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Monday, September 4, 2006

In defence of military intelligence

The average soldier is a lot brighter than the average civilian

by StFerdIII

How do you defeat a pagan fascism and protect civilization if the post-modern elite derides and under-funds the military? Canada has 19.000 soldiers in its regular forces capable of fighting earning about $12 per hour. Only 5.000 can be deployed overseas. A mere 1.5 % of GDP or 15 % of Health Care spending is given to the military. 250% more people are employed in the tax office [55.000] than in the fighting forces. This is all you need to know about the modern welfare state – a sad reality that is replicated across Europe. Inebriated by socialist ravings the average politician and citizen ridicule the military; defending civilization and border security. It is bizarre and dangerous that Western self-loathing is so strong and virulent.

The men and women who serve in the military are derided as low-life’s; uneducated red-necks; fools; and tools of the establishment. One supposes this sentiment also refers to those who fought in two world wars; Korea and sundry other conflicts to preserve liberty. It is clear that the self-absorbed socialists and modern ‘centrist’ conservatives could care less about liberty, self-defense or the primary responsibility of government which is security. To deride the military and mock those who risk their lives so others can pursue their rights is the prerogative of the average self-absorbed liberal socialist. It is a shocking example of immoral relativity.

In socialist Canada Harper increased Canadian military spend from a pathetic $12 billion per annum to a dismal $15 billion. This was a sop to his conservative base and US friends to keep both content. The increase in military spend is only about 1/10 of what is needed. As usual the post-modern ‘centrist’ Conservative will only implement half measures. Apparently all modern governments are terrified at angering the elite and the media who sneer at the military as a gang of ruffians and buffoons devoid of intelligence. This caricature of the military as an untamed beast engaged in plunder, destruction and death is immoral and illogical. I would challenge any liberal socialist to operate a tank; the various technologies that the average infantryman must use; or drive a humvee through Kandahar. As for intelligence I would guess that operating effectively in the armed forces is far more of a mental strain than passing teacher’s college or collecting the average Phd.

Given the IQ tests that the average soldier has to pass and the tough personal experiences they encounter using high tech weapons whilst engaging modern fascist pagans it is clear that during the entire modern period our military men and women are, and have been, of high caliber. I would put my money on the average soldier being a lot smarter than the average professor, union worker, or overpaid civil servant. Defending liberty while being paid $12 per hour and risking life in the face of hostile domestic abuse; a lack of equipment; and equivocating compassionates trying to undermine your mission, indicates that only the mentally tough can long survive in the military derided by self-satisfied socialists as ‘terrorists’.

Since Canadian and European governments don’t feel that defending military intelligence is worthwhile the only reliable data comes from US military sources. In 2005, official US government statistics indicate that 67 percent of Army recruits, 71 percent of Navy freshmen, 68 percent of new Marines and 80 percent of Air Force recruits scored in higher on IQ and general intelligent tests than average civilians writing similar tests. This means that a randomly-selected member of any branch of the military is more likely to have an IQ above 100 than a randomly-selected citizen of the United States. In fact only 12 % of US military recruits scored in the bottom category of testing, versus 20 % of the general population. It appears that the military in general is a lot smarter than the civilian society in general.

It is also obvious from military records that intelligent recruits are given higher job performance ratings and advance faster. This means that the media and liberal position that only dullards and thick necked Christians obeying orders achieve promotions is entirely dimwitted. Like any organization the best and most capable are usually, within reason, given more responsibility. In a high tech army, fighting in hostile terrain in a confusing environment, it only makes sense that the military command and the average foot soldier would embrace a smart colleague and not a dumb one. The 17th century military formations of dumb brutes with rotting teeth following orders carrying muskets and sharp sticks is an insipid and unreal myth that permeates post-modern thinking. The modern military is a slick, well-trained and highly dedicated group of young people being paid next to nothing to defend liberty. I doubt very much that such a sophisticated organization is composed of dullards.

The travesty of the current Western state is the derisive hatred shown towards those defending civilization. What is more valuable to society? A unionized car worker with a 35 hour work week; 10 weeks off each year; guaranteed pensions and severance packages and billions in government aid for his bankrupt employer, or a $12 per hour warrior eradicating fascism in Afghanistan and Iraq? The question answers itself. Western nations are not neutral; pacifist or even-handed. They are warrior states that should defend their interests, push civilization and democracy by force onto a group of backwards Muslims and pagans; and secure their borders. Domestically the modern nation state needs to start supporting the military at least to the same degree as its supports idiotic programs of wealth appropriation, transfers and socialist conditioning. Not to do so is to endanger our very existence. But don’t expect any centrist politician, with teeth on full display for the camera, to give much of a thought to this obvious fact.