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Saturday, January 22, 2022

How did a Humpback Whale magically 'evolve' over 'millions, or billions' of years....?

It is all or nothing with species. Evolution has no scientific proof of meta species changes.

by StFerdIII



How did a whale ‘evolve’?  Did a reptile or a small wolf really go back into the sea, change its entire physiognomy, biological attributes and DNA software to become a 40-tonne monster?  How would a creature ‘changing’ or ‘evolving’ that is a warm-blooded mammal become fully aquatic?  How would a mammal, trying to adapt to a water-environment, undergo anatomical and software changes including an entire remodelling of its respiratory and sexual reproduction systems?  Does redesign simply happen by chance or magical words like ‘natural selection’?  Why would a small pakicetus wolf want to become a whale?  What possible ‘advantage’ would it find and how many thousands of years would this take if positive mutations, could ‘drift’ on viruses or within ‘gene shuffling’ to create a new species (a theory which has never been proven or even bothered to be confirmed).



The tens of thousands of changes needed would rely on Darwinian chance.  The environment has no role in such a development and is neutral.  Most mutations are of course negative or neutral, almost none add functionality.  A simple example would be the transformation of a leg into a fin.  The entire redesign of the leg from nerves, tendons, muscles and bone into the cartilage of a fin, is impossible by chance.  The leg into a fin miracle, would be rather useless without the entire transformation of the rest of the body.  It is all or nothing.  In fact it would take 100 million years according to evolutionary ‘science’ to create just one positive change and limited transformation within the leg to a fin process.  There is not enough time for any of the evolutionary processes to work in meta-species transformation. 


Creatures appear to be designed, because logically, rationally, scientifically it is clear that they are.