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Saturday, October 10, 2020

Covid Fascism. Destroying civil society through Statism.

The power of the state. This is what Covid is really about.

by StFerdIII


Covid Fascism.  Call it what it really is.  Extreme Left Wing government of Canada under the self-appointed Leader-For-Life Justin Trudeau is building Covid-isolation camps for ‘Travellers’.  These camps will house those who test ‘positive’ for the flu virus.  Supposedly.  Given that few if any travellers are crossing Canadian borders given the 14 day tracked-quarantine and the promise of a $750.000 fine and 6 months in jail for breaking the sundry rules list around ‘Covid’ exposure, it begs the question of why a government would build 11 Covid-camps.  For dissenters?  For Jews and Christians?  For Conservatives? 


Perhaps 9.600 people out of 35 million have died in Canada from Covid if you believe the various levels of government.  Maybe.  The death rate is a rounding error, all respect to those affected by the flu.  The total death rate is equal to a normal flu season, so a logical, sane person would say it has been a very bad flu season and we should take some measures to protect those who could be affected. 


Given that the average death rate from respiratory issues caused by Covid is around 80, one could argue for protective measures for the older age groups and react appropriately.  Lock-downs, face-diapers and destroying the economy and civil society is completely unnecessary.  Now there are isolation camps?  For whom exactly?  The government says ‘travellers’ but given the exigencies and extremities limiting travel, this does not make sense.  The government of Canada tracks entry and imposes a fine of $750.000 and, or 6 months in jail for non-compliance.  So why the camps?  Are they for enemies of the state?  When did Canada vote to become a Covid-dictatorship?  Where is the public debate on the Covid-camps?



“….potential new sites under consideration Saskatoon, Windsor, Niagara, Ottawa, Winnipeg/Thunder Bay, Quebec City, Charlottetown, Iqaluit, and Yellowknife. 

LifeSiteNews reached out to Toronto Constitutional lawyer, Rocco Galati to ask him about the GoC’s RFI for “Federal Quarantine/Isolation sites.”

Galati told LifeSiteNews that “straight out of the gate” he predicted “in one twitter paragraph” what was to come because of COVID-19. 

Galati referred LifeSiteNews to a March 17, 2020 tweet he wrote shortly after the Ontario provincial government enacted COVID-19 emergency orders. 

“Covid19 frenzy. A waltz in the global totalitarian tip-toe to new world order. Parliament closures, Court shutdowns, soldiers out. Banking/Corporate bailouts. Facts/science do not add up. Death toll, elderly and immunocompromised victims, marginally no diff than any other flus,”wrote Galati on March 17 on his Twitter page.”