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Saturday, August 5, 2023

The coming ‘Klimat’ Lockdowns based on $cientism.

Korona Fascism was a test pilot. The Sheeple complied and willingly died to serve their masters.

by StFerdIII


There are two main foundations for a future $cientism and Totalitarianism. We just experienced one with the Korona Communism or Fascism premised on a bio-lab released weapon.


The second is the non-existing ‘Klimat Krisis’ and the necessity to save Gaia from the human emissions of plant-food, 5% of the total of the 4 parts per million found in the atmosphere, which is necessary to make oxygen and life. Klimat Lockdowns will be attempted, given the almost universal acquiescence by the mass to the Korona terror.


When would these future Klimat-Lockdowns occur the curious might ask? One would guess between 2025-2030 when the ‘terror’ of surviving a ‘pandemic’ is still reasonably fresh in the memories of the sheeple. Quite likely the next Lockdown will merge the Klimat and Health ‘Krises’ to form a new vector. GlobaloneyBoiling has created a scariant from ___insert here____ and you are all going to die, unless you follow our (the elite’s) policies and programs….


The Korona Fascism and its ancestor of 1918-1920

The Korona Fascism was a scamdemic of enormous proportions and evil.  Worldwide there were and are millions of deaths and injuries from lockdowns, the stabs and the general psychological terror unleashed on innocent populations.  The 1918-1920 ‘Spanish flu’ which was a bacterial epidemic spread by poisons and vaccinations and unrelated to Spain or a flu, is the closest historical parallel to the Korona Fascism.  The same methods were employed in 1918 to ‘stop the spread’, ‘flatten the curve’ ‘save grandma’, as they were deployed in 2020.  Enforced quackcinations, lockdowns and diapers were deemed ‘the science’ from 1918-1920. 


The 1918-1920 totalitarian program was lifted once it became known that the policies had failed, and with the reduction of poisoned injections and poisons in the enviroment from the ‘Great War’, a great decline of ‘flu deaths’ rapidly followed, ending the need for complete societal emasculation.  As with Rona, fabrication of death numbers unrelated but ascribed to the flu was common and those who remained unstabbed, remained stubbornly quite healthy. 


The sheeple in 1920 also noticed that the elites were not following the science-fiction of masks, lockdowns or distance.  Exactly the same occurred with Korona: fraud, made up death statistics, the non-science of diapers and lockdowns ignored by the elite, and the eventual exhaustion of society at large with the entire exercise of fear, lockdowns and contaminated injections against the spread of bacterium poison, all conspired to end the madness. 


Vlad the invader and Korona

What really ended the Korona fascism in 2022 was Vlad the Invader’s defensive war in the Ukraine, to recover Russian territory, to save native Russians from being murdered and to pre-empt a US-NATO attack to dismember Russia which is a centre of opposition to the US NWO.  Vlad should be given a Nobel peace prize for ending the Korona fascism.  Instead, he has the full weight of NATO on his porch intent on burning the entire house of Russia to the ground. 


Many sheeple in the ‘West’, perhaps a slim majority, fully support the US empire’s war against Russia and believe the fake news that any day now, the US 51rst rump state formerly known as the Ukraine, will be in Moscow, with Vlad usurped and the evil Eastern Hun conquered.  Few in the West know anything about Russian, Ukrainian or eastern European history, or that the Ukraine as a country never existed, it was simply an administrative area, artificially created after the Russian revolution.  It would be akin to saying California was ‘always’ its own country. 


The long 20 year NATO (US DoD) plan to destroy Russia is also mostly unknown in the ‘West’. NATO which is an extension of the US empire, has expended great energy over 20 years to fabricate an external enemy in Russia, and goad it into war by pushing itself relentlessly Eastwards. Using Russia as an external locus of ‘terror’ galvanises the NATO membership and its compliant citizens against an object of fear and hate. After attacking and partitioning the one-party, totalitarian corrupt, bio-lab, money laundering criminal state called the Ukraine, intone the NATO generals and fake news, the Russians may re-occupy Paris as they did in 1814.


In any event, Korona 2022 ended thanks to Vlad the Invader and Droner.


What did Korona confirm?



The Korona fascism confirmed a few things.  First most people are not critical thinkers and will not stand up to fascism if their jobs and families are threatened. To this end they will find it very convenient to dress up the totalitarianism as a ‘science’ to convince themselves they are moral and good people. After all they are saving someone or the Earth, along with their incomes and families. ‘The Science’ through coercive Statism and intolerant violence, affirms and convinces that this choice is rational and moral. Most Westerners are not critical thinkers, nor are they brave and the masses in general will believe anything told to them by ‘science’, ‘experts’, the government or fake news. 


Second, the population at large has no knowledge of history, past events, or Braudel’s ‘long durée’ of history and conflict.  The Corona fascism was simply an instantiation and end point of some 200 years of government-drug industry corporatism.  Viewed over this period of time, it seems inevitable that there would eventually be a global ‘Korona’ event.  Few in the ‘West’ appreciate this fact.


Fear, Panic

With the pharma-government drug-mafia cartel, we see the same creation of ‘fear’ and panic and the same remediation with ‘drugs’ and quackcines. The past 100 years is replete with the same program, repeated over and over again with government and pharma the root causes of the disasters and also endless fear propaganda. More here