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Thursday, October 29, 2020

UK: There is no Covid-Calypse or 2nd wave

Covid is a Religious movement.

by StFerdIII




What Covid-calypse?  From the real numbers indicate that Covid peaked in late April 2020 and there is no 2nd wave and won’t be.  Hysterical ‘case’ claims do not translate into death, nor are many ‘positive cases’ valid with a large percentage being either incorrect or fraudulent. 


25.000 have apparently died at home, since the empty-Hospital system will only receive Covid-related cases, with procedures, emergencies and surgeries being cancelled.  Daily Mail UK October 29th 2020 article:


“The latest NHS update published yesterday showed that just one person under the age of 20, and another 13 under 40, have died with coronavirus in English hospitals since the start of September.

By contrast, 1,425 patients over 80 have died over the same period, along with another 1,093 aged between 60 and 79.

It means the elderly account for a staggering 94 per cent of hospital deaths this time round.

Wider figures from the Office for National Statistics covering all deaths across the UK tell the same story, with just 247 deaths among working-age people since the end of summer compared with 2,026 among pensioners.

They cover a slightly shorter period than the NHS figures.

It will put fresh pressure on ministers to avoid a new nationwide lockdown that could lead to other deadly diseases such as cancer and heart disease going untreated, and further damage young people’s mental health and job prospects.”


Covid-19(84) is more religion than science.  Fiction, hysteria, totalitarian control is not scientific, not concerned with health and unrelated to morality.  It is a dystopian nightmare of Communal Fascism.