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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Evolution's illogic and lack of ontology. No science here. Meet the platypus.

Evolution in isolation and other rhetoric destroyed.

by StFerdIII

The poverty of evolution. A cat is a cat. It will always be a cat, and it has always been a cat. It does not 'mutate' into anything but a death state. During the embryological process, genetic material from frogs or lizards do not find a way into the developing cat. There is no method to add new genetic material out of species to its development. Cats only mate with cats. But in the mythology of Darwin's cult, somehow a creature like a cat, or say a small wolf, 'mutated', through 'natural selection', to leave the land and become a whale......


The platypus is an example of the embarrassment of evolution's non science. There is no possibility that a mammal mated with a reptile and produced a hybrid. No fossil proof exists. No lab proof exists. No real world observation exists. Species mate in kind. Mammals with only mammals. Reptiles with only reptiles. There is no mechanism, nor any observational scientific proof to dismiss this iron law of nature. Species do not inter-breed naturally. There are no examples of mammtilians. None.


A platypus, is simply a platypus. It has its own genomic code, its own software. It naturally selects to be only a platypus. You can only 'select' from the existing software you possess. There is no magic informational addition, simply because you have been 'wishing' you had wings, or longer legs, or 4 eyes. Your genes don't 'naturally select' by themselves. Genetic code is specifically arranged software. Software does not 'mutate' into something better. It will only degrade and atrophy. This is the 2nd law of thermodynamics – all systems, open, shut, hybrids --all eventually fail.


The platypus [along with many other species], vexes the cult of Darwin.


Scientists initially considered the platypus to be ‘primitive’, but then they discovered the incredibly complex electrolocation techniques the animal uses to find food. To evolutionists this made it a ‘highly evolved animal and not a primitive transition between reptiles and mammals.’"




And “..the discovery in the early 1990s of three platypus teeth in South America—almost identical to fossil platypus teeth found in Australia—threw that theory [evolution in isolation etc.] upside down.(Marsupials, too, were once considered to be exclusive to Australia, but their fossils have now been found on every continent.) Adult living platypuses do not have teeth, but the discovery of platypus fossils in Australia had already identified that their ancestors did have teeth, which were unique and distinctive."




In reality, there is nothing in the fossil record to indicate that the platypus was ever anything other than a platypus. It is not a living ‘transitional’ form. It is a truly unique creature, and one that continues to baffle those who insist on making it fit into an evolutionary tree.

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