It has made cross-border business and tourism easier
-Southern Europe has developed faster than normal business cycles would allow
-Rights and laws have improved or been more quickly implemented
-Economic cycles have been smoothed out
-Poverty has been reduced

All lies. For example:

-The US military and NATO with their bases and integration of military commands have kept the peace.
-Trade has been completely distorted thanks to the EU. German exports through a devalued DM [called the Euro], has impaired normal trade relationships and caused massive frictions within the EU.
-Prices have gone up by 30% across the EU for most member states, making trade and tourism more difficult, not easier.
-Southern Europe has indeed received about $1 Trillion in 'help' from the EU, in the form of printed money and debt spending. The Euro has dropped 40% due to debt and financial woes since 2008.
-Rights in the UK and elsewhere long pre-date the same laws emanating out of Brussels.
-Economic cycles have worsened with the advent of the Euro and EU debt spending, leading to the inevitable negative interest rates and easy money policies of today, which at some point in the future, will herald a gigantic economic collapse.
-Poverty across the EU has not changed since 2000, but the cost of living has gone up and living standards down.
-EU protectionism keeps out African produce and meats from North America and Russia; and has thus ensured sky-high food prices, and massive subsidies and riches for French, German and Spanish farmers – much to the detriment of its citizens.

Then there is the Moslem invasion.

10 million Moslems over 5 years will enter Europe. Germany by 2050 will be majority Moslem it is estimated. This is all part of the EU's plan.

This invasion force are not refugees, but from a broad Moslem swathe from North Africa to Afghanistan. Most are young men, not the babies and crying mothers of media lore with their fraudulent photos and pious genuflection to their beloved moon cult. EU politicians view Moslems as cheap labour and a salve for nations that no longer have children. MSM, quackademics, the Church and Marxists view the cult of Submission as the great moral fascism, manly, militant, devout and superior to the dark age mentality of Christians, their feminine theology of love, and their ridiculous ideas that they created the modern world.

For the Church it is an imperative to rebrand the invasion as a flood of refugees who must be fed and clothed – even if it means its own destruction. This curious addiction to suicide and ignorance about Islam, is one reason why many leave the Church.

Culture is King.

The Western European elite and their education-media minions believe they are evolved pond scum, nothing matters, 2+2 might be 9, sexual confusion is now genius, and that Islamic fascism is just another variant of cultural expression and superiority. In their view the real threat is from Christianity and its vile simplicity, its supernaturality and despite its creation of modern science, mathematics, agriculture, industry and morality, its loathsome, antiquated, anti-science world-view. For the Euro-elite and their devoted knaves and slaves, the path to the future is through socialist tyranny, with no free speech, complete citizen control and of course a mosque on every corner. The merging of Marxism and the Mosque is a main tenet of Euro-theology.

Looking at the facts and reality of life, any person with a brain would not only vote to exit such a bloc, they would run screaming for help from such an organization.

Why stop at Brexit ? Frexit, Hollexit, Spexit, Italexit....Reclaim freedom, culture and progress. Reject the EUrinal's pretensions to power.


The Nitrogen cycle and the processes of Life are not explained by the cult of Evolution

No science to Evolution, just lots of story telling.

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An Atheist who apostasied from his cult and left the dogma of Darwin ascribes his investigation of real science, as the main impetus. Meaning he could find precious little within raging Atheism and Naturalism, that was either factually premised, or scientifically literate. Trained in biology he offered up the Nitrogen cycle, which is one of many complex cycles necessary for life, as one example amongst many, that Darwinism has no hope of explaining [Transformed by the Evidence, p. 78].


'Nitrogen is important for all organisms, and is used for protein building, DNA/RNA production, and other crucial chemicals needed for life. This nitrogen cycle is a highly complex system that requires a minimum number of parts, mostly creatures, in the right place at the right time, with the right equipment.....


  1. Nitrogen gas (N2) makes up 78 percent of the atmosphere, but is in a form that plants can't use. The first step of the cycle requires that N2 be changed into ammonia (NH2)...this has to take place in oxygen-less environment...plants like clover, provide oxygen-free chambers on their roots called root nodules. A special protein is also needed in order to help carry excess oxygen away, so that it will not interfere with the reaction. What is incredible is that plant and bacteria cooperatively manufacture this protein and coordinate production rates and amounts by communicating with each other.

  2. A different group of bacteria, and sometimes fungi, carry it to the next step and change ammonia into nitrate (NO2) and then nitrate (NO3).....

  3. A new group of microbes change nitrate back into nitrogen gas that can be released in the atmosphere....without these organisms, nitrate could build up in the soil and make it toxic for life.

  4. Nitrates made in step 2 are easily absorbed into plants where they convert it back to ammonia in order to make other important compounds, such as those required to make proteins.

  5. There exist huge numbers of bacteria, fungi, and others that break down waste products of life and, in so doing, nitrogen is continually recycled.'


This is just one cycle within the vast complexity of life, which in total must reside, as a matter of logic, millions of variables necessary for life to exist. The development and usage of nitrogen just by itself as a never ending cycle and program, is simply astounding. Hundreds of millions of bacteria are involved, along with plants, in an intricate manufacturing process, reliant on transforming a gas into life giving nitrates. Within this industrial process, advanced chemistry is deployed by both flora and fauna to transform nitrogen gas into something useful, and even to recycle faeces and waste from fauna.


The mathematical probability of this one process, arising from chaos, emerging from a soupy pond, undirected, without purpose, over time and through 'mutations', impelled by 'natural selection', into this cycle of affirmed inter-dependence and industrial production which is mandatory for life to exist, is less than zero.


No wonder this Atheist biologist left his cult. Evolution explains next to nothing. It does produce pretty pictures and engaging fairy tales. The Evolutionist cult member cannot explain this process, other than by saying, 'it exists, therefore it evolved'. This is the standard church dogma trotted out by the High Priests of Naturalism. Of course to publish their 'science', they add a lot of impressive words in a 3000 word monograph outlining how nitrogen is turned into gas. An example is here from Britannica:


'Nitrogen is one of the elements most likely to be limiting to plant growth. Like carbon, nitrogen has its own biogeochemical cycle, circulating through the atmosphere, lithosphere, and hydrosphere (Figure 5). Unlike carbon, which is stored primarily in sedimentary rock, most nitrogen occurs in the atmosphere as an inorganic compound (N2). It is the predominant atmospheric gas, making up about 79 percent of the volume of the atmosphere. Plants, however, cannot use nitrogen in its gaseous form and are able to assimilate it only after it has been converted to ammonia (NH3) and nitrates (NO3). This reductive process, called nitrogen fixation, is a chemical reaction in which electrons are picked up from anothermolecule. A small amount of nitrogen is fixed by lightning, but most of the nitrogen harvested from the atmosphere is removed by nitrogen-fixing bacteria and cyanobacteria (formerly called blue-green algae).'


The entire Britannica piece is about evolution. But nothing is mentioned in the Naturalist theology about how carbon or nitrogen cycles arose.


  • What created the process ?

  • What created the chemical transformation technology used by plants and bacteria ? How did that 'evolve'?

  • Why would 'selection' favour such processes, or bacteria which communicate with plants for example ?

  • How did this communication develop from nothing ?

  • For plants and bacteria to exist wouldn't other complex processes need to be in place for them to originate ? Where did they evolve from ?

  • How did plants know to grow root nodules to remove oxygen which would destroy the entire nitrogen gas transformation process ?

  • Etc


Britannica, as with all things Naturalist, has no idea.


Dr. D Russell Humphreys Phd Physics on why he left Darwin's cult and did some real science

Evolution does not enlighten, it retards and degrades.

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Dr. D Russell Humphreys Phd Physics

[from p. 33, in Transformed by the Evidence]


Humphreys was a teenage 'science' prodigy, one of the top 40 young scientists in 1959, picked to compete in the USA National Westinghouse challenge. A son of an Atheist father and fallen-away Baptist mother he recalls being drenched with evolutionary theology, from Disney productions, to school text books, to 'collegial' world-view systems. He never seriously doubted the long-ages of the Darwinian universe; nor that pond scum became man by luck, chaos and those magical mutations. That is, until he started looking for evidence. Even endless brain-washing it appears, does not distort every mind.


'In three decades of study, I have only a few hundred physical processes that one could use to estimate the age of the earth. I have been continually astounded by the fact that over ninety percent of the processes favor an age much less than billions of years. Here are a dozen examples of the 90 percent majority of evidence pointing to a young world along with brief explanations:


  1. The rapid accumulation of mud on the ocean floor, versus the slow removal of it by plate tectonic subduction.

  2. The presence of carbon 14 well above the detection limit in all fossils......the decay half-life of carbon 14 is 5,730 years old, is so short that no carbon 14 atoms would be left in any fossil that was more than a million years old.

  3. The great excess of helium still retained in tiny radioactive zircon crystals in the granite of the earth's crust...The helium diffusion age of deep-core samples of these zircons turned out to be 6000 (+-2000) years.

  4. The rapid accumulation of sodium in the sea, versus its slow removal by various processes, such as the evaporation of shallow seas.

  5. The rapid decay of energy stored in the earth's magnetic field, especially during the periods of very rapid direction reversals recorded in geological strata.

  6. Evidence throughout the geologic strata of very rapid deposition of continent-scale sedimentary rocks by waters moving at meters per second – the events of a worldwide catastrophic flood.

  7. Many multiple-layer fossils world-wide, such as fossil trees projecting through two or more strata. Conventional geology says a tree should rot away long before a second layer buries it.

  8. Fossil 'graveyards' of billions of creatures buried in the sedimentary geologic strata throughout the world.

  9. Evidence for tight folding and bending of large geologic strata while they were still wet and soft.

  10. The presence of DNA and soft tissue, even in fossils, that are allegedly hundreds of millions of years old.

  11. The extreme scarcity (thousands) of stone-age burial sites compared to the abundance (billions) of sites that should exist if the Stone Age had lasted 100,000 years or more.

  12. The recentness of agriculture and recorded history, and the dispersion of people, civilization, and languages from a small region in the Middle East.'


When Humphreys began thinking for himself and doing his own research, he realized that his Atheist-Darwinian world view was a fraud. There was precious little science, and as he says, plenty of denial and non-science. The above list is a small fraction of what can be enumerated. Every item is passionately attacked by Darwinists, with their rhetoric and story telling. A personal favourite is that 'iron' acts on soft tissue to keep it supple and the DNA existent, for 70 million years. No proof of that claim is offered, just a few lab tests and plenty of hyperbole along with the usual sneering that if you deny the fable, you are anti-science.


The cult of science, and its Atheopathic world-view, including the myths of Darwinian evolution, have retarded, not enhanced, human understanding.


2 billion dead babies since 1966 - declared to be moral, right, 'scientific', justified...

The Dark Ages.

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Abortion is the greatest crime against humanity [along with Islam]; in history. One quarter of the human race has been murdered since 1966 – 2 billion human babies. This is where the mindless cult of Atheism, Darwinism and equating human life with pond scum leads to: Atheistic Hitlerism, Atheistic Communism, Atheistic Secularism. The Atheist cult of Hitler gassed 5 million Catholics and 6 million Jews. The Atheist cult of Communism in Russia killed 35-50 million people. Both wiped out the Christian churches. The Atheist cult of Mao Communism in China dispatched some 50 million and the Atheist cult of Pol Pot some 5 million souls.


The leaders of Atheist Fascisms believed that magically processes, chance, luck and mutations [which are only deleterious or neutral] allowed pond scum to become the apogee of evolutionary development [namely rhetoric and science fiction], embodied of course in themselves.


If you add up the stack of dead bodies murdered by Atheist Fascism in the past century we have this list:


-Abortion: 2 billion [the right to choose, is just a euphemism for the right to murder]

-Hitlerism: 70 million [total dead for WW2]

-Maoism: 50 million

-Stalinism: 35-50 million


In North America alone; some 65 million babies have been murdered since 1970.


'….what do we call the murder of two billion babies worldwide since 1966? John Smeaton, the Chief Executive of the Society for the Protection of the Unborn Child, gave this statistic during a recent lecture in Rome. He describes the figure of two billion abortions as a "conservative estimate" compiled by "leading researchers from both the pro-abortion and pro-life lobbies." John Smeaton added two caveats to this appalling statistic: "The number of human embryos destroyed in the past 50 years by abortifacient birth control drugs and devices worldwide is simply incalculable" and the worldwide total number of babies killed as a consequence of IVF is unknown, though we know “in the UK alone, 2 million embryonic babies have been killed as a result of in vitro fertilisation procedures since 1990.



A Dark Age when Death cults reign. Euthanasia, Abortion, Islam is Peace, kill those who deny that Plant Food causes climate.....even an ardent Darwinian must admit this state of affairs smacks more of devolution than positive change.