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Thursday, October 21, 2021

Lessons from the Communist destruction of Churches in Spain

In the age of Medical Nazism, the past loudly echoes its warnings

by StFerdIII



Communist regimes were and are Atheistic.  They don’t tolerate centres of opposition including Churches, associations not aligned to the State, political organisations with meaningful support, broadcast media who do not support the ruling cult, and corporations who are not under State control.  Local associations, youth clubs, and agencies outside the State are not usually tolerated.  Nazi Germany had the same programme, initiated by an Atheist cult much opposed to Christianity and as the Nuremberg documents revealed, was planning for the complete abolition of the Churches and the creation of a ‘Reich Kirche’.  The Nazis murdered some 5 million Christians using bullets and gas.  Not many books, not a single movie about this holocaust, named by Jewish historian Max Dimon as the ‘unknown holocaust’.


One obvious objective of the Corona Reset and New World Order is the utter obliteration of Christianity, with the half-wit fools in the Vatican and national Churches being willing accomplices.  Lockdown policies targeted Churches, closing them down, locking their doors, arresting Priests who did not comply, levying fines against the recalcitrant, and forcing the faithful to be terrified of any group larger than a handful and the spread of the ‘scariants’.  Abortion clinics, places to buy alcohol, ‘entertainment’ venues, were open.  But not the Churches.  Grafted with tax money, every Church has complied with the Corona totalitarianism, with very few dissenters and those who do dissent are vilified by their own Churches, often punished and removed.


The Great Reset purports to demolish Western Christianity and erect a new Church, perhaps the Church of ‘Reason’ (akin to what the French Atheists tried to establish but failing following 1789), or the Church of the Free-Masons and Lucifer worship, or the Church of the Science melding religious belief with a technocracy who uses Science (fraud, data torture, propaganda) to assemble and manage the clueless mass.


Once the Corona Fascists remove the Churches, what organisation will be safe from their predations?  Spain suffered a civil war, with the Fake News, and Fake historians almost in unison taking the ‘side’ of the Spanish Communists against the hated and ‘Fascist’ Franco.  Franco defended the Church and historical state of Spain against a philosophy of Lenin and Mao, one dedicated to destroying the Church.  Yet, I would imagine that a majority of ‘learned’ certainly the Vatican and Pope Frank the Insipid, would bellow a full throated defence of the Spanish Communist destruction of the Catholic Church with a full depreciation of Franco. 


What can happen in an Atheist-Communist (or Humanist as they sometimes call themselves) state, can happen in the Age of Medical Corona Nazism.  The Communists gained power in Madrid and other areas in 1931.  It did not take long for them to enact a modern ‘Reign of Terror’.  This terror initiated the civil war of 1936-39.  An example of fascistic intolerance of the Church by the Communists in Spain includes inter-alia, the following.


·   Madrid, November 6, 1936, the Communists simultaneously executed about 2,400 political prisoners (including more than 200 priests, nuns and seminarians). Republican movements (anarchists, communists and socialists).


·       In Barcelona at least 58 churches were burned down from 1931-1936.  Only the cathedral has survived. 10 thousand volumes from the richest collection of the cathedral library in Cuenca were savagely burned.


·     Across Madrid and Barcelona there were public burnings of icons, Catholic statues and liturgical books. Official sources noted that in the period from February to July 1936 alone, 170 churches were burned to ashes across the country. 


·       The impunity for these anti-religious acts of violence was one of the reasons for the outbreak of the bloody civil war in Spain (1936-1939).


·       A total of 7,937 clergymen died from executions and torture, incl. 11 bishops, 5255 priests, 2775 monks and nuns.


Happening again today all over the world. Atheist-Humanist-Communism attacking churches all over the West, burning 50-odd in Canada alone, desecrating hundreds in Europe and USA. Rona diktats targeted the Churches and will do so again shortly. The premise is to wipe out Christianity and install Luciferian-Free Masonry or the 'Church of Reason' in its place.  Not much has changed since the Communist generated civil war in Spain, except this time the Vatican is fully supporting its own destruction.