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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Darwinism and the cult of scientific materialism

The cult of science, goose-steps on

by StFerdIII


If you believe that random processes produce chloroplast operations in plants; and the nano-technological complexity of rotary motors in single cells, good luck in life. You fail the common-sense test. One aspect of failed public education is the complete dismissal and avoidance of scientific methods, principles and mathematics, not to mention critical thinking. Probability theories and statistical analysis, by themselves, will disprove evolution. When the chance of chaos producing the 100 trillion celled-complexity named the human, is less than zero; than your theory is invalid.

Darwin's non-science, is just another example of a failed mid-19th century dialecticism, or 'materialism'. Marxism, socialist theories, naturalism of all varieties, were much in vogue, even if they were out of science and unrelated to reality, during the 19th century. The lawyer's Lyell's cant of 'uniformity', so central to Darwin's theory of slowly evolving organisms; was premised on geological stability and unending, imperceptible climate and terrestrial change. This lie is completely annihilated by the real geological record of catastrophe including at least one global flood. But don't let facts get in the way of scientific materialism.

The rabid evolutionary biologist Douglas Futuyma wrote in  Evolutionary Biology, 1986, p. 4., "Together with Marx's materialist theory of history and society…. Darwin hewed the final planks of the platform of mechanism and materialism." And the evolutionary paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould says, "Darwin applied a consistent philosophy of materialism to his interpretation of nature." [Alan Woods, Marxism and Darwin, 1993]

Darwinist materialist theology is an age-old belief, first espoused as early as 700 BC in ancient Greece, that is built on the absolute and exclusive existence of matter. In this view, matter has always existed, and has created new 'matter'. The 'matter' will self-organize and form new forms of matter and existence. Therefore a creator or God is superfluous.

We know that only matter and energy can create matter and energy.  Nothing cannot create something.  Yet according to the Big Bang theory, from nothing there was an explosion of matter and energy, and the universe resulted. Darwinism cannot explain the origins of anything.  If matter and energy 'always existed' something had to create it.  If they did not, the universe had a 'starting point', again a cause is needed to begin a process.  It does not happen by magic. 

We also know that randomness leads to chaos not order. Further if we use science to investigate plant and animal cells, nano-technology, DNA, RNA, amino-acids, enzymes and proteins, we know for certain that there is a less than zero chance that such enormous complexity arose from nothing, or by chance and time. We also know that like software bugs, mutations kill or degrade software functionality [read DNA, genomic] material. This leads ineluctably to functionality and system collapse, confirming the 2nd law of Thermodynamics, or the law of entropy. By applying the above using real science and empirical investigation, we can easily refute the Holy Trinity of Darwinism – time, chance and mutations.

 If we add to bio-chemical science and reality, the geological fact of catastrophic changes in the earth's climate, the record of fossils which mock Darwinist dogma about 'missing links' and add in the committed frauds from this cult; we can safely say that Darwinism is nothing but a philosophical construct of 'scientism', or mid-19th materialism. Darwinism is a failure. Pity that so many deluded humans believe in it.