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Friday, February 27, 2015

Nazi Darwinism. Borman and the Nazi hatred of the Church.

As with Islam, Nazism sought to destroy Christianity.

by StFerdIII

 JS Conway's excellent book 'The Nazi Persecution of the Churches, 1933-1945' is a must read for any interested in the Nazi evisceration of Christianity and its animus towards the 'confessing' and 'evangelical' churches. The Nazis gassed 5 million Catholics, with Hitler famously commenting that Catholics who opposed 'science' namely, evolution, must be effaced. As Jewish historian Dimon wrote in his history of the Jews and the holocaust, the murder of 5 million Catholics is the unknown holocaust. Priests, bishops, clergy, laity and all those who were a part of a center of 'opposition' to National Socialism, Nazi statism, and the 'church' of Nazi theology, were simply murdered.


Hitler and the Nazi elite were Atheists and Darwinists. Nazi theology was in large part formed by the ideas of Darwin. Survival of the fittest, killing the unfit, using 'science' to justify eugenics, euthanasia and the murder of genetically 'inferior' people; the relegation of Jews to sub-human higher apes; the animus against the Catholic Church because it opposed evolution or 'science' in the Nazi jargon....Darwin to Hitler is indeed an ugly, direct and very straight line.


Conway digs up Borman's circular on the Nazi position versus the Church. Hitler stated he would efface the Church and install a 'Reich's Church' with himself as god [one assumes]; once the war was over. The Church in any event was eviscerated by 1942 when the Bible was officially outlawed. Millions of Catholics by then had already died. Borman's circular from the early war years restates the Nazi leadership's view of Christianity – a faith it despised and mocked [Hitler was of course very impressed with Islam, what a surprise]:


Borman on the Church, Nuremberg document 075-D, Conway p. 383:


National Socialism and Christianity are incompatible...National Socialism is based on scientific foundations [he means evolution]....Christian churches have long recognized the dangers which threaten their existence on account of exact scientific knowledge....theology, to suppress or falsify scientific research....For this reason we do not need Christianity.”


When we National Socialists speak of a belief in God, we do not understand by God, like naive Christians and their spiritual opportunists, a human-type being.....The force of natural law [he means evolution not Christian natural law]...we call the Almighty or God....we National Socialists impose on ourselves the demand to live biologically [again referencing evolution]....observe the laws of nature and of life, the more we adhere to them, so much the more do we conform to the will of the Almighty.”


Borman restates Nazi theology in this circular. Nazism is based on:

  1. 'Laws' of Biology or the laws one finds within natural cycles and processes

  2. Naturalism which supports the 'laws of biology'

  3. Evolution which is the 'science' behind naturalist theology


The Nazis sold their Fascism in large part by appealing to science, marginalizing Christian ideals as effeminate, anti-German, and unscientific. Naturalist evolution and the magic of chance, time, natural processes, and chaos, were the assembled God of Nazism. Nature and its 'laws' reflected by evolution was the Nazi's Almighty Creator. In this vein the Church, always a center of real or potential opposition to the Nazi totalitarian ideal; had to be destroyed. The ideals of Christianity were of course the direct opposite of Nazism. In a totalitarian state, such an organization is not tolerated, but annihilated.