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Saturday, August 12, 2023

Western Civ and its Civil War and Revolution. From the 19th century to today.

Metaphysics and culture inform everything. There is a straight line from the 19th century to the current implosion of Western Civilisation, punctuated by the March 2020 Revolution.

by StFerdIII



A Revolution

The irruption of civil war within the ‘Western’ world was officially declared in March 2020. Unofficially it was in train since the Enlightenment. The March 2020 revolutionary cry was to impose the ‘Great Reset’ using a plandemic and fake global plague as the casus belli. The antecedents of this revolution date back to the Enlightenment and especially to the 19th century - the best and worst of centuries - which picked up its metaphyiscs from the 17th and 18th centuries. The 19th century was a wondrous time of technological innovation and sophistication: railways, the steam engine, combustion engine, electricity, electrical energy and lighting, appliances, sewers and sanitation, housing and urban reforms, the end of slums and through health and hygiene the eradication of many diseases.


The 19th century was also the worst of centuries politically and philosophically. Politically the 19th century built the base of ‘Statism’ and government control, including the nexus of corporatism, or the merger and self-interested alliances between the State and corporations. This relationship was and is bi-directional, an industry can capture government (Pharma, military for eg) or the State can manage and direct an industry for the benefit of both (health, energy, education). An example is the vaccination cartel, established during the quack’s Jenner’s reign as a ‘scientist’ and ‘inventor’ of ‘vaccination’. From Jenner to the Korona Pharma-Fascism is a straight line. Our modern corporatism is reflected in the ‘welfare state’ and the ‘military-industrial complex’, and it covers the ‘commanding heights’ of our society including energy, health, education, the media, research, banking and transportation.


19th Century Theology as ‘Science’

Philosophically the 19th century was an incontrovertible disaster. Darwinism, Materialism, Communism, ‘logical positivism’, ‘rationalism’, ‘romanticism’, rampant Atheism, the ‘science’ of medicine; all of these theories and philosophies conspired to either elevate mankind and his ‘reason’ (never defined) as God, or degrade mankind to a monkey, with everything in life a mechanical, naturalist dialectic of ‘progressive’ positive changes with man no different than a virus and probably not as important. The inherent confusion of 19th century dogma is obvious and this anarchy in metaphysics is a key aspect of the current implosion of civilisation. In effect we lost reality.


The teleological model of 19th century philosophy leads to nihilism and nothing. The 19th century’s philosophical regression points directly to confusion and destruction, including trans-genderism, climate insanity, a hatred of Whites (especially Males and Christians), and a breakdown of morality, virtue and standards across society’s entire spectrum. The 19th century’s philosophical rationale and its entire premise as evinced by Darwin’s and Wallace’s naturalist theology, Comte, Marx, Freud et al, was to annihilate the cultural foundation of Western Civilisation and impose the collective will of material dialecticism and elevate State-controlled ‘Science’ or Scientism to the fore as the new Church. The Atheist French Revolution of 1789 and the Church of Reason found numerous disciples, apostles and high priests throughout the Western world, who in different ways took up the same hysterical and demented cry to establish the Church of ‘Reason’, using the most irrational and unreasonably methods imaginable.


The State as Leviathan

The crux of 19th century belief system, building on Hobbe’s Leviathan concept, is that the State and only the State, along with its agencies of ‘Science’, should impose 'order’ and 'progress’ and develop positive vectors of social existence. Out with the old, in with the ‘science’ and Scientism. Technology was wrongly equated with ‘Science’ and man’s ‘rationalism’. Conflating a railway with technocratic management is an old canard used by the power hungry. Materialism, Socialism, Atheistic positivism, the hoary and misty ‘rationalism’, are philosophies of Statism and collectivism. Thus in less than 150 years, the ‘social reforms’ and ‘manners’ created by the great Christian Wilberforce and which was the basis of Victorian and Edwardian society, was successfully attacked and effaced by the mechanistic philosophies who hearkened back to the ‘Enlightenment’ propaganda as a source of their truths.


The central feature of 19th century and Enlightenment propaganda is that there can be only ‘one’ answer, that of ‘reason’, or ‘science’, or what the State has decreed through its endless list of agencies to be the ‘truth’. The UN’s and BBC’s ‘verify’ programs, the ‘fact checkers, the various Ministries of Truth, have a long pedigree. All of these were present in the 19th century, as government agencies and regulators censored, issued false data and propaganda and attacked and demeaned any opposition to the will of government. More here