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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Evolution's non-science; abiogenesis and proteins

No science, just lots of fiction and story telling.....

by StFerdIII

 Evolution's magic stories. Darwinists vociferously commit themselves to naturalism, in which the roughly 2 million species in our world; appeared during 3.5 billion years of 'evolution', forming their complexity over long periods. Naturally, naturalism, must support the creation of these species and of life itself, ex-nihilo, that is from nothing. The foundation of Evolution is the a-scientific belief, which contravenes the First Law of Thermodynamics, that dead matter, and nothing; created life. There is no where for the Darwinist to hide in this regard. Since Evolution rejects the Creator, it embraces a non-scientific, never demonstrated idea that dead matter creates living matter. Period.


Evolutionary support for abiogenesis is a screaming testimony to the madness of cults and their myths. Abiogenesis rejects science and is firmly in the realm of fiction. Yet Atheists and Darwinists call themselves 'rational'. That is laughable.


From dead matter to Hussein Obama, is a very long journey indeed. Time, chaos, and mutations which 99% of the time are neutral or degrading, somehow, magically, through pixie dust and Darwin's fiction writing, created the great man Obama, from star dust. And the textbooks call this 'science'.


The major links in the dead matter-to-man theory would include inter-alia, the following fantastical 'evolutions':


  • Evolution of simple molecules into complex molecules,

  • Evolution of complex molecules into simple organic molecules,

  • Evolution of simple organic molecules into complex organic molecules,

  • Eventual Evolution of complex organic molecules into DNA or similar information storage molecules,

  • Evolution of the first cells

  • Evolution of single cells into complex cells

  • Development of body plans, organs, brains, etc. in these complex cell agglomerations

  • Concomitant development of vegetative life and complex processes like photosynthesis, the oxygen cycle, the carbon cycle

  • Random establishment of perfect climatic and chemical conditions to allow life to flourish


Just forming a 'simple' cell would thus involve multi-millions of links, all which either are missing or unknown. Evolutionists offer no proof whatsoever, that the above list could plausibly arise from dead matter, in a soupy pond, with the creation of complex nano-technology and DNA software resulting from time and chaos.  


Consider the Protein.


No molecule or chain of molecule in nature, nor any created by man, can compete with proteins. None. Proteins are unique, complex, and so well-designed that it is impossible, given mathematical calculations around probability, they could arise by chance. Indeed every single Evolutionary experiment to create just 1 protein ex-nihilo has failed. The Miller-Urey fraud of 1953, in a contrived Lab produce a few dead amino acids. But a protein string is on average a syntactic functional structure of 150 amino acids, left handed, selected from 20 base amino acids, held together by peptide bonds, manufactured by ribosomes. The chance that a manufacturing process arose by randomness is less than zero. And humans have 2 million, perhaps as many as 10 million proteins – we don't even know the number. Consider:


  • Proteins are 'made' by genes in the cell.

  • The average human gene consists of 3000 bases, but sizes vary greatly, with the largest known human gene being dystrophin at 2.4 million bases.

  • The total number of human genes is estimated at 30,000.

  • The human genome has some 3 billion DNA base pairs. Except for mature red blood cells, all human cells contain a complete genome!


The magnitude of the above is daunting. We need genes, DNA, RNA, Ribosomes and 'plans' or templates to create proteins. It is even worse for Evolutionists. Proteins change, responding to cellular signals. The Proteome or constellation of proteins within a cell is dynamic, replying to tens of thousands of intra- and extracellular environmental signals. This means that a protein's chemistry and its associated utility will be informed by the gene sequence and by the number and functionality of other protein's, made in the same cell, at the same time, which it has a relationship with. This nano-technology and set of interdependencies cannot arise by chance. Just as software code in which you 'pass' parameters from one object to the next, to affect state and induce an action, are coded and designed, so too quite logically, must nano-complexity be coded and designed.  

The chance of functioning proteins – some 2 million or more – which are discrete software entities 'arising by chance' in a soupy pond, or 'evolving' by magic randomness as the creature searches for 'competitive advantage', impelled by 'natural selection', is not science, but mindless rhetoric.