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Thursday, November 4, 2010

The O–Genius, Statism and Racism.


by StFerdIII


The entire edifice of lies and deceit came crumbling, tumbling down.

Thankfully the Americans woke up from their slumber. They repudiated the media, the elites, and the diseased incarnation of European socialism, clothed in the form of an incompetent O-Messiah, and his degenerate socialist cadre of the Democratic Marxist party. Maybe America can still rescue itself from its 70 year march to unrequited statism, in which the individual is subsumed into various cults, ranging from Globaloney Warming to the leadership cult of the O-Genius whose policies over the past 2 years have been electrifying failures.

Elections do matter. It took the American voting public two years to figure out that the O-Genius, and the Pelosi-Reid complex of corrupt socialism was rather Un-American. Cap and Trade; Socialized Health bills with $500 billion in new taxes per annum; failed government spending plans; state ownership of Freddie and Fannie the progenitors of this recent housing finance collapse; nationalized auto firms; and government-supported banks who happen to be the second largest group of donors to the O-Genius' party.....Obamism is and was simply an obamination. That is why only really smart people would support it, including rather improbably for a republic whose rhetoric highlights freedom and market dynamics, some 45% of the voting population.

Obamism is a failure because it proposes 2 losing propositions: ever grander statism based on immature populism, infused with racialist overtones. Obamism is the recycled presentation of a man who represents the 'change' back to failed communalism and socialist diktat. When voters reject him and his inane policies, it is because they are too dumb to understand the gravity and profundity of the O-Genius and his cabal. Witness his ham-fisted non-teleprompter news conference post-election which was the 4th largest rout in US political mid-term history:

Only near the end of the press conference, when a few White House reporters pressed him to respond to them in personal terms, did Professor Obama exude any self-reflection. At first he was clumsy, saying he felt “bad” about the results. But when speaking about the backroom deals on health care, he ran away from this moment of self-criticism. He mused that while the health care process was “messy,” he thought the health care outcome was a good one.

The performance was one that demonstrated that both he and his inner circle still have yet to process the political debacle he inflicted on himself with his own hands.

[Richard Pollock at PJM]

The O-Messiah and his cult simply don't get it and they don't care. Statism, racism, and even bankruptcy so the country can be 'rebuilt' and 'regenerated' are the goals.

At its core Obamism is thus also the most immature form of theological governance imaginable – it is racist. It is not only an elitist experiment in rushing through unfettered socialism. It is also a racist program in which race is used to bait voters and shower guilt on those who oppose the cult. The puerile tactics of the twin bastards of Marxism – German national socialism and Russian imperialist socialism – conjured up similar racialist theories. Russian nationalism was at the heart of its Communist program. German racialism was a unifying facet of Teutonic socialism. Non-white racist theology is certainly at the heart of failed Obamism.

95% of Blacks supported the O-Genius and his Marxist cadre of incompetents, some 80% of whom including the Messiah himself,have never worked in the private sector. The message is clear from the O-Genius and his party – social engineering of those who do work, takes precedence and has more importance than actually working in a free society. Blacks and non-Whites have bought in. Welfare transfers, 'free' health care, guarantees, racial-discrimination programs, preferred access, illegal immigrants becoming citizens to partake of the welfare state – all as the O-Genius said, 'to punish your enemies', in other words White America. Such racism would be entirely consistent from a man whose mother was a rabid anti-American Communist; and whose father a drunken Maoist-pro Sharia, anti-White bigot. The O-Messiah did sit for 20 years in a racist Black church. Racism is indeed endemic within Obamism.

The Obamist program is thus benighted and simplistic. The Arab-Black leader of the American socialist movement is a pawn, a man who reads a computer screen with platitudes, but who cannot, when confronted sans l'ordinateur, even begin to answer questions properly or display knowledge which marks out a 'President'. This indicates that the Dear Leader is a front, an emblem, a representation of a movement, its PR man. More sordid forces are at work behind Obamism which are using the US Democratic-Socialist party to achieve their aims of imposing state and elitist power over as much of the US political-economy as possible. Large Banks, Soros, the Eco-movement, and of course the Unions who donated $160 million in each of the last 2 election cycles; all have vested interests in the imposition of state-sanctioned slavery in the US. That is also who lost on November 2 2010.

In any event, the most divisive, racialist focused socialist in US history, and his sundry backers will keep on, keeping on. There will be no changes to the program. There will be no abatement in the slander and racist name calling. There will be no repudiation of failed socialist policy. The O-Genius and the elites simply know better. And if you disagree you are simply a knuckle-dragging, neo-con, White, toothless, illiterate. Sign up to the program, or simply shut up. That is the byline of Obamism.