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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Nobel Prize for DNA self-repair. Evolution offends basic bio-chemical science.

According to Darwin's cult, your table, your shirt, your car will self-repair....just by chance.

by StFerdIII


2015 Nobel Chemistry prize was given to 2 Americans and a Swede, for uncovering, or at least cogitating upon, how and why DNA repairs itself. According to Darwin's cult, chaos leads to order, which leads of course to maintenance. One should expect a car to self-repair and indeed self-reproduce, according to the illogicality of Evolution. How can such a complex of software and information communication, around repair and maintenance of living systems have arose from mutations which kill; or random chance ? It is inane.


DNA repair mechanisms keep us alive, and understanding them undergirds a fuller comprehension of how cells work and fend off the disastrous consequences of too many mutations. The research of these three men implies that cells have always used DNA repair mechanisms, thus uncovering evolutionary mysteries that have not yet found sensible solutions.


Their pioneering work, mostly conducted in the 1970s and 1980s, opened a door to what has become a large research field. Investigators around the world continue to uncover new enzymes and communication networks, including feedback protocols and cellular subroutines, all aimed at protecting DNA. Good thing this happens in every cell on the planet, because otherwise DNA would lose vital information.”


Without self-repair or autopoeisis, the human species would become extinct quite quickly. Mutations destroy, they don't add value, which is the opposite of what Darwin's cult maintains, and which is of course another example of Evolution's anti-science. Humans in-toto, do not fully understand DNA, nor how a fully functioning, all-or-nothing, single cell developed. There certainly is no proof that chance, warm ponds, electrical charges, deep sea heat vents, pond-scum 'striving' to 'select', or any of the other Darwinian fairy tales; scientifically satisfies in explaining this mystery.


These DNA repair studies generate another evolutionary mystery. How could the first DNA repair systems have evolved in cells that did not yet have them but did have constantly degrading DNA? These decades-old questions remain unanswered.


Being essential to cellular life, DNA repair systems integrate with larger all-or-nothing cellular processes like an energy production and delivery system, an enzyme factory, and of course the DNA information itself that specifies all of the above. Since it had to be in place all at once, naturalistic evolutionary processes could never have assembled them one at a time. Instead, DNA repair systems must have been designed fully functional on purpose in the very first cell.


Darwin's cult has never provided bio-chemical scientific proof that single cells, or any of its complex sub-processes, which are all interdependent, arose by chance. Evolution is bio-chemically impossible.