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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Benjamin Wiker, '10 Books that Screwed up the World' [and 5 others that did not help]

Machiavelli and Descartes, 2 fav's of the smart people's cult.

by StFerdIII


Marx/Engels, Hitler, Mead, Darwin, Hobbes, Descartes, Rousseau, Machiavelli, Nietzsche, Sanger, Freud, Kinsey.

Introduction here. Wiker on the following:

1. Prince by Machiavelli 1513

Wiker: “I shall take the old fashioned approach and treat him as one of the most profound teachers of evil the world has ever known.” There is no other approach to this deformed political theorist, confirming yet again, that political theology is one of the most sordid and potentially disease-ridden forms of idea generation. How many lives have been lost to 'theories' about building utopias using political and social violence? Machiavelli was one of the first and worst.

The essence of the Prince, is that a King or ruler must appear to be one who has Christian virtue: “ appear to merciful, faithful, humane, honest, and religious.” However, in reality the successful Prince will be the opposite. Evil is thus rewarded. There are many reasons why Machiavelli believes this, not the least his own experience of Church and Secular corruption and violence.

The most important feature of Machiavelli is however the fact that he was an Atheist and had little faith that man was unique, different or important. Since in essence, there is no good and evil, for Machiavelli and his followers, any action which promotes a 'good', such as power, rule, or killing to quell social disturbances and enact 'peace', is fine. In other words all the precepts of Christianity should be rejected in private. Immorality is just the 'same' as morality in the eyes of the Machiavellians. His book was a favorite of Lenin and other Atheist monsters.

2. Discourse on Method, Descartes, 1637

As Wiker explains Descartes' jumbled confusion asserts that God does exist because we can think he exists. This is as dumb as the 19th century 'scientists' who asserted that life must exist on the moon because they thought it could exist. They were called Lunatics or Lunarians [from the French word 'lune' or moon]. Descartesians suffer from a similar disease of illogicality. You don't think therefore you exist. You exist and therefore you can think.

Wiker: “ known – and rightfully and woefully so – as the father of modern philosophy....What, then is Descartes' method? Simply put, doubt everything.”

Doubt everything. Doubt that a cat is really a cat. That there is a natural world. Doubt that 2+2 equals 4, or that Mars can never have life. Doubt that the table is there, or doubt that the cow is really a milk-giving animal. Doubting doubt no doubt would lead to further doubtful confusion.

Wiker: “Even if such a method doesn't lead to insanity, it certainly leads to narcissism, the morbid condition of believing that I sit in god-like judgment of everything else.”

Narcissism, so rampant in our society, is the true theology given to us by Descartes. There is thus no wisdom in tradition, no lessons from the past, no truths from history, no apparent reason to anything. Doubt reason itself. Doubt your own senses. Doubt that you even exist. Far from embracing reason Descartes promoted irrationality, a frightful, senseless absurdity in which the 5 senses of the real world are apparitions, and the human is but a ghost locked in the prison of the material body.  This frightful metaphysics has been used by 'relativists' to promote attacks on reason, morality and reality.