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Monday, September 1, 2014

Evolution - no evidence, no fossil proof, no bio-chemical proof....

Is Evolution a science or just another corrupt cult ?

by StFerdIII


If Evolution were real, valid and scientific, with overwhelming proof I would support it. After some 10 years of studying the topic, I cannot find one single 'proof' that Evolution is true. None. The vast complexity of DNA software code makes the entire idea that cyano-bacteria 'mutated' by 'chance' into Hitler [whose cult was based in large part of evolution]; a complete laughingstock. In fact, outside of globaloneywarming, I am hard pressed to name a single other cult, accepted by so many as 'scientific' [see Nazism and Communism for information on the cult of science]; by so many supposedly educated people. It is pathetic and rather frightening.

What evidence for this cult is there ? From algae to Barry Soetoro ? [From the 'Fossil Record' by J. D. Morris]

...stromatolites—thought by most to be secreted by single-cell blue-green algae or bacteria—in the lower strata, but they scarcely differ from modern algal deposits. These are certainly not “simple” organisms, for they harness sunlight to produce complex enzymes and sugars. Where can we see evolution in this process?” [answer – nowhere]

Fossils disprove evolution:

No real evolutionist uses the fossil record as evidence....missing transitional fossils never existed, as attested by this recent proponent: “The origin of animals is almost as much a mystery as the origin of life itself.”

...fossils show variation and adaptation, but not evolution. There is no hint of an evolutionary “simple to complex” history, for life was complex from the very start. Instead, the overwhelming message of the fossil record is one of stasis, not evolutionary change. The fossils often give testimony to violence at the time of their death and burial.

...variety is not evolution, which necessitates extensive “vertical” change. Mutations frequently occur, but random mutations do not produce the constructive changes needed by evolution. The same could be said for natural selection...

Is Evolution even science ?

Evolution is certainly not a science in the traditional sense of empirical science, which employs the scientific method of observation and testing. The word “science” comes from the Latin scienta (knowledge). Does evolution fit in this category? If life ever sprang from non-life, or if one kind of plant or animal ever spontaneously developed into a different kind, it did so in the unobserved past. These processes are simply not observed happening today.”

It is apparent that fossils do not support the idea of minute changes, due to DNA mutations which kill or degrade genomic software 99% of the time, over billions of years. DNA of present fauna life, in almost every species analyzed, is exactly the same as it was in the deep past. Shark DNA is the same as that of specimens from 300 million years ago; apes from 37 million years ago, the coelacanth from 150 million years ago, deer from 10 million years ago etc.

In the evolution fairy tale, humans diverged from apes only 6 million years ago. Only 67-80% [maybe] of human DNA is comparable to chimp or ape DNA. A vast gulf. There is not enough time in that 'transition' of only 6 million years, to create a human from an ape.

Thus, in two-thirds of the cases a genealogy results in which humans and chimpanzees are not each other’s closest genetic relatives. The corresponding genealogies are incongruent with the species tree. In accordance with the experimental evidences, this implies that there is no such thing as a unique evolutionary history of the human genome. Rather, it resembles a patchwork of individual regions following their own genealogy.” [Ebersberger, Mapping human genetic ancestry, Molec. Biol. Evol. 24:2266–2276, 2007]

The number of DNA letters differential between humans and apes or chimps numbers in the billions; the number of mutations to produce one DNA letter difference is in the millions; the time needed to create a positive mutation would be in the thousand of years....Even a corrupt evolutionist can do the math and determine that there is no way that a human diverged from an ape 6 million years ago, 60 million, 600 million, 6 billion......


We can therefore predict with confidence, that the 'age of the universe' will shift from 4.5 billion years to 45 billion years. Time is the only ally left for the cult evolution.