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Friday, February 25, 2005


Society should enshrine freedom

by StFerdIII

Excessive Taxation must be curtailed and stopped.

Governments are ruled by politicians accountable to the people.

Governments must be transparent in how they spend money.

Taxation without representation and without citizen approval is immoral.

Redistribution of income to support national egalitarian and regional income programs is immoral and must be stopped.

Budgets must be balanced at all levels of government.

Large projects which affect future tax levels or which could imperil the future balancing of budgets must be put to a citizen referendum. Referendums must be held at the level (ie municipal, provincial or national) at which citizens are affected.

Politicians should be held morally, legally and constitutionally responsible to spend our money wisely. Laws pertaining to extortion, fraud, theft or misuse can and should be used against politicians by citizen groups.

Government must reduce debt to a level no higher than 30 % of GNP which is universally accepted as the threshold of debt holdings for an economy to run efficiently.

Through the proper use of tax dollars we can support those less fortunate. We believe that by using our money effectively we can give even greater aid to those less fortunate and to important social programs such as health care. (Did you know that only about 10 % of tax dollars targeted for poor relief actually go to those that need it most).