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Thursday, April 23, 2015

There is no science, within a cult of science.

Science is an abused term. There is precious little of it in the cult of science.

by StFerdIII

 Astrophysicist Geraint Lewis posted a critique of the cult of science: “Where is the proof in science? There is none.


Indeed science has been bastardized more times than the white-washing applied to the Meccan cult named Submission. The Nazis used science to sell their Evolutionary dogma wrapped in Atheist-Nordic mythology as 'proof' that Jews, Slavs [Catholics], Blacks and Browns were untermensch. The Soviets used science to sell Evolutionary Lysenkoism, wherein the state could create 'the right environmental conditions' to modify human evolution and produce ubermensch.


Lewis quotes from Nobel physicist Richard Feynman, himself a noted critic of the cult of science:

I have approximate answers and possible beliefs in different degrees of certainty about different things, but I’m not absolutely sure of anything.” 


Feynman is right. 'Scientists' have beliefs, theologies [including Darwinism, Atheism], and a need for grant money. If the state is sponsoring Darwinist theology as 'fact', than your grant proposal will reflect that belief system. The zeitgeist or Sovietized propagandized culture will determine your 'approximate answers' and 'scientific views'. The all consuming hunger for money is what drives much of what is deemed 'science', when in fact it is nothing more than tautological confirmation of existing biases.


Even mathematics is not immune to the cult of science and does not provide certainty. The elegance or complexity of mathematics does not, by itself, prove a correlation with the real world. Only evidence provides this. The ability to obtain evidence is “limited by technologies and uncertainties,” as Feynman and Lewis both point out. For example, we know there is the force of gravity but how does it work exactly ? And why is there gravity ? Why would 'chaos' produce natural laws and physical forces ?

Lewis: In the mathematical sense, despite all the years of researching the way the universe works, science has proved nothing. Every theoretical model is a good description of the universe around us, at least within some range of scales that it is useful. But exploring into new territories reveals deficiencies that lower our belief in whether a particular description continues to accurately represent our experiments, while our belief in alternatives can [sic, has] grown.…

While our degree of belief in some mathematical models may get stronger and stronger, without an infinite amount of testing, how can we ever be sure they are reality?


What Lewis and Feynman are stating is obvious. Science is essentially a theological enterprise. The theology [Darwinism, Atheism, Nazism, Communism], will create, distort, bend, or modify any attempt within 'science'. Saying that science is opposed to religion, is absurd as saying that Islam is peace. Indeed science in and of itself, in its almost mindless pursuit of money and power, is little different than a cult, immune to criticism, hateful of opposition, ruthless in suppressing dissent.  Science is a religion.