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Friday, August 24, 2007

The War on the family and the childless society

The 40 year jihad against the family produces predictably bad results

by StFerdIII

The 40 year war on the family is finally paying off for the chattering classes that mis-manage society. We now have officially a ‘childless’ culture where having children is portrayed as an illness, where homosexual cowboys are considered chic and hot, and where a huge immigration of Muslims into Western society will ‘save the day’. Governments as they are wont to do, have created a massive problem and now of course they will issue more policies to ‘solve’ the issues. Of course they will only make things worse.

Government’s war on the family takes many forms. The destruction of faith and the imposition of cheap nationalism is one way. Welfare, high taxation, massive spending, low real income growth thanks to various economic restrictions, Cuban styled and managed educational systems, and of course gay marriage are just some other obvious manifestations of wildly idiotic government policy that mandates a childless culture. The great cultural shift from the family being the core building block of society to a world in which the family is just another non-governmental power center to be abolished [along with business], by smiling politicians and their legal friends is almost complete. The results will be devastating.

In all Western countries, except the United States we see the sick effects of the war on the family by government. By the year 2015, for the first time in the history of Canadian population statistics, there will be more people over the age of 65 than under the age of 15. These projections predict fertility rates ranging from a low of 1.3 babies per woman to a high of 1.7 babies per woman. That puts Canada in line with other nations beset by declining fertility: France, 1.9; Australia, 1.7; Germany, 1.3; Italy and Spain, 1.2, Japan, 1.2; Korea, 1.1. Only the United States is conspicuous among its industrialized neighbors for a fertility rate that continues to remain above what is known as replacement level, with 2.01 babies per woman. The main reason for this difference seems to be in the fertility rate among women aged 24-29, which has been cut almost in half in Canada and many of the other nations with declining fertility, but which remains virtually unchanged in the U.S., where more traditional values prevail. Outside the US the rest of the world is simply dying off – except of course in Islamic states. The United Nations forecasts extreme declines in population by 2050, ranging from 22% for the Russian Federation to nearly 50% for the Ukraine. Secular Western Europe will lose 4% to 12% of its population, while the population of the churchgoing United States continues to grow. Is secularism at fault? The numbers do not suggest otherwise.

Government’s war on family and religion has thus reaped what it must have intended to sow – the reduction of religiosity and child bearing. By reducing the number of native births governments can then manage immigration and social policy to form the society they want. Massive Muslim immigration and the multi-cult club are of course priorities. Replacing sick Judeo-Christianity and the modern world with a 9th century pagan fascism makes perfectly good sense to the anointed elite. It is also quite easy to manipulate and buy immigrant votes through welfare projects. Reducing the number of religious voters who usually vote right of center is also mandatory. Instituting massive social schemes – regulating day care so there is no supply but cheques for families; baby bonuses to mothers who have many babies outside of wedlock; redistribution of monies from wealthy voters to poorer voters and the creation of a welfare class; redistribution of property rights from the man to the women making the man optional in raising children; the massive taxation and accompanying economic stagnation; skyrocketing costs due to a lack of competition and efficiencies in health care, education and all government mismanaged programs – all ensures a notable role for the ‘elite’ to help ‘manage’ inequality. It also ensures a poorer society.

As taxation and spend rocket upwards, the incentives to have children cascades downwards. It costs a minimum of $10.000 after tax per annum to raise a child in the typical urban center. This includes the costs of clothing, food, some sports and the costs of public education. Throw in private education, ballet lessons, acting classes, a violin, the latest and hottest clothing lines, MP3 players, X-box, a TV, a laptop and university education and the number will double or triple. In a society where the average income is relatively modest and tax rates extremely immodest, it makes little or no economic sense to have children. With university now a standard path to higher incomes and also great debt assumption, it is not surprising that the average couple, in making some basic financial calculations, determines that maybe 1 child is enough.

Now of course the social engineering geniuses have instituted queer marriage and soon most likely, polygamy. Judicial activism to push through gay marriage is neither democratic nor intelligent. The problem is not with gays or polygamists as individuals. No one cares about the average gay person. If you are gay then fine but don’t tell us it is genetic [homosexuality is proven not to be genetic] and don’t scream about your ‘rights’. It is tiresome. The problem with the gay marriage issue is that society through unelected judges has again declared that the family unit is not important and that all lifestyle choices are ‘relatively’ good. This is nonsense. Gay unions are the anti-thesis of what society needs but they are certainly the poster children for the government’s 40 year jihad against the family unit.

Only in the US which is a far more religious place than anywhere else in the Western world are birth rates above 2.1. Again the US rejects the big socialist – EU style ninny culture and secularalisation - proving just how stupid and inferior those darn Americans are. In Canada and elsewhere no one discusses it but it is a base fact that there has been a 40 year war against the family by government and the media. Gay marriage, a reduction in spirituality, high taxation, 'free' day care, welfare, Hollywood's whore culture, the destruction of virtue and replacement with sappy stupid 'values' that change by the week, and a decline in understanding the importance of our own Christian culture; has resulted in a childless world which is now to be offset by the wonderfully intelligent policy of Muslim immigration.

It is hard to understand such musings but the chattering elite will tell you that ‘times are a changing’ and that modern ‘values’ necessitates a childless multi-cultism. If our own society succumbs to such mind-numbing propaganda then we have only ourselves to blame. It is high time to reclaim the central role of the family and start to roll back government; cease non-Western immigration; and stop the erosion of virtues and spirituality.