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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Evolution is Stupid! By John Verderame

Great title.

by StFerdIII


Brainwashing and Political Correctness are definitely two of the hallmarks of membership in the Chuck Darwin Evolution Club.”

This is not a bad general overview of why Evolution makes no rational-scientific sense. Bio-chemistry, the laws of thermodynamics and the fossil record make a mockery out of the assertion that sponges macro-mutated into Barack Obama or Barry Soetoro, or whatever his name is. It simply cannot, and did not happen. You are not evolving into anything. Neither is your cat.

The good about this book is its title, and that it is an easy read and presents an overview of what should be well known objections to the cult of Darwin. The bad is that it is not a 'high brow' look at the errors of Evolution, nor is it particularly eloquent. It is presented as a bar-room chat in some way, a colloquial conversation on why evolution is simply nonsense. This makes the presentation quite direct.

The author is a biologist and former Darwinian cult member who had fully imbibed the kool-aid, the rhetoric, the illogical tautologies, the lies and the frauds of the evolution cult. During college biology sessions he began to use common-sense to question what he was being taught. Some time later he apostasied and is now likely marked for death by the 'tolerant', 'scientific' cult of rats-becoming-human. Darwinians do not like to be challenged. Narrow minds are thus constructed.

Verderame makes some obvioius points which indeed disprove the entire construct of evolutionary theory. It should be emphasized that no real-world experimentation, data, fossil record or observations support evolution. Yet this cult persists in equating their inane theory with 'gravity', as if leaping lizards turning into birds should be conflated with Newton's exposition and experiential proof of a scientific law.

Evolution is anti-science:

Science was progressing just fine without Evolution mythology, and will continue to do so when it’s gone.  Actually, given the level of scientific fluency of many of today’s students, it’s more than fair to say that since Evolution took hold, science literacy has made BACKWARD strides.

Darwinism and the whole of evolutionary cosmology is kaput -- bankrupt, sunk, and dead.  It is useless to the advancement of science or society or anything else. We didn't need it to get to the moon, don't need it to advance medicine, didn't need it to build the Hubble telescope or any other instrument, don't need it to extract energy resources or teeth, don't need it to make law, don't need it to cook dinner, don't need it to advance automobile or computer technology.

only thing that's really changing and adapting is the concept of evolution. Evolution is like clay: you can mold it, adapt it, and fit it wherever and however necessary, so that the theory adjusts to whatever twists and turns are necessary to its form, function, and propagation.

Complexity by chance you say?

To say that that whole system of communication evolved on its own is ridiculous.  There's not a shred of evidence to support it; it's an illogical, irrational, fanatical evolutionary religious story

How did Evolution figure out how to get the eye to see light?  How did Evolution even know light existed and COULD be seen?  It DIDN'T.  And there should be fossil waste landfills everywhere that are full of evolutionary experiments that failed while Evolution was trying to figure out how to make a mind-numbingly complex human eye that could utilize light

lowly little shrew evolved into all the land mammals we've ever known, according to Darwinists.  Don't ask why we still have shrews around, and why they all didn't keep evolving, and why they're not evolving now.

Eugenics, Abortion, Racism.....

Darwinism gives humanity yet another excuse for racism and looking down on another individual as "less evolved" or puffing oneself up as "more advanced.

It should be noted that Darwinian theology gave great succour to the racists in 19th century Europe. Evolution was a central plank of Fascism. Natural selection meant you should kill off the weaker, less developed members of your society. The sick, disabled, handicapped must be eliminated in order to provide a 'competitive advantage' and genetic improvement for the 'race' as a whole. Eugenics naturally follows in which you try to artificially create Nietzchean super-men. Euthanasia – a fancy word for murdering old people – is likewise to be encouraged. After all they already provided their genetic value through reproduction, their time is up and they are an unseemly budget burden on society. Abortion is likewise to be embraced, especially if the fetus or child newly born, do not measure up to the evolutionary standards of progress. War against untermenchen is an obvious duty to eradicate the lesser human breeds from the genetic pool. In this vein Darwin and hundreds of 'scientists' [quacks and racists], advocated white supremacy, and overt intolerant racism against non-whites.

Nice cult.

This book is good introductory read as to why Evolution is indeed quite stupid and more to the point, corrupted by tax money, power, and fraud.