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Friday, July 18, 2014

DNA disproves evolution - software code is not written by chance

The science of software makes evolution a joke

by StFerdIII


Anyone who has worked with code, knows the following is science:

-Code does not form its syntax or functionality by chance

-Functional code does not change, mutate nor enhance itself by chance

-Degraded code is 'bugged' or mutated

-Software systems which are not maintained simply fail due to the law of entropy

This law of entropy is, by any measure, one of the most universal, best proved laws of nature. It applies not only in physical and chemical systems, but also in biological and geological systems -- in fact, in all systems, without exception.

No exception to the second law of thermodynamics has ever been found -- not even a tiny one. Like conservation of energy (the "first law"), the existence of a law so precise and so independent of details of models must have a logical foundation that is independent of the fact that matter is composed of interacting particles.” link

and [to counter insipid evolutionary cant about 'open systems']

The fact is that the best known and most fundamental equation of thermodynamics says that the influx of heat into an open system will increase the entropy of that system, not decrease it. All known cases of decreased entropy (or increased organization) in open systems involve a guiding program of some sort and one or more energy conversion mechanisms.”

Systems don't arise by chance. Neither does complexity.

DNA is the most complex software code imaginable. Humans have 1000 books of coded DNA software within their 100 Trillion celled complexity. Chance, chaos, mutations and the mythical 'natural selection' cannot account for this structure, nor for the volume of software you possess. You don't make functional code by chance. DNA is simply functional software of the gravest intricacy imaginable. Natural selection can only occur from within this genomic code, not from outside of it. You can't select for wings as a human for example, because your code does not possess the functionality, syntax and programming to allow it. Evolutionists have to prove that software is written, changed, amended, maintained and improved by chance and via software bugs or mutations. They can't and they never will. This is one reason why evolution is a joke.