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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Benjamin Wiker, '10 Books that Screwed up the World' [and 5 others that did not help]

The uselessness of much of Philosophy on full display

by StFerdIII


Marx/Engels, Hitler, Mead, Darwin, Descartes, Rousseau, Machiavelli, Nietzsche, Sanger, Freud, Kinsey.

A great book [link] to read and use as an anodyne against the great-and-good, not to mention the dinner party hair-flickers who seem so enchanted with Rousseau, Marx, Darwin or Descartes. The cults of the philosopher. The cults of 'science'. The pedigrees of the 'academic'. Nothing is so tiresome than reading or listening to someone who does not inhabit the real world, but who instead muses over whether a cat is really a cat; if a fetus is a salamander for 3 months; if Islam is truly violent; if 2+2 is indeed 4; that communism was in fact a grand idea, certainly mud could turn into men; maybe Hitler was a closet Catholic; or perhaps a transgendered is not suffering from mental illnesses but only genetic mutations. Only 'philosophers' and 'scientists' would ponder such useless abstractions and lies. Sadly these cults are well-funded by government which is not a surprise to anyone who lives in the real world.

Wiker: “There is nothing so absurd”, quipped the ancient Roman philosopher-statesman Cicero, “that it can't be said by a philosopher.”

Well said. Wiker excoriates all of the cultural memes so prevalent in our society. A common thread amongst these 10 deleterious books ranging from Mein Kampf to Margaret Mead's lies about Samoan anthropology ? All of the writers were anti-Deists, anti-Christian, anti-rationalists. They inhabit their own ideological worlds, sad, sick, deformed; fashioned from peculiar beliefs, in which at the base of it all, is the concept that man is just an animal. That magically through dialectical processes he arrived as homo sapiens through the apes, concocted from nothing. Ergo there can be no logic, no science, no morality, no structures. All is random chaos and chemicals magically binding, unbinding and bouncing around.

Read these books. Understand where the authors are coming from. Why should you listen to Descartes writing in the 17th century, a man so obsessed with himself that he uses 'I' so often, it reads like an Obama speech. 'I think therefore I am'. Is anything more stupid ? You exist, you have a complicated information system, therefore you can think. You don't think before existing stupid ! Yet how many hair flickers who have never read Descartes are so impressed by this vulgarity? There is no rationality or common sense in any of the books Wiker's destroys. None. It is all cant, dogma, and hyperbole. The same appellations describe the cult of warmism, or those who are dedicated to 'protecting' the moon cult of Mecca from criticism.


Witless and irrational.