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Monday, April 3, 2023

Scientism, Hollywood, the Idiot box; and the Moon Landings. Red Pilling.

Do you really believe that using 1960s technology, the US landed on the moon (6 times)?

by StFerdIII


For the ultimate Red Pilling experience, one needs to discuss if the moon landings were falsified and faked, a made in Hollywood movie, designed to turn people’s attention from yet another bloody American war, this time in Vietnam, divert focus away from civil protests, and disruptions, and to impress upon the Russians and its own allies, that the US was still superior, its technology absolute, its national will over-powering.  Did the Americans land 12 men on the moon? 


As with Rona, when you look for facts and proof, and question $cience or Scientism, you are labelled a conspiracy theorist, anti-science, a denier, phobic, a flat-earther, and probably a racist, fascist, and bordering on being Hitler (yet again).  The true-believers will overwhelm the sceptic with sites, studies, proofs, data and models, and point to the cleanly scrubbed Internet, largely devoid of dissenting opinions or they will usher in the corporate-government-vested interest-‘fact checkers’, who will hysterically wail that this-or-that-objection is ‘debunked’.  Facts are however stubborn things, as are good questions and demands for evidence.  To find $cience simply follow the money and the financial sources who issue and who protect the $cience.  The $cience is not interested in truth or evidence.


Did the US government, a bloated, fat, corrupt and larded entity, and its bastard Climate-crazy offspring NASA, actually send 6 missions and 12 men to the moon, during a 4-year period from 1969-1972, using 1960s technology?  Is the rather abstract and unimpressive dictum, ‘I saw it on TV’, a reasonable belief or assertion?  Does ‘TV’ provide ‘proof’ of a moon-landing or indeed, much proof of anything?  Does the dictum, ‘400.000 people worked on the program so obviously they could not all lie’ mean anything?  The larger the group the less any individual knows and most of the workforce on any large project work on small tasks, and most are contractors with a limited view of what is going on. 


After the Corona Fascism and scamdemic, why would anyone believe in the ‘TV emits truth or reality’ mantra?  Can we use our common sense and real science to understand the reality of sending any creature to the moon and the likelihood of that happening?  What about the myriad problems with what was shown on the little screen?  The literally dozens, if not hundreds of issues, large and small with what was displayed and averred?  Should these issues and questions not be answered forthrightly?  Or is the use of ad hominins the only defence?  Is the only recourse of the ‘moon believers’ to label those who question or probe, a conspiracy theorist, a whackjob, or a flat-earth nutbar?  Is that the best which can be offered?

Long article on the issues with the US Moon Landings at