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Sunday, August 1, 2021

They lie. In every country, post the Stab programme, deaths and injuries follow.

Unsafe, Ineffective - except at making profits and enabling Fascism.

by StFerdIII

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In every single country around the world, the pattern is the same.  Rona deaths increase post the Stab programmes.  Along with this, deaths and injuries mount.  In the UK, Public Health Scotland admit to 5500 dead from the Stabs.  This entails 50.000 or so dead in the UK from the Stab programme.  More have died from Rona and being poisoned, post the Stab programme, than pre-Stab.  Add in those murdered by Lockdowns (the UK government admits to 50.000 'excess deaths'), the 20.000 killed by Midazolam in the NHS and Old Age Homes in the past 18 months; and just in one country, some 100.000 have been murdered by their government over a 99.8% survival rate flu.  Yet, most sheeple still do not understand what is going on.