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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

The mental illness but massive market of the Transgendered-LGBTQZ++ cults

Reality does not exist for many. But market size does.

by StFerdIII



Gender dysphoria: definition, diagnosis, treatment and challenges

Pharmaceutical and Drug firms apparently can profit over U$1million per ‘transitioned’ and confused person, over their lifetime, or roughly U$10.000 per annum.  This largesse is from mentally ill people who disavow the science of biology to ‘migrate’ to their ‘real body’.  Every single ‘professional’ doctor, nurse, counsellor and related ilk, within the socialised or partly ‘market-based’ health systems also profit.  There are various drugs involved in this mental illness along with pre-and-post-operational counselling.  In short, trans-gendered mental illness and convincing people that chromosomes do not exist is a massive industry, an industry managed by the U$800 billion revenue behemoth monstrosity and criminal enterprise called Pharmaceuticals.  This is why there is a ‘spike’ in trans-activism within schools and the fake-news media.  It is about the market and expanding it.


This mentally ill industry is bought and paid for by Pharma who use marketing, school boards, activist teachers and ‘experts’ within Fake Media to promulgate the anti-science tragedy of gender dysphoria.  Endless rivers of fake science, fake studies and fake polls massage and prepare the population convincing them that Trans-ill ‘transitioners’ are normal, huge in number, and of especial worth and esteem.  None of that is true but now the Police can arrest you for the mere ‘thought’ of offending one of these mentally incompetent chromosome-deniers, who believe that being born with a penis actually means they have a vagina.  Only a sick and effete society would condone such ideas and use the modern Gestapo to jail those who object.


The Trans Industry

-Estimated US only market size: Between U$ 10 billion p.a. (drugs + accessories + counselling and other areas), or about $10.000 to $20.000 per transgender.

-Key Players:  All big Pharma, J&J, Soros and other private investors

-Numbers: US has 1.5 million or so Transgenders, about 0.7% of the population, growing at 20-30% p.a.


The Transgender – mental illness transition movement is a big market and will continue to grow and develop.  Michael Biggs describes ‘The Gender Industrial Complex’ as receiving lucrative sponsorship from pharmaceutical companies and medical providers (Biggs, 2018b). He, like Bilek (2018), points out that three American billionaires have bankrolled the transgender movement on a global scale. The Open Society Foundations (OSF), funded by George Soros, has probably $20 million in the past 10 years on trans issues to promote the transgender movement which make it a top funder, followed by Stryker’s Arcus Foundation and Pritzker’s TAWANI Foundation (Open Society Foundations 2020; Bilek, 2018; Biggs, 2018b).


Gender-dysphoria and related mental illnesses were easily predicted with the cacophony of the Queer-Gay-LGBTQZ++ industry.  Gay marriage was never about ‘marriage’ given that most Gays don’t marry and when they do the divorce rates are the same as heterosexuals.  It is about destroying the normative family, the Church, the idea of ‘normalcy’ or proper behaviour and to enshrine confusion, a temporary or even long lasting mental and psychological affliction as the new nirvana, an ideal, an idol to be worshipped and sung to.  Drugs, counterculture, easy relationships and a hatred of the hetero family were applauded as canonised dogman within the Queer church.  ‘They’ never wanted to be a ‘family’.  It was their ‘desires’ parading as rights, that the rest of us had to tolerate.  As with the Trans-illness industry, the Gay-Queer cult is a massive eco-system and this is why it is pushed, and it serves its socialist-globalist-secularist masters in deconstructing Christian virtues and civilisation based around hetero-family units and the related melange of complicated institutional structures which they want to tear down. 


The Queer Industry

-Size:  The LGBTQZ++ purchase power globally is estimated to be $3.7 Trillion.  This market is growing at 10-15 % p.a.  This market purchase power would include general purchases and not just products related to issues related to being lesbian or gay (drugs, counselling, toys, and other accessories). 

-Key Players:  Drug firms, activist groups, private billionaires, government

-Numbers: Some 15 million Americans or 5% of the population proclaim they are lesbian, homosexual or bi-sexual.  Numbers vary by country, with 2% seemingly the overall average. 


The LGBTQZ++ cult is a huge industry and eco-system.  The purchasing power, support by billionaires and those who own Fake Media can buy not just never-ending propaganda, but politicians, ministers and school boards.  There is no reason not to expect the Transgendered industry to follow the path of the LGBTQZ++ cult and accrete more power and influence as the numbers of transgenders continues to escalate.  


What about Love?


These industries and their components are intolerant, with many Gay groups such as BashBack or ActUp openly Fascistic, modelled on the Nazi brownshirts and publicly violent, attacking Churches and parishioners.  They don’t accommodate dissent or debate.  If you object to the Queer or Tranny cult you are attacked on all sides, you might lose your job, your access to institutions and friends and family support and if you are persistent with criticism on social media, you might be arrested.  Let us not forget that paedophilia is a Gay-centric disease and issue with over 50% of child porn being produced by Gays.  The Catholic Church’s sexual deviancy issue is a by-product of Gay Priests assaulting young boys.  It is estimated that probably half of the clergy in most Western states are Queer.


The fascistic nature of the Queer-Trans cult mirrors that of the Baby-Murdering-Abortion cult.  For the baby-murderers they claim to have a ‘right’ over their bodies.  Biology and science prove that the human is formed directly upon the sperm fertilising the egg.  This single cell will develop into 70 trillion and this miraculous process obviously takes time.  According to the cult of Darwin and Haeckel’s embryo fraud, the human ‘recapitulates’ from amoeba, to fish, to reptile, to mammal, to human.  This anti-science gives cover to the baby-murderers.  Haeckel’s fraud is just another example of Scientism, but it has convinced many that the foetus is not human. 


For Jews the baby is not alive until its first breath, an astounding admission of biological ignorance.  In this general assault on reality, it is unsurprising that 83% of Jews are pro-abortion, many fascistically so, and given their preponderant ownership of the Fake News, they have an endless platform to intimidate the average person with fake studies, fake science and even threats of violence.  Many Jewish groups call for violence against Christian pro-life centres and have ramped up the hate speech in light of the SCOTUS repeal of Roe v Wade declaring quite rightly, that murdering a baby is not a constitutional right.



Transgenderism is a mental illness.  Much of the LGBTQZ++ is similar.  Biology, DNA, mitochondria, body structure and chromosomes leave no doubt that there are 2 genders.  Both of these markets will continue to grow and be used as tools to destroy the family, the Church, real faith and heterodoxy, not to mention culture and history.  An easy prediction is that paedophilia will be normalised and accepted, as will man-boy marriages and eventually incest.  The slope is very slippery.  From Queer marriage to man-boy relationships is a direct line.  The cult of science or Scientism will pour billions into fake studies, fake data and fake declarations on why genders don’t exist and why child abuse is actually healthy and ‘progressive’.  It is just a matter of time as society and civilisation implodes.  Reality is not only optional, but for many it simply does not exist. When your society does not know what a woman is, it is pretty close to ending.