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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Eugenics, Nazi theology and Evolution

Plenty of direct links. Prediction, Eugenics like Abortion and Euthanasia will be mainstreamed.

by StFerdIII


Hitler's National Socialism cult was not a parade of militarist-nationalist 'right wing' fascism. The entire state was socialized, owned and controlled by government and its reigning cult. No free trade, no foreign investments from untermensch, no freedom of the press or speech, no religion [John Lennon's paradise], and no individuality. It was a left wing fascism akin to Communism, racially based, where the state controlled all, funded all, directed all, and socialized all. By 1939 the Nazi state was quite bankrupt. But long before then it was dedicated to wiping out genetic inferiors such as Jews, Slavs, Catholics, cripples, the drunk, the insane, the weak, and the sick. Survival of the fittest. That was the Nazi dogma. It was a variation of Evolution.


Darwinist 'science' imbued much of Nazi theology. Nietzsche's Superman was the Nazi genetic idol, the perfect man, untouched by religion, Jewish DNA, Catholic ideals of charity and forgiveness, immune to the charms of morality and proper conduct. Hitler famously raved that Catholics need to be killed since they opposed science – ie. Evolution and were part of a cult of Jews. Jesus and Paul were after all Jews and as Hitler spewed, they were diseased, effeminate and inferior. For the Nazis's the Darwin-Haeckel Evolutionary fairy tale was not just a bad Grimm story. The mud-to-men dogma was central to the concept of the Aryan-Nazi Superman of Nietzsche's sick mind.


You can't understand World War II if you don't know how suffused Hitlerism was with Darwinism. Eugenics for example was rife throughout the Western world and is today quite in vogue. The Nazis were dedicated through various projects, to the genetic organization of their Aryan Super race. A fact long forgotten it appears.


A book review in Nature contains sober reminders that ideas have consequences. In “When eugenics became law,” Victoria Nourse reports on a new study Adam Cohen on the historic misuse of biology in the US: Imbeciles: The Supreme Court, American Eugenics, and the Sterilization of Carrie Buck. We must never forget:


Eugenics is a well-known low point in the modern history of science. In the United States, from the late nineteenth century to the 1940s, credence was given to this pseudoscience focused on the notional ‘improvement’ of human populations by halting the reproduction of supposedly lesser genes. Less well known is the story of how US law rendered eugenics intellectually respectable across the world, supporting programmes from Canada to Sweden. 

Ultimately, this egregious failing led to the enforced sterilization of at least 60,000 US citizens, and was used by the Nazi regime to justify its own programme of sterilization and, later, extermination.


Americans tend to blame Hitler alone; how many realize the guilt of American scientists in what happened? Eugenics was alive and well in the United States long before Hitler took it to extremes. Nourse says that America bears guilt for making it “intellectually respectable” around the world. John West documents that as well in his book Darwin Day in America. (See also video The War on Humans).



It was Darwin's 'Descent of Man' which not only declaimed that Whites must kill all Blacks for Evolution to proceed; but also justified Eugenics and killing the unfit. His half cousin Galton crusaded in the UK for Eugenics, particularly to eliminate the weak, sick, deformed, and half-wit. Perhaps the cult of Evolution needs to apply their own standards to themselves.


The Brits exported it into America, where it took root and grew like a toxic weed among the leading scientists (not “pseudoscientists”) and intelligentsia:

By 1928, a total of 375 US universities and colleges were teaching eugenics, and 70% of high-school biology textbooks endorsed the pseudoscience in some form. 

Eugenics was also endorsed by presidents including Theodore Roosevelt, funded by philanthropic organizations including the Carnegie Institution, and touted by award-winning scientists such as biologist Edwin Grant Conklin and the Nobel laureate Hermann Muller, discoverer of X-ray mutagenesis, as well as prominent inventors such as Alexander Graham Bell. Eugenics came to be seen as the solution to everything from hearing loss to criminality. In Britain, advocates tended to focus on segregation and voluntary sterilization.

Major British eugenicists included left-leaning scientists J. B. S. Haldane and Havelock Ellis, and supporters included the economist John Maynard Keynes, social reformers Sidney and Beatrice Webb, and writer H. G. Wells.


'Left wing' politicians and 'scientists' have always supported playing God. Of course they firmly endorse Eugenics. All a part of the totalitarian theology they pray to.


Prediction. Eugenics will be mainstream 'science' within 15 years. Advocates calling for the removal of genetically inferior and lesser evolved humans will be met with applause and lauded as rational, scientific and deeply intelligent people. As with Euthanasia, Abortion and other cultural Marxist death dogmas, Eugenics will proceed to destroy tens of millions of innocents.