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Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Dr Chas Michael Higgins, ‘Horrors of Vaccination Exposed and Illustrated’ (1920)

All of the issues on display during the Corona fascism, were all present and prevalent in 1920 and indeed, long before 1920.

by StFerdIII



Compulsory Vaccination is an instance of a law which inflicts actual disease and possible death on the human body and propagates and disseminates deadly infections widely upon animals and mankind….This amazing act is the homicidal insanity of a profession.  This is blood assassination.”  (Dr. James Wilkinson, 1876)


The above quote by Dr Wilkinson, found in Dr. Higgins’ book, is a pithy summary of the criminal fraud that is the pharmaceutical-vaccine industry.  Dr Higgins of New York State investigated local and state records on vaccination ‘efficacy’ and the dead and injured from the procedure, looking at data from the late 19th century to the end of World War I.  Dr Higgins proved, based on death certificates and records withheld from the public, that the smallpox stabbination program in New York State, with a population of some 11 million, killed far more than the smallpox disease ever did.  In sum more than 3.000 people in New York State over a period of 30 or so years died after the smallpox injection.  Only a few hundred died of the disease itself during this time-frame – a disease it should be emphasised which is eminently treatable using naturopathy, sanitation and hygiene. 


Quackcines and Bloodletting

Anyone interested in arguments against enforced vaccination, which include the rates of death and injury, as well as legal, constitutional, and natural law (or God-given rights) arguments against mandatory vaccination should read this book.  The entire work is really the petition Dr Higgins sent to President Woodrow Wilson at the end of World War I, to stop vaccine mandates.  Dr Higgins provides statistical, legal and moral reasons why the enforcement of vaccine intake is immoral, ineffectual and disgraceful.


In this petition Higgins cites the death of George Washington in 1799, from ‘bleeding’, another quackery which was deemed ‘scientific’ and ‘medicinal’ for 200 years.  It was simply a barbaric malpractice.  So too is stabbinating poisons into someone’s bloodstream to fight a ‘germ’, or a ‘viral infection’ as Dr Higgins writes to Wilson; “…(vaccines) inject into it (the body) directly or indirectly various more or less virulent diseases, blood poisons, or disease germs, culture or products, either living or dead, with the idea of curing or preventing some natural disease.” 


Your immune system rejects and attacks all foreign matter, including whatever is stabbed into your deltoid.  The immune and lymph system are degraded, and in many cases, death ensues after the injection, but as Dr Higgins observes “…And these fatal results of vaccination are commonly denied and concealed in death certificates by recording the terminal disease of (insert here), without any record of the inflicted disease – vaccination…” Since when has any government agency or ‘medical expert’ cited issues with vaccination? In the Holy Church of Jenner and his elixirs, only life and resurrection are guaranteed, never evil, injury or death.


Nothing has changed in 100 years since the era of Dr Higgins.  Today severe events and death from the stabbinations are denied and hidden as they were in 1920.  During the Corona scamdemic, with an actual IFR of 0.3% (close to zero for the under 60s), in any country you care to investigate, on average 5 times more people died as a result of the quackcination than from the disease itself.  Governments used fraudulent ‘PCR tests’ which pick up nothing, to massively inflate their official Corona-dead totals, but those who died from Corona alone and not fake tests, were vastly outnumbered by the dead following the vaccination programs.  In the UK about 25.000 died from Corona, with at least 150.000 or more or dead from the stabbinations. These post-jab death rates are similar to those in the 19th and 20th century from other interventions including smallpox, rabies and polio.


The US Army

Dr Higgins penned his petition to President Woodrow Wilson to stop enforced vaccine mandates, showing rather overwhelming proof that vaccinations in general and the US army vaccination program in particular, was lethal, resulting not in health ‘care’, but in disability, injury and death.  He adjured Wilson to dispense with mandatory vaccination for the military.  This theme was picked up by Dr Eleanor McBean (‘The Poisoned Needle), who recites the carnage in the US military during World War II from various vaccination programs.  Healthy men, in their tens of thousands, stabbed and rendered ill or worse.  The Spanish flu of 1918 to 1920 was not a flu and not Spanish.  It was an epidemic spread by the US typhoid vaccination and experiment, which went horribly wrong, creating a bacterial pandemic killing between 40 and 60 million people of all ages. 


Dr Higgins persistently canvassed the office of the Surgeon General of the US army on vaccination and related illness and death.  The Surgeon General was forced to admit in writing that as of March 15 1919, The number of men admitted to sick report during 1917 for typhoid vaccination was 10,549 or a rate of 15.54 for each one thousand men.  For smallpox vaccination the number admitted was 9.059 or a rate of 13.35 for each one thousand men.  The total number of days lost as the result of the typhoid vaccinaton was 28.679 and for smallpox 34,814.”  This is rather astonishing. Young fit healthy men, at the rate of 1-2% are ill post the injections.  We saw the same injury and death rate with the Corona-mRNA vaccines (or higher, with 2-5% more likely).  The Surgeon General claimed that no one died in the US army after a vaccination but given the typhoid vaccine-experiment outbreak which killed 40-60 million this is hard to believe. 


New York State and England

The quite large (2% or higher) death and injury rate of vaccination comports to Dr Higgin’s analysis of New York State, verified by data for England and Wales, looking at smallpox deaths from the disease and post-vaccination in under 5 year olds, from 1905-1913.  In both locales it is clear that during this period, 4-5 times more children under the age of 5 died after being stabbinated than died from the smallpox disease itself.  Each year some 4 or so children, under the age of 5, in New York State might have died from smallpox, but 16-20 died after being stabbed.  Given the massive profits and propaganda supporting the industry, the ‘medical’ and ‘regulatory’ establishments did not care. 


In 1900 smallpox injections were still based on the now 100-year-old Jenner formula and fraud of cowpox injections.  As Dr Higgins points out, this is nothing else other than septicemic infection or blood poisoning.  This can kill a patient within minutes, especially a young, helpless, immune-system immature baby, or it may take days or weeks.  Surprisingly Dr Higgins uncovered that vaccinating husbandry also resulted in huge epidemics during the 19th and early 20th centuries in which millions of animals were needlessly injected, infected, diseased and ultimately slaughtered.  It seems that poisoned injections had the same effect on animals as they do with humans.



There is an interesting section on the vaccine catastrophe in Japan.  As Dr Higgins states, Japan was probably the most vaccinated country in the world by 1900.  Yet epidemics of infectious diseases including smallpox, raged unchecked.  In 1898 there were 149,012 smallpox cases with 40,971 deaths, or a mortality rate of 27%, in a country with near to 100% vaccination levels.  In 1905 there were 10,705 cases of smallpox and 3,388 deaths, a mortality rate of 31.5%.  In 1908, there were 18,075 cases of smallpox with 5,835 dying, a mortality rate of 32%.  Even in the time of that unprofessional, lazy, lying quack Saint Edward Jenner, the smallpox death rate was less than 1% overall, and during epidemics, whose cycles waxed and waned over 11–15-year periods, 10%.  So here in late 19th century Japan we have a trebling over the 18th century’s mortality rate, in a country with a nearly 100% vaccination rate! 


The rigid compulsory vaccination laws of Japan showed no evidence of being effective.  However, as with the injured and dead from Corona mRNA interventions, the cry from the ‘experts’ and ‘the science’ in Japan during this time was the usual insane cackling refrain of ‘it would have been so much worse if the population was unstabbinated’.  This declaration is unscientific, insipid and immoral.  No authority, in any country, during any age in the past 200 years, has shown the slightest interest to investigate the massive destruction in life and happiness wrought by the poisoned needles.  The dead and injured simply don’t exist, and we saw this same ‘anti health’ doctrine from all countries and their various ‘experts’, ‘professionals’, ‘doctors’, agencies and establishments during the Corona scamdemic. This is because drug interventions since the early 19th century have become massive businesses with everyone involved including government, on their payroll.  This was as true in 1820 as it was in 1920 and it is certainly true today.


Data Fraud

Dr Higgins lays it out plainly and concisely, And it must be here remembered that our vaccinating doctors and our dominant vaccinating medical sect have now such full control of our death certificates, our departments of health and vital statistics that they can deny or conceal the effect of their medical operations with the greatest ease and safety…  During the Corona scamdemic the manipulated data fraud employed by government and its agencies was simply fantastic, implemented in the most arrogant and devious manner possible.  Untangling the corrupted statistics from various agencies involved, was almost a full-time endeavour, but as with ‘climate’ eco-fascism, the torturing of data and its rendering to be the opposite of reality, is a fact.  Dr Higgins ran into the same issues. 



In short, the same fraud we saw during the Corona Fascism was quite evident in 1920, as detailed and elucidated by Dr. Higgins.  The propaganda, the lies, the data manipulation, the dead and injured from the stabbinations (and lockdowns), the low IFR of these diseases; yet the implacable resolve to mandate stabs for everyone regardless of consequence.  The lack of empathy by any involved toward the injured, maimed and dead proves without hesitation that the goverment-health-drug complex is unconcerned with ‘care’ but obsessed with profits and power.  Nothing much has changed since 1920 when one views the $cientism of the government-pharma military-industrial complex.  The chief difference is that with technology, government funding of ‘science’ and government-corporatist mass-media control it has gotten much worse.