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Sunday, November 19, 2023

Scientism - James Webb Telescope and disproving the Banging Religion

The worship of abstract maths is disproved by reality. Yes, reality does bite.

by StFerdIII


This is a really good 24-minute video on issues with Space-Time and STR, by Roger Penrose.  The Scientism of Einstein, as will be elaborated in 2 coming posts and which is analysed herehere and here, is coming to an end. It might take 50 more years, but the reign is soon over. There is precious little proof that Banging is relevant.

What the video misses

This video is a good overview of what is wrong when one analyses ‘space-time’ a key insight not from Einstein but from his maths teacher Minkowski, which Einstein incorporated into his STR.  This video however misses the obvious fact that Time might well exist outside of space, separate and not integrated into a 4th dimension as proposed by Einstein.  This is far more likely, than a ‘dimensional’ cube of interwoven space and time, an idea which Einstein never bothered to physically prove.

Physics is the physical reality and proofs using objects in the real world. Mathematical theories are not proof.

There are no valid reasons or observations to entangle space-time, unless you are trying to prove the mathematics of the STR.

James Webb Telescope disproves the Big Bang

·        Contrary to STR and Banging theology, stellar galaxies should be far less than 1 billion years old but this is not what they have found

·        Exploding Supernovae are young

·        Galaxies – larger than ours – are newly created

·        Super galaxies have formed in short periods of time

·        According to STR and Banging, the Universe should collapse on itself and either reform or cease to exist

·        Magical dark matter and dark energy are invoked to prevent a collapse, neither has been found or can even be described

·        The universe is probably a flat disc not curved

Time, time, time

·        Time as an idea is problematic given that it is a human construct

·        Time is quite likely, not a linear product or chronometry

·        There may be multiple cycles and multiple universes, no one knows, but ineluctably according to the BB, there was a beginning and an end to the universe

·        Einstein’s ‘constant’ which is the same as dark matter, dark energy, preserves the universe’s ‘steady state’ that exists for eternity, and prevents a cosmic implosion due to gravity (which by itself is a weak force)

·        If the universe is flat, which is what the cosmological proofs state, than STR and its space-time theory based on maths and only maths, is irrelevant


·        It is becoming more obvious that space time is not Einstein’s smooth fabric

·        Contrary to Newton’s idea of gravity as a pool, Einstein viewed gravity as part of space-time curving the universe

·        The STR and Banging maintain that space and time are interconnected as an unprovable 4th dimension

·        This means that everything coexists in space and time including the future and past

·        There is no proof of this, and it contravenes physical reality

Quantum theory

·        Others believe that space-time is an artifact of the quantum world

·        Quantum theory is where particles exist in multiple places simultaneously (Schrodinger’s cat where the cat is both alive and dead) but this cannot be reconciled with space-time

·        Long standing problem in physics is of locality and entanglement, if we have 2 particles far apart, changing one will affect the other, violating the STR

·        This means that different observers will have different ideas of locality – for example you can feel closer to someone you love who is far away, than your neighbour that you don’t care about

·        STR, GTR maintain that a gravity field cannot be in 2 places or states simultaneously

·        Where does the gravitational field reside?  No one knows. 

·        Any theories attempting to merge STR with quantum theory have failed

Violin Strings

·        String theory is trying to merge quantum and STR/GTR

·        Vibrating stings make up molecules and particles

·        For this to work the strings must vibrate across 7 dimensions, only 4 are now proposed with the 4th of space-time unproven and theoretical

·        This is an abstract maths-based idea with no physical proofs

Loop quantum gravity

·        Loop quantum gravity is now proposed to replace string theory, in which space-time is a woven loop or network of complexity, contrary to STR

·        These defects in STR can only be viewed in Planck time or a millionth of a millionth of a metre

·        It is impossible to test LQG with particle accelerators, we would need an accelerator 1000-trillion times more powerful than those at CERN and the size of the milky way

·        For now, it is an abstract maths based theory with no proofs

Quantum ideas

·        Many believe that a quantum world is influenced by gravity, which is an entirely new approach to physics and cosmology. 

·        This pursuit should have the potential to impact real life, since any changes to space time theories would affect all theories in physics and cosmology including our own ideas of the age of space, and the Earth. 

·        In my opinion the ages of the cosmos and Earth are not the same, with space appearing to be much older than the Earth given the differential in clocks between a terrestrial clock and a space clock (this is probably a valid part of the STR).


STR is ill

Given that all of our devices function according to quantum theory, using this as a basis for a new approach is sensible.  Hawking, the rather puerile salesman for Einstein, acknowledged before he died that quantum mechanics properly destroyed his idea about Black Holes.  As reality displaces complex mathematics the end of much of STR is guaranteed.

Next posts:  Dingle’s clock paradox, and the many issues of STR as given by hundreds of scientific experiments and observations.