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Friday, July 24, 2015

Darwinism is anti-science.

Theological and Philosophical world-views are not 'scientific' by default.

by StFerdIII


Darwinism is a cult premised on unscientific, irrational, and quite purblind theology. It is funded by the state, controlled by Atheists, propagated by the cult of science [which has so much money and power to garner]; and is promoted by the media as 'science'. Aristotle's flat and immovable earth is likewise deemed 'scientific' [Aristotle was a genius etc. etc.]


There are some obvious scientific calibrations which the Evolutionists or Darwinists offend:


1) First Law of Thermodynamics: Matter and Energy come from matter and energy. Nothing creates nothing.  Abiogenesis, or life from dead matter, is scientifically impossible. 


2) Second Law of Thermodynamics: Entropy. All systems, from cars to your eyesight will fail. This means that complex organisms and their systems and sub-systems fail. You can prolong life with technology but the system – open, closed, hybrid – will collapse. Leave your 'open' system named a house alone for 50 years with no grass cutting or maintenance. It will be a ruin. Systems collapse over time. Try it out and see for yourself.


3) Extinction: Species go extinct due to mutations which 99.9 % of the time kill genomic software. Mutations do not add new software code Not one single proof of this exists [not even torturing flies to provide a useless 3rd set of wings on the back thorax which in effect kills the creature]. Radiation mutates and destroys. See Hiroshima, Chernobyl and your local chemotherapy unit for detail. Why do you think your body is covered when the dentist takes an xray ?


4) Software. DNA and the complicated single cell are software systems. Period. Software has to be coded, made, updated, maintained, calibrated and tested. Software cannot and never will arise from 'nothing'. In the beginning there had to be information and software. DNA the blueprint of software design is more complicated than anything the human mind can engineer.


5) Meta-mutations. Single cells containing like E Coli, some 250-470 genes, have never been observed, manufactured, or 'forced', into multi cellular creations containing thousands of genes. Never, none, nada. It is bio-chemically impossible for 'electrical forces', 'random chance', or the mythical 'natural selection' [selecting from what?, either you have the software or you do not]; through 'competition' to take E Coli to the human. This is just stupid.


6) Chicken and egg. Which came first ? Insulin, glucose, blood, circulation, the heart chamber, or the single cell ? To have insulin I need all of these 'parts'. Otherwise it can never 'evolve'. But why would these other parts magically appear ? To have a functioning human, I need all of these constituent pieces, assembled at the same time. Having a heart chamber without blood is not much use. Neither is insulin without glucose – the very intricate chemical it is tasked to manage. At the single cell level, complicated design would apply to amino acids, RNA, DNA, MRNA, and all the complexity embedded within a single cell including flagella [50-100 parts] and the cell wall. No amino acids, no DNA. No DNA, no RNA and indeed no creature. Interdependency along with interoperable-complexity puts a lie to the 'gradualist' theology.


7) Thinking. According to Darwin's cult, all is molecular collision, chance, luck and randomness. How then to explain structure, morality and thinking? Charity, logic and order do not arise, and cannot exist from chaos or in chaos. The brain is not 'hardwired' but the most complex organ imaginable. It processes more information each day, per human, than all the information contained in the world's libraries. A dumb, impersonal, and chaotic process produced the brain ? Stupid.


8) No Science. No geological proof exists for evolution. None. Species appear. Species disappear. Dinosaur tissue is found each year which is flexible and contains hemoglobin. It cannot be more than a few hundred or thousands of years old. Period. The Cambrian explosion circa 540 mn years ago, which produced 30 phyla ex nihilo, disproves evolution. Evolution is studded with frauds from Lucy to Piltdown man. The geological record is one of catastrophic change, not uniformitarianism. Evolution is bio-chemically impossible. What proof exists for this magical fairy-dust enabled process ?


9) Allele shuffling and other rhetoric. Darwinists cite genetic differences within humans such as brown vs. Blue eyes or 'allele shuffling' as proof that E Coli became Edwin Stanton [a former Flat Earth Society President]. Allele differentiation is a matter of software variation of a relatively small degree. These genetic variations only exist within species. We do adapt. Some are hairy, some are tall, some are small, some are smart, some are not. But all all of it is within your software. Your existing software ! Adaptation is not evolution. Neither is allele shuffling or nonsensical rhetoric.


Evolution offends every scientific and informational law imaginable.


Yet because apes parade on 2 legs, squat, defecate in their group circle, and use sticks to eat termites, and because mudflappers jostle on shore for a few hours before escaping with their gills-built-for-water environment; and because some 'scientist' screams that whales are supposedly related to small wolves, we are beaten down to believe that pond scum became the 100 trillion cell complexity called the human through magic pixie dust, selection and advantage. Science fiction writing is not science. Philosophy is not science. Fairy tales are not facts.


Provide some proof, or call Darwinism what it is – a cult.