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Monday, July 4, 2016

Evolution cannot explain the formation of amino acids, DNA or RNA

And no, molecules don't magically 'self create and replicate' like Darwinian rhetoric assumes.

by StFerdIII


Evolution is not scientific. It is science fiction, hailed as the epitome of rationalism. Basic biology, biochemistry and a crude understanding of nano-technology, would make it quite clear to an independent observer, that evolution is impossible.


In an opus Evidence for Creation, which attracts ad-hominems [creationist, Bible believer etc], but never attracts contrarian proof [observations, experiments, reality]; Henry Morris III identifies a long list of biological facts, that destroy evolution.


Evolution cannot, and never has really bothered to explain the following:


-Atmosphere is 21 % molecular oxygen, yet evolutionists maintain that the early earth had no oxygen [they need to do this to jump start protein formations]; however, without oxygen there is no ozone layer and thus no life on this plant [UV radiation from the Sun would annihilate all traces of life].


-Oxygen is necessary for life but 'free oxygen' would oxidize and destroy organic molecules required for the origins of life.  When coupled with the above fact, this presents quite a problem for Evolution origin of life true believers. 


-Even if the mythical and quite inane 'soupy pond' existed, and it was actually a soupy ocean, full of organic compounds, chemical thermodynamics and kinetics eliminates the possibility of lifeless, suspended particles forming anything.


-For example, in a soupy ocean teaming with organic compounds, you would have chaos, not structure, with literally hundreds of different kinds of amino acids randomly forming [which has never been observed and would not happen anyways]. There are 20 main amino acids in the creation of proteins. Biologically useless material would have swamped the useful.


-Amino acids in proteins are exclusively left-handed. This is the chirality problem for evolutionists and they have no answer [but lots of stories]. In a primitve soupy ocean, mathematics tells us that about half of all amino acids would not have been left-handed. If just one right handed amino acid is in a protein, all biological activity is destroyed.


-In the Darwin's cult 'soupy pond or ocean' of teeming organic compounds, there is no mathematical, scientific way to justify how only left-handed amino acids would have formed the first proteins. In fact a great variety of different compounds would have emerged and evolutionists cannot explain this dilemma.


-Molecular formation requires the input of a certain type of energy and a steady input of building blocks to form it. To make a protein, you need amino acids. If amino acids are dissolved in water, they do not spontaneously join to make a protein. That requires energy. If you dissolve a protein in water, the chemical bonds break, which releases energy – the opposite of what is needed.


-For an evolutionist in a lab to form proteins 'from nothing', he has to manufacture a made-up world. He must dissolve the amino acids in a solvent, then add a chemical which contains high energy bonds. This energy is transferred to the amino acids and forms the chemical bonds between the amino acids which releases hydrogen and oxygen to form water. This process is completely contrived and is impossible to occur in nature.


-A basic knowledge of biochemistry reveals that 'self replicating' DNA [software] or RNA [translation of software blueprints] is impossible. No molecule 'self replicates'. DNA and RNA are reliant on precise sugar molecule formations which have the same problems identified with amino acids. In other words, the nucleotides which make up DNA and RNA, would all suffer from the same issues presented with amino acids 'self replication' [in the case of DNA and RNA the sugar molecules must be right handed only].


-DNA, RNA, transfer RNA, and ribosomes are all destroyed by UV, reactive oxygen, alkylating agents, and water. Thus 'self replicating' DNA or RNA in Darwin's fantasy world of the soupy pond or ocean is impossible.


The cult of Evolution has no explanation for the above. It is therefore not a science, but a program of fantasy and rhetoric.