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Friday, April 3, 2015

US spends more on AIDS than on cancer research

And other problems with the cult of Gay.

by StFerdIII

 US spends more money on AIDS than on cancer research.


For 2014, the government wants to allocate 2,722 million dollars for HIV/AIDS research.  Based on the number of people living with HIV/AIDS, the government plans to spend ~$2500 dollars per person per year in 2014”


AIDS is a homosexual disease. Period. Saying so of course makes you homophobic. So be it. The Gay lifestyle has many issues – drugs, porn, 1/3 or more of child sexual abuse cases [including Gay priests], health and psycho-pathological illnessesdeviant behavior and norms [see Gay (no) Pride parades].


For a group that is only 2% of the population, Gays are extremely shrill, demanding, intolerant, and are forcing the greater society to suffer through AIDS, increased health care spending, and thanks to a deficient education system, the Gay grooming and distorting of sexuality starting in many locations, at the age of 6. The psychological fallout from the Gay attack on innocent minds will be manifested within 10 years. 


 It will only worsen, as the Educational elite give in to the well funded Gay lobby and its attack on heterosexuality, religion and children's innocence. What better way to justify pederasty or homosexuality, than by using faux-science and issuing propaganda to young minds incapable of understanding the abstractions of sex, Gayness, or fraudulent theories about normalizing transgendered confusion.


The Educational system used as knaves by the cult of Gay, is now directly abusing – sexually and psychologically – young children.


There is a high social cost to the cult of Gay. Facts are rarely discussed in the Gay claim to be relatively equal with heterosexuals. Even domestic crime rates amongst Gays are higher. We should not forget Gay Fascist groups modeled after the SA Brownshirts, such as Bash Back! or ACTUP!, regularly attack churches, priests and parishioners. If you protest against Bash Back! or ACTUP! In their fascist display of intolerance, you will be declared mentally unfit and the intolerant one. Defending yourself against the Gay agenda means of course that you are intensely homophobic. So be it.