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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

The Religious Cults of Scientism are anti-reality, Christophobic, Fascist.

The Age of the unEnlightenment leads ineluctably to this.

by StFerdIII


Original article is here, redacted below in italics.


Jerry Bergman, ‘Woke Science is Dead Science’


The commonly cited death toll of 100 million citizens killed by communist regimes is probably a very low estimate. It could be as high as 164 million. Yet today, followers of Marx seem to have forgotten all about the catastrophic failure of his theories.


Karl Marx was a dirty, womanizing, freeloading, lying scoundrel who never held a job and cared nothing about actual working people (see Prager U book review about The Intellectuals by Paul Johnson). In his day, the strategy for revolution was to pit economic classes against one another. In our day, the strategy is to pit races against one another (see America Rewritten, a new documentary on Epoch Times TV). The spread of hate, fear and distrust foments the revolution.


Atheist-Socialist revolutions end up in Totalitarian societies.  There is not a single factual, historical argument against this observation.  We see this played out with the Corona Medical Fascism.  Comply or be doomed.  All power gravitates to an elite class …refuseniks are forced into re-education camps and gulags. The individual means nothing; the state is supreme.


To the Marxists/Leninists, communism was the ultimate evolutionary stage of a society that was evolving upward toward “progress.” In case after case, whenever it was tried, communism brought dystopia: a regress that resulted in terrorized masses of people crying under the boots of tyrants. Rudy Giuliani pointed July 7 in his TV podcast Common Sense that the three founders of Black Lives Matter are avowed Marxists. If black lives really mattered to them, they have done nothing to help improve the lot of black lives, who are being terrorized by gangs, drugs, fatherless homes and rising crime. Their goal, instead, like that of Saul Alinsky, George Soros and other radicals, is to destroy society, foment a revolution, and rebuild it into a communist utopia.


The Darwin-Progressive Connection

Darwinism fits communism like a hand in a glove. In Darwinism, as in Marxism, the population matters, not the individual. Individuals must give up their liberty for the success of the collective. In chapter 2 of his book Twenty Evolutionary Blunders (ICR, 2017), Randy Guliuzza reminds readers of the horrors of eugenics that sprang out of this Darwinist ideology.

It’s possible that the eugenics moral disaster is not merely the misapplication of Darwinian natural selection but rather the actual consequence of that mindset. Death, survival, fitness and selection are core characteristics of Darwin’s concept of natural selection. (p 22)


For an example, he quotes Karl Pearson’s “influential 1912 address to the British Medical Association” in which Pearson, a world-renowned biostatistician, chastised the medical establishment for caring for the weak and sick. Pearson argued that

medical science has to face the fact that the upward progress of man in the past has been largely controlled by stringent natural selection. We shall gain nothing for racial efficiency by neglecting that central fact of human development…. we can show from isolated instances that medical science has led to a survival of the unfit. (p 23)


To the eugenicists, Darwinism’s priority was to let nature take its Malthusian course: leave the weak and sick to die, and let the strong succeed. It’s noteworthy that today’s leftists, even those ashamed of the history of eugenics, still call themselves “progressives.” Embedded in the word is the Darwinian idea of progress, which in nature he believed comes through struggle and death – the elimination of the unfit.


Even more troubling is the fact that

The scientific consensus, including prominent faculty from Harvard University and Johns Hopkins Medical School, promoted eugenics as the view of science’s progressive thinkers. International Eugenics Congresses were held in 1912, 1921, and 1932, attended by some of the world’s leading scientists. Supporters were bestowed high academic honors, while dissenters were usually excluded. (p 26)


Does that sound like the scientific consensus on the Rona cult, Darwinian evolution, and on climate change? Notice that the scientific consensus took evil, unscientific positions for decades. Eugenics didn’t become shameful till after World War II when the atrocities of communism and Nazism (both totalitarian ‘utopias’) had fully come to light. There are rattlings of a new eugenics arising in the evil winds of today’s materialist science.


Godless Science Is Dead Science

On May 27, Laura Hollis wrote at WND, “No God, No Science.” The farther Big Science slips into leftist materialism, the sooner it will collapse.

Contrary to those who claim that faith in God is an anti-intellectual delusion, the refusal to acknowledge a source of absolute truth ultimately results in the abolition of belief in absolute truth. In other words, a world without God is not merely one where science can run rampant and unfettered by moral constraints; it is a world where science will ultimately hold no sway at all.


This is already happening. Look at the headlines in ‘science news’ sites and major journals. They are stepping over themselves in an effort to show their support of anti-racism, critical race theory, and other initiatives designed to foment racial hatred. All of them follow the tutelage of lead radical and race-hatred bigot Henry Rogers, a.k.a. Ibram X. Kendi, who teaches that if you are white, you are already racist and there is nothing you can do about it, even if you confess it and humiliate yourself before others. The color of your skin makes you evil. It doesn’t matter to him that his ideas are patently racist. The way to fight racism, he says, is with more racism, which he calls anti-racism. This is the basis of his Critical Race Theory (CRT).


There is no Creator in Marxism; Marx and Darwin were atheists or agnostics at best, and certainly had no use for any God or absolute moral standard in their thinking. There are no natural rights endowed by a Creator in Marxism or Darwinism: rights are conferred by the State, and if the State grants rights, it can take them away. The tyrants are at the top because nature obviously selected them as the fittest.


The role of Marxist science is to support the revolution. In this “post-truth” culture, it’s all about power. Get the upper hand; shut down the opposition, educate the masses in the revolutionary doctrine, and worship the Dear Leader. Will science as we know it survive in such a toxic atmosphere?


Modern ‘Science’ or Scientism is a shambles and part of the Fascist problem.  If somehow, we can roll back the Corona Fascism and end the civil war now raging in the West, with well-funded Brown Shirts including BLM, antifa, X/R and various anti-White, anti-Christian terrorist groups, ‘Scientism’, or the cult of ‘science’ will never recover.  It cannot recover.  At its core Scientism is anti-white racist, anti-reality, irrational, and Christophobic.  The fiction of ‘science’ and the outrageous data fraud embedded within the religious cults of Evolution, Corona, Global Climate Change and CRT and other non-sciences, simply means the complete collapse of the scientific method, rational inquiry and reality.