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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Why I left the cult of Evolution - it is not science, it is fantasy

Study DNA and tell me that randomness creates code......

by StFerdIII


The tiresome little minds of the evolution cult usually demean those who oppose their fantasy philosophy of pond scum to polo players, by naming them 'anti science'. This is akin to Moslem fascists calling libertarians intolerant. Absurd. At one point I was an evolution-cult member - until I studied science and bio-chemistry. Then i knew it was anti-science. The world of software also introduced me to the concept of system complexity. Nothing including the mighty 50 unit flagella, is as 'simple' as the evolution cult maintains. Indeed the complexity – and wonder – of life is beyond lexicon. In my opinion, we have a very dim and undeveloped understanding of the world around us.


Why is evolution not scientific ? There are many reasons – the geological record does not support uniformitarianism. The fossil record makes evolution a myth. Species creation and then extinction from mutations has been common. The perfect ratios of science cannot happen by chance. The millions of variables necessary to have life arise cannot and never would happen by randomness and chaos. Probability theory by itself makes a mockery of evolution. So does genetic functionality and DNA.


I have spent 20 years in software and systems building. I an an expert in code, languages, systems and algorithm development. DNA is without question, the most complex coding language and instruction set in the universe. I have spent a lot of time studying DNA and genomic cell 'coding'. These miracles are infinitely superior human coding syntax, language and structure. This complexity cannot arise by indifferent processes.


In the past 20 years I have never seen evidence that software can change, mutate, replicate, create, copy, or maintain itself, by itself, through time, chance or mutations, commonly called bugs. Bugs destroy software, just as genomic mutations cause DNA degradation and the law of entropy guarantees decay and extinction. Software design and intervention through maintenance and testing, is a standard practice. Nothing is left to 'chance'. Amazon did not mutate into Facebook. Nor was Amazon built by random events and chaotic coding.


The 'chance' that DNA code is manufactured by random events, premised on time, degraded by mutations, and would form into a 100 Trillion celled operational human, all from algae or floating pond scum, is less than zero. Indeed as with all software code, DNA is so specific to that human individual that there is no chance that this software system was copied from non-human 'ancestors', ranging from flatworms to shrews and lemurs; or whatever the non-existent evolutionary tree of propaganda claims. DNA by itself makes evolution a fantasy.


I have never read an intelligent Atheist-Evolutionist explanation of DNA. Ever.