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Friday, March 20, 2015

Stephen Meyer, Signature in the Cell. The Magic Fairyland of Darwinism.

Better suited for a down market theme park, than for science.

by StFerdIII



Stephen Meyer: “Either life arose as the result of purely undirected processes, or a guiding intelligence played a role. Advocates of intelligent design argue for the latter option based on evidence from the natural world.”


Evidence is the key. Evolution's fantasy world contains none.


I have never understood why a theology as banal as Evolution is accepted as science. Bacteria to men? Walking fish to flying sparrows? Worms to women ? Whatever. Not a single shred of evidence in any sphere of science exists to support evolution. Nothing. Biochemistry laughs at Darwinism's simple-mindedness, its theory of simple-to-complex, its mantra that a single cell is really just globules of jelly. As if information systems and software arise from dead matter. From Stephen Meyer's excellent book, 'Signature in the Cell', some illustrations of just how unbelievably complicated the bio-chemical infrastructure of single cell truly is. And you only have 100 Trillion of these.....


Shannon’s information theory to generate quantitative measures of the information-carrying capacity (or brute complexity) of DNA sequences and their corresponding proteins. These analyses have shown that these molecules are highly complex, and quantifiably so. DNA, RNA, and proteins have a tremendous capacity, at least, to store and transmit information.”


Evolution would posit that arose from nothing and that Oracle business systems mutated from mud.


Why would DNA which is software, arise from nothing, if by itself it can do nothing. DNA needs amino acids, RNA and much else besides, to be an effective information system.


DNA is only part of a complex system for expressing and processing information. They realized that without this whole system, DNA by itself could do nothing.”


...structure of the RNA polymerases reflects the complexity of their activities in RNA transcription. The enzymes have sites that recognize promoters, react with initiation, elongation and termination factors, recognize DNA bases for correct pairing, bind and hydrolyze RNA nucleotides, form phospho-diester linkages, terminate transcription and perhaps unwind and rewind DNA.”


How would RNA arise independently of DNA, if it needs DNA to both exist and function?


...for RNA polymerase to access the genetic text, the DNA double helix must unwind and expose the nucleotide bases. Further, to initiate transcription, the RNA polymerase must bind to the correct part of the DNA sequence in order to begin transcribing at the beginning of a genetic message, rather than in the middle or at the end. For its part, the DNA text provides a promoter sequence or signal upstream of the actual coding sequence to facilitate recognition of the correct location by the RNA...”


..information necessary to manufacture RNA polymerase and all the other associated enzymes and protein cofactors of transcription is stored on the DNA template. But expressing that information on the DNA template for building the proteins of the transcription system requires most of the proteins of the transcription system.”


Chicken and the egg:

..molecular process that makes modern life possible is protein synthesis, since proteins are used in nearly every aspect of living. The synthesis of proteins requires a tightly integrated sequence of reactions, most of which are themselves performed by proteins.”


A single cell is an information system of inter-related and inter-dependent complexity. Just as a car does not magically appear from junk, neither could a 100 Trillion cell organism make an appearance 'mutating' from bacteria. Darwinism is so bereft of any real science, that we can justifiably state that it has retarded real scientific advancement and understanding for the past 150 years. This theology is of course funded by the state. Government has every incentive to dispense with the real study of biology and life; and insert a fantasy theology full of magic friends, including time, chance, uniformitarianism and mutations which of course kills genomic material – except in the magical universe of Darwinism. Maybe Darwinists should start building theme parks named 'The Magic Kingdom'.