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Thursday, October 17, 2013

The cult and illiteracy of Scientism. Quacks as experts.

Cults are not science.

by StFerdIII


Darwin theology, in which thanks to the gods of chance, time, and randomness, lizards apparently jumped from trees and became eagles; and the lowly shrew became the most important creature in history namely Barry Obama; has been a vast retrograde force in human affairs. From real science and biology, to ethics and social mores; Darwinism has had a nefarious impact, confirming illiteracy, amorality, and erecting various cult shrines around human debasement, the killing of the unfit, racism, racial extermination and of course unfettered narcissism and self-love. Though each human is just an evolved worm; you are the glow-worm, a little god of the dirt.

One of the derivatives of the pathos and pathology which is Darwinism is course the elevation of science as a cult. It is rather ironic. There is no science within Darwin theology – not a scrap of geological proof, biochemistry, thermodynamic physics, DNA coding, cell formation or epigenetics supports it. Yet the wail and screams from the 'scientific community' loudly proclaim that walking fish, elephants turning into whales and mice becoming wolves a certainty – supported by scaffolds of 'science'. Fraud is however, not science.

Not all scientists are quacks of course. Neither are all Phds. But increasingly too many are.

Scientism is an important part of Statism, or the overwhelming power of the state over every aspect of life. The state uses the prostituted body of 'science' to justify every possible outrage and insanity. 'Experts', 'scientists', 'Phds', 'those who know', are all used to sell what offends common-sense and reality. Evolution, the cult of warming, the abortion and gay lobbies, the various infantile expressions of socialism; all of these are supported by tax money and led by 'scientists' of one variety or another, each waving around a Phd in some philosophical endeavour, including what should be 'hard' sciences; as if a degree from the establishment cult confers intelligence and relevance. It doesn't.

For instance Darwin theology is always portrayed as science. It is not science but a cult of faith. The cult dressed up as science with 'deniers' to be vilified and expunged. It is another expression of the more technocratic-state management of the individual.

The single human – viewed as worthless in Darwinian theology – is to be ushered around by 'experts' who will tell you what to do, think, believe and how to act. Darwinian dogma is very clear that 'evolutionary forces' or 'dialectical developments' centred around the mythical gods of 'chance', 'time', and 'mutations' [they kill, they don't add information contrary to Darwin non-science], when yoked to the goddess of 'natural selection' who has conveniently planted a 'tree of life' with a 'universal genome' built into the base; militates against the expression of individuality, free-will and rationality. The technocratic elite believes that all aspects of life must be managed by Plato's wise-men, or those who hold Phds and other arcana, who have in the main, never displayed any real life skills or who may or may not possess intelligence or common-sense.

In Darwininan-state terms all of the aforementioned gods and goddesses are the real masters of fate. You are simply a bunch of chemicals and molecules knocking about, beholden to chance, fate and 'processes' beyond your control. In other words your life is useless and a waste of time. Darwinism is the ultimate expression of atheism, itself a blend of overwhelming selfishness and egocentricity, with a barren, amoral code of hostility to life. The fittest survive, therefore it is 'moral' and 'just' to kill the weak and sick.

Scientism has downgraded education and martyred real science. This is a direct result of state funding, state management, state distortion and state fraud in using 'science' to push forward the goals of the state. Statism is about power, regulation, money, and control. It opposes freedom, free-will, self-determination and even the facts of history, archeology and science. Statism, like Winston Smith in 1984, endeavours to rewrite both current and past history, and create a fantasy world in which the 'technocratic elite', who are supposedly so much better and smarter than the rest; have all the answers and must be allowed unfettered powers to deploy all the solutions.

Of course the smartest men in history, the greatest of philosophers, real scientists, inventors, and doers of all sizes and shapes did not have a Phd. Nor were they scientists. Few of them would have accepted the label 'expert'. They would have laughed aloud at the idea that they had 'all the answers' and knew everything. Yet they did possess brains, common-sense and an approach [some deductive, some inductive], which allowed exploration, explanation and discovery of proof. Today we have quacks named 'scientists' who are engaged in the opposite of discovery and science and immured in the defecated refuse of fraud, data torturing, manipulation, and greed; declaring that if anyone disagrees with their 'consensus' view, they should be killed, or if they feel more kindly, perhaps only imprisoned. This is not science but quackery. And it is all funded by the state.

Scientism is a state-funded attack on natural law, natural rights and free-will. It is as simple as that. There is no science, but plenty of hate, animus and corruption, in the cult dogmas of Darwinism, Warming, Abortion, the Homosexual, Islam is Peace; and other convenient tools the state uses to spread itself, destroy centres of opposition and expand its own cult of Statism. There is no gay gene. Lizards did not jump from trees and turn into the Condor. Climate is a convection system not a greenhouse; otherwise there is no life on this planet. Homosexuals are not the smartest and best parents. And no Islam is not peace but a savage pagan cult, supremacist, racist, intolerant and highly irrational. Yet 'scientists', 'experts' and Phds can be found to express the exact opposite and threaten anyone who objects with not only censure but with death.

One thing is pretty clear. Whenever a 'scientist' aka a quack says that 'such and such' is 100% certain and we 'scientists' have proven it; and that you must 'follow', 'act now', or 'submit' to our wisdom; the opposite is going to be true. The word 'science' today now means tax-money, fraud and cult dogma. It is in the main quite illiterate.