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Saturday, October 08, 2016

4-D Genomic software code disproves Evolution

Operating Systems, Software and Functionality in 4 D shapes do not arise by chance

by StFerdIII

 DNA and the genome are operating systems and software applications. The DNA code is more complicated than any human engineered operating system. It is vastly superior to either Linux or Microsoft Operating Systems; with a better architecture, higher throughput, and more complicated system commands. In fact human engineered operating systems are so inferior to DNA and the genome, that they could be considered almost the opposite architecture to what an operating system, should look like.


'A team made up of computer scientists, biophysicists, and experts in bioinformatics (in other words, really smart people) compared the genome of the lowly E. coli bacterium to the Linux operating system.. and have discovered that our man-made operating systems are much less efficient because they are much more “top heavy”.1 It turns out that the bacterial genome has a few high-level instructions that control a few middle-level processes, that in turn control a massive number of protein-coding genes. Linux is the opposite. It is much more top heavy and thus much less efficient at getting things done. The bacterium can do a lot more with fewer controls. I predict that the study of genomics will influence the future development of computers.' Source 

Scientific American, a bastion of Evolutionary mythology, presents 4-dimensional genomic software as an irreducible puzzle.

'The increasingly detailed hierarchical picture of the genome that researchers like Dekker, Misteli, Aiden and their colleagues have been building goes something like this: Nucleotides assemble into the famous DNA double helix. The helix winds onto nucleosomes to form chromatin, which winds and winds in its turn into formations similar to what you get when you keep twisting the two ends of a string. Amid all of this, the chromatin pinches off here and there into thousands of loops. These loops, both on the same chromosome and on different ones, engage one another in subcompartments.'


 Darwin prophesied in his non-scientific ignorance, that cells were just 'globules'. The nano-technology of the genome and 'simple cell', is far beyond anything that humans can engineer. This complexity destroys evolution.


How can software as complicated as the human genome arrive from nothing ? How would blue-green algae, 'mutate' over time, to produce 30.000 genes and at least 300.000 separate functional proteins which are folded into 3 D shapes; which in aggregate comprise some 2 million or more total proteins within the human operating system ?


Is it reasonable to suppose that 4 D code was assembled by random chance ? Did Linus Torvalds the inventor of Linux not invent his operating system ? Or did it just self – assemble out of some 'random' functions he had programmed and left lying around in a computer, which in the name of 'competitive advantage' self-assembled into complex functionality ?


  Researchers use design, human intervention a Lab to demonstrate how DNA folds......obviously this happened by random chance.