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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Darwinian dogma at the root of the Nazi leadership belief system

Thank Evolutionary dogma for the Holocaust

by StFerdIII


Hitler, Martin Bormann his deputy Fuehrer, Himmler and other leading Nazis were all Darwinian evolutionists. None of the Nazi leadership was a Christian. Not a single one. Darwinian science-fiction, in which flat worms became the superior Aryan race informed the Nazi Fascist [aka Marxist-Socialist] cult. The Aryan communal, purged of bad 'genetics', supporting Hitler's 'evolutionary law' was uber alles. The Darwinian dialectical could only be nourished by ridding the world of Jews, Slavs, Russians, Gypsies, Queers, Drunkards, the 'Unfit', or morally reprobate, along with Catholics who were 'deniers' of evolutionary 'science'. Sound familiar ?



Joachim Fest in 'The Face of the Third Reich: Portraits of the Nazi Leadership', goes through the leading figures of the Nazi cult, including the anti-Christian bigots Himmler and Bormann. Central to their fascism was Darwinian theology. Survival of the fittest, might-makes-right, expunging the 'weak' were central pillars of support for the Nazi edifice. Indeed evolutionary and 'habilitation' [meaning genetic racism] were necessary topics to achieve advanced degrees in Nazi Germany. For 70 years, from the time of Darwin's metaphysical fraud in 1859, until the rise of the racialist lunacy of Nazi dogma, the German media, educational system and University-academic complex had drenched German consciousness with the 'science' of Darwinism and its iron laws. This inane, unscientific, fraudulent dogma made a holocaust inevitable.