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Thursday, April 6, 2006

Latino Racism and Illegal Immigration

Time to start deporting the illegals

by StFerdIII

Move to a foreign country illegally – say Mexico. Work there illegally. Bring your wife and children there illegally. Pay little or no tax on your cash income. Access the state paid Medicaid clinics for free. Have your children educated in state schools for free. Use roads, social services, sewage systems, sidewalks, public library’s and assorted other government provided services for free. Now get together a few thousand other white guys wearing baseball hats and bad clothes and demonstrate in Mexico City. Carry banners and posters like ‘White Power’; ‘White people own this land’; ‘White skin is good’; ‘Don’t let the fascists reform immigration’; ‘A race united cannot fail’. Then take out a stop watch and time the number of seconds it will take for Mexican police to haul your gringo butt to the nearest deportation area. I would give it 2 minutes maximum. Certainly the Mexicans would have every right to deport such illegal racists. Likewise the US can get busy deporting racist Mexicans and Latinos that advocate ‘brown power’.

Racist illegals parading in US cities is a travesty. It is unfathomable that anyone, including the mainstream media, would feel the slightest bit of sympathy for people who have broken a series of laws to establish themselves illegally in any country and yet are so ignorant and arrogant that they parade with signs advocating the demolition, takeover or racial transformation of their adopted land. It is hideous. If the case for deporting illegals needed to be made, than the racist Latinos with their arrogant display of historical, economic, political, and common-sense ignorance, just made it. US border security; financial health and moral vigor demands now the outright deportation of illegals.

Illegals cost the US economy somewhere between $10-30 billion per annum in various costs including; legal; prison; health; education; insurance; and policing. Security is an obvious risk. Bin Laden has declared many times that via the Mexican-US border he has smuggled in nuclear suitcases to major US cities. Even if this is nothing more than Arab bravado the threat obviously exists. Drug smuggling, human trafficking, illegal arms shipments and other dangers exist along a border where Mexican army units actively aid criminal gangs even crossing into US states to procure trade and money. The US is simply not doing nearly enough to seal off it southern side.

Illegal immigration has nothing to do with economics. You can institute a very well defined and limited guest worker program for say a term limit of 5 years. Granting amnesty or allowing guest workers to stay like the Germans did, is a disaster. A legal guest worker program would quickly solve the supply issue of lower paid workers in the so-called 'jobs that no American wants to do' sector. Even on this score I am skeptical. Thousands of young Americans could easily be induced into working the fields, golf courses, hotels and restaurants, for extra money instead of working their eyes and stomachs and wasting time. Our culture loudly declares that any manual work is bad work. This is a nonsense. Nothing will generate mental and bodily maturity quicker than hard labor. As with the 40 year war on the family the media and pop culture has been waging a 40 year war on work.

Mexico and Latin America are failures. They are kleptocracies and socialist constructs that destroy economic growth and freedom. As a release valve they jettison their undesirables to America. They in effect expect the gringos to pay for their failed states. Remittances deliver back to these failed states about 3-5% of GDP. The Mexicans and Latin’s have no interest in reforming their states. The elite is quite comfortable in raping their societies and controlling the economy. Whether their people lived mired in poverty and stupidity is not their concern. Let the gringos deal with the migrating hordes of those seeking a better life declare the anti-capitalist and anti-American Latin elite.

What is truly obnoxious however is that the refuse from these failed states, having illegally found life and liberty in the US now turn against their host country. Racist sloganeering is all too common in Hispanic groups, protest organizations and those sympathetic to the Hispanic cause. It would be far more intelligent for those want amnesty for illegals to wave US flags; declare their love for a free country that produces jobs and hope; piously intone their allegiance to their new state and wish their host nation nothing but success and security. Instead we witness media pin heads; college professors and racist Latino groups mocking the US; demanding that the US become Hispanic and the effacing of the white race from the US south and southwest. It is a display of lunacy and racism that cannot be tolerated.

The US needs to seal off its border; implement its laws; prosecute employers that hire illegals; build a wall; enact a guest worker program with a defined number of years limit; and rid itself of Hispanic racists.