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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Obama-nation ? Or Abomi-nation? Hussein Obama's negative platform!

Change the hope, to hope that the change and the hope change the change for the hope. Or some such crap says the rather negative second coming of Jesus.

by StFerdIII

According to the fawning orgasmic clowns in the media, Hussein Obama, because he is Black you understand, is bigger than John Lennon, Jesus Christ and Al Jolson all rolled into one. He is the color barrier-breaking Black man who will unite America, unite its races,classes and hair-styles into one gigantic strutting volk-proud, color-blind parade! Strut, raise your arm, and be proud of our fuehrer! The Obama-nation is surging and unstoppable!

That is unless you actually listen to his brain-dead speeches, read his brain-dead program, understand that his supporters are Blacks and college educated white airheads in their 20s and 30s [hey where are the Asians and Mexicans and all those minorities ?] and figure out that his populist-marxism is a breathtakingly negative, destructive Abomi-nation.

It is heresy in America not to have an orgasm or at least faint at the mere mention of der fuehrer er rather der orator Hussein Obama. It is your civic duty to first orgasm than faint whenever you hear another bunch of rhetorical nonsense from America's most popular Black leader about hoping that the change, can change the hope, or at least that the hope must change the change, for the hope to have a hope of changing.

Or some such drivel. If the media could stop holding hands and having a collective orgasm at the very mention of his name, it might do the voters and the more discriminate amongst them who prefer freedom over Cuban-styled socialism, if his policy platform [if that is what his heaps of policy garbage can be called] were made known.

The Obama-nation, is in reality, a negative Abomi-nation. Obama for all his sterling happy talk is a pessimist. His wife let it slip recently when she said for the first time in her life she was proud to be an American – because a Black man might win the nomination of a major party. How stupid is a person educated at Princeton have to be one wonders? She has been a thinking adult for 30 years, and yet this is the first time in her life that she is proud to be an American? If Blackness is your pride, than maybe she should have left for Central Africa 30 years ago.

Obama's books and articles are scrawled with claims of massive white racism, which seems odd given that he went to Harvard, and his now-proud wife went to Princeton. How is a Black man educated at Columbia and Harvard Law discriminatory? How many whites don't get into Harvard and Princeton because of race quota's forcing up the numbers of Black students? Isn't that racist? How is American society so terrible that 2 upper middle class bred Blacks – Obama and his wife Michelle – are able to go to two of the finest universities in world history? Seems like a pretty open society to me.

The racialist tones of Obama's campaign from his comment in Iowa that 'I am glad we won here since not many people look like me', to conscripting Oprah to bang the race drum, to claims in his speeches and books that America drips with white-racist, KKK below the surface violence, are abominations.

Hussein Obama claims that he can change and provide hope to America because he is Black. That IS his campaign regardless of Fox News panegyrics and ABC hysterics to the contrary. Obama has been running a racial campaign for over one year now. That is bad enough. But when you parse his speeches and go through his program it gets worse.

Hussein Obama is a classic economic populist, cultural marxist and progressive liberal. He is the most left-wing Senator in the US Senate based on his voting record. He recently released economic program is full of marxist and populist distortions which would kill the economy: higher marginal taxes; higher dividend and capital gains taxes; reduced trade; a review and maybe a pullout from NAFTA; protectionism; and about $500 Billion more in government spending for various welfare and redistribution programs. Not to mention a reduction in the military budget, a rapid withdrawal from Iraq and more knee-bending to the UN.

As John Gibson on FoxNews radio quipped, Obama is a better looking and glibber Jimmy Carter.

He is worse. He is an abomination. If you look at the poll results Obama has three core voting groups – Blacks [big surprise, with over 90% voting for Kid Dynomite]; and college educated 20 and early 30 something airheads and union workers. Recently he has polled stronger with adult men, who have never liked Hillarious Clinton much. Other minority groups and women have been far less enthralled with Kid Dynomite, yet we are to believe [so say the media] that the Obama-nation will be a unifier!

How exactly would Kid Dynomite unify the nation if he were elected as the most under-qualified, and most lighter than air President in history? He only has 3 core constituencies. He is pro-choice and wants the government to fund murder ie abortion. How does this unify Catholics and Evangelicals to his banner? He hates business and Wall Street, never having worked a single day in the real market. How does this unify capital interests to his banner? He will make the US poorer by raising taxes and increasing protectionism. How will this force the middle class who will suffer most, to his banner? He constantly accuses whites via his wife and other proxies, of racism. How does such spurious charges from a Harvard grad attract white voters?

And on one could go.

From his light, dumb marxist filled rhetoric and class-race warfare mentality, to his anti-business policies and hatred of capital, Obama is a divider, not a unifier. You love Obama if you hate America. You love Obama if you want Hollywood lights to replace substance. You love Obama if you watch Oprah and believe that pop culture emotionalism and feelings are more important than the dirty business of trade and military security. You love Obama if you are clueless. Obama is after all a trained lawyer -not exactly the most mentally virile of professions which live in the real world.

Do we really need yet another lawyer, in a position of absolute power? The world of the lawyer-populist is one of nice words, paper, distortions and justifications. None of these are appropriate in an office as important as that of President. We need someone with experience, an appreciation of the great issues of our time and the intelligence to do what is right. We don't need marxist airheads, air-brushing away reality, with noxious claims of fantasy and bizarre rhetoric about hope and change, which are in the main, nothing more than negative expressions of why he hates or dislikes America. Change to what exactly Kid Dynomite? The glory days of Jimmy Carter?

Obama the abomination.