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Friday, August 12, 2016

Evolution's magic friend mutations does not support its theology

Basic genetics disproves the cult of Darwin

by StFerdIII

 Francois Jacob who won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1965, wrote, "Evolution does not produce novelties from scratch. It works on what already exists, either transforming a system to give it new functions or combining several systems to produce a more elaborate one."

DNA is software. Claiming, as the cult of evolution does, that software somehow magically changes or 'mutates' into new forms is crass ignorance. The only change in state for software is degradation – unless you apply maintenance to the code base [as indeed DNA does, in autopoesis, or self-repair]. Changes to the existing state of software or DNA degrade, they do not add value. Further, there is no known mechanism to change DNA software during the embryological process. This means that humans will mate with, and produce, only humans. There are no 'hybrid' varieties or mixtures. Apes for example, cannot by magic, be turned into humans. Basic software and embryological knowledge makes this clear.
Evolution's magic trick: mythical mutations
Evolution states the following as science:
On rare occasions a mutation in DNA can improve a single creature's ability to survive, or be more 'competitive', thereby granting it more opportunity to reproduce. This is called natural selection.
This is scientific hokum. Every creature's body plan is made up of a complexity of intricate parts, software and technology. Imagine your computer which has 'mutations' in its operating system. None of the other components would work if the OS was impacted and they certainly would not become fitter. Your machine would be inoperable. The exception is when you patch it, using your own [or an online] design pattern, a created piece of software code which upgrades the OS or patches security. This is however, the exact opposite of random chance mutations.
According to Evolution's mythical natural selection, a whole series of beneficial mutations must occur by random chance, at the same time, in order to effect a complete change in the part of the body plan in question. For example the entire eye must appear, in some form, in order to be of any use and garner 'competitive advantage'. It is simply ridiculous to state that a creature would magically produce half an eye, or a retina and cornea which were not connected to the nervous system. This change would not be beneficial and would not help the creature. The mathematical chance that all of the complexity of just the eye, arose by chaos and luck is of course, less than zero. Thousands of chance mutations would need to be involved.
Lysenko theology:
Some Darwin cult members still believe that you 'respond to the environment' and that these changes get passed on. This is more bunk. Certainly humans do respond to the environment, through the epi-genetic layer within genome for example. However, this means little. Only changes to the software within the reproductive (germ) cells of an animal or plant would be passed on to next generations of course. If my skin or eye changes shape or color [I become blind, my skin is burnt in a fire], these changes to my cellular software will not be passed on into my reproductive cells. If I were to imitate an ape for 50 years, hunched over, dragging knuckles on the ground, and letting my hair grow, this would not mean that my progeny would be 'ape like'. It would mean I suffer from acute mental illnesses and any progeny would still be fully human.
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