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Monday, June 30, 2014

Aristotle's non-science cult of scientism. Hand-waving and conjecture is not science

Aristotle retarded science by literally hundreds, if not thousands of years. Thanks.

by StFerdIII


Aristotle's 'science' was consensus and settled for 2.300 years. It included the following 'facts':


-The earth did not move

-The cosmos did not move

-The Sun revolved around the earth

-Dead matter could create life [abiogenesis]

-All matter is composed of only 4 elements [fire, air, water, earth]


-Sexual differences don't exist in many flora and fauna

-Heavier objects fall faster per second/per meter than lighter ones

-Atoms and sub-atomic particles do not exist


All of these dogmatic claims, with the exception of atomic structures, were easily refuted – even in 330 BC – by simple experimentation and observation. Aristotle had no idea about the scientific methods of discovery. Yet Aristotle is considered a great scientist. This is rather incredible. His only considerable addition to the corpus of science were in the areas of astrology [not astronomy] and biological classification.


Aristotle did not perform experiments. There is no proof at all, that he devised tests of his hypotheses listed above, nor did he bother to use observational science to amend or buttress his metaphysical statements. Today I would hazard a guess that if Aristotle was alive, he would support globaoneywarming/cooling/changing/whatevering as well.