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Wednesday, November 11, 2020

The cult of Covid and the Vaccination

Soon to be mandatory.

by StFerdIII


Take the Covid-vaccination they scream.  It is the ‘science’.  Is it?  What science exactly?  Flu vaccines have existed for 60 years and have not helped much with flu or respiratory issues.  There is no scientific evidence that vaccinations do much against respiratory problems.  There is plenty of evidence that vaccinations for some people make them ill, or in the recent Covid case (allegedly) in Korea, a vaccination can kill people (59 may have died from experimental Covid vaccination trials).  So what science?  Some questions for the ‘scientist’:


1-What exactly is in the vaxx and why are those chemicals, agents in the vaxx?

2-Why are there aborted fetal tissues in the vaxx?

3-Why is mercury present and what harm will it do to?

4-What are the side effects?

5-What is the risk of severe illness or death?

6-Can you show me the clinical trials, the data, the results, in their raw form?

7-Why if I am healthy, do I need this?


The last question is the most obvious.  Why, as a healthy male, do I need to take your vaccination?  Why am I being ‘forced’ to put foreign entities into my blood stream?  What is the impact on my healthy immune system?  Why is this vaccination such a priority given the 99.8% Covid survival rate and the empty hospitals?  What are they really up to?


Don’t take the vaccination unless you know why, what for, the impact and potential consequences.