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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Islam, the State, the cult of Gay and Queer, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, 'Science', Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion....a nice variety for the human-hater, amoral, anti-rationalist to choose from.  It is so much fun mocking them isn't it ?

Tempus Fugit Memento Mori - Time Flies Remember Death 

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'Undeniable: How Biology Confirms Our Intuition That Life Is Designed' by Douglas Axe

There needs to be an Open Science movement.

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Science should never be the domain of closed-off 'experts', who chase money, fame, tenure or relevancy. Pasteur famously conducted public displays and experiments to go around the establishment, who mocked him, debauched his work, demeaned his person, naming him as a non-scientist [he was a trained chemist]. Open systems exist in IT, why not science ?


From Douglas Axe's excellent book on why Evolution is just such a-scientific jargon and nonsense:


'Embracing open science empowers people who will never earn Ph.D.s to become full participants in the scientific debates that matter to them. Instead of merely following expert debates, non experts should expect important issues that touch their lives to be framed in terms of common science. Once they are, everyone becomes qualified to enter the debate. This doesn’t apply to intrinsically technical subjects, of course, but the matters of deepest importance to how we live are never intrinsically technical.'


Common sense trumps degrees. I don't recall the Wright Brothers, or William Harvey having advanced degrees. In today's clime they would be ridiculed as rubes and rednecks. These men amongst thousands of others, have had more impact on humanity than the millions of advanced degrees spouting metaphysics in lieu of real science, or realistic invention. Open science means show us the data, show us the methodology, prove your 'conclusions' and don't hide behind fraudulent and corrupt 'crony' review, poorly named as 'peer' appraisal.


In this regard, Axe asks the cult of a Darwin a very simple question. Can your turn enzyme A into enzyme B? Surely if mud became His Majesty Husain Obama, enzymes must have, and must be able to; self-create ?


'Our aim [Axe was part of a scientific team looking at changing enzyme formation], was to determine whether it would be possible for enzyme A to evolve the function of enzyme B within a time frame of billions of years. If natural selection really coaxed sponges into becoming orcas in less time, inventing many new proteins along the way, we figured it should have ample power for this small transformation. But after carefully testing the mutations most likely to cause this functional change, we concluded it probably isn’t feasible by Darwinian evolution. Additional work supports this conclusion. Mariclair Reeves—like Ann Gauger, a biologist at Biologic Institute—painstakingly tested millions upon millions of random mutations, searching for any evolutionary possibility that we may have overlooked in our first study. She found none.'


So where is the bio-chemical proof that mud became Orcas ? These metaphysicians can't even get 2 enzymes to change their functional pattern. Yet we are to believe that the human brain 'evolved' by luck into the most complex organ in the universe. How did it happen precisely ?


'The staggering complexity of the brain’s structure, with its hundred trillion neural connections, is certainly one reason for the slow progress, but I have to think that false preconceptions are another. Materialism, in particular, has constrained thinking within brain science as severely as it has elsewhere. Even the title of that workshop—From Molecules to Minds—is a proclamation of the view that mental processes are grounded in molecular processes.'


Random molecules bouncing around do not self-arrange to create the brain. 'Natural Selection' is just rhetoric. Genes selecting from what, how and why? Competitive advantage ? What would gene software know about competitive advantage ? Why would a sponge want to become a fish ?


'Tour says: If one asks the molecularly uninformed how nature devises reactions with such high purity, the answer is often, “Nature selects for that.” But what does that mean to a synthetic chemist? What does selection mean? To select, it must still rid itself of all the material that it did not select. And from where did all the needed starting material come? And how does it know what to select when the utility is not assessed until many steps later? The details are stupefying and the petty comments demonstrate the sophomoric understanding of the untrained..'


Evolutions always quote natural selection. This seems particularly stupid. Why would a fish 'select' to 'evolve' legs, and change its software, when it does not know what a leg is ? Why would a chaotic process impinge itself on the fish, and force it into 'evolving' genetic software for legs ? It is ridiculous and tautological. Not one single experiment has proven that fish 'evolve' to become amphibians, reptiles or anything else other than fish. It is all or nothing. Everything in a fish must work together in a complex whole. If you start ripping components apart the whole will simply die. This is what mutations do in the real world. They kill information. Our ignorance of genetics and DNA software is no excuse to make up fairy tales.


'The view that most aspects of living things can be attributed neatly to specific genes has been known by geneticists to be false for a long time, this being the first common DNA myth to fall. A second, which has fallen only quite recently, is that scientists even have a clear understanding of what a gene is. Without exaggeration, a recent article in Science and Education stated that “the gene concept is currently in crisis.” It turns out that the simple picture of a gene as a section of DNA that encodes a protein, as described in chapter 3, no longer holds for anything but bacteria..'



The more we discovery about bio-chemistry and the complexity of life, the less Evolution makes sense – even as a fairy tale. Science like IT, should be made 'open', open to review, open to data analysis, open to computational investigation, open to criticism, open to new ideas. As it currently stands the cult of science and scientism, is one of the great obstacles to real science.

Evolution's non-science; abiogenesis and proteins

No science, just lots of fiction and story telling.....

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Evolution's magic stories. Darwinists vociferously commit themselves to naturalism, in which the roughly 2 million species in our world; appeared during 3.5 billion years of 'evolution', forming their complexity over long periods. Naturally, naturalism, must support the creation of these species and of life itself, ex-nihilo, that is from nothing. The foundation of Evolution is the a-scientific belief, which contravenes the First Law of Thermodynamics, that dead matter, and nothing; created life. There is no where for the Darwinist to hide in this regard. Since Evolution rejects the Creator, it embraces a non-scientific, never demonstrated idea that dead matter creates living matter. Period.


Evolutionary support for abiogenesis is a screaming testimony to the madness of cults and their myths. Abiogenesis rejects science and is firmly in the realm of fiction. Yet Atheists and Darwinists call themselves 'rational'. That is laughable.


From dead matter to Hussein Obama, is a very long journey indeed. Time, chaos, and mutations which 99% of the time are neutral or degrading, somehow, magically, through pixie dust and Darwin's fiction writing, created the great man Obama, from star dust. And the textbooks call this 'science'.


The major links in the dead matter-to-man theory would include inter-alia, the following fantastical 'evolutions':


  • Evolution of simple molecules into complex molecules,

  • Evolution of complex molecules into simple organic molecules,

  • Evolution of simple organic molecules into complex organic molecules,

  • Eventual Evolution of complex organic molecules into DNA or similar information storage molecules,

  • Evolution of the first cells

  • Evolution of single cells into complex cells

  • Development of body plans, organs, brains, etc. in these complex cell agglomerations

  • Concomitant development of vegetative life and complex processes like photosynthesis, the oxygen cycle, the carbon cycle

  • Random establishment of perfect climatic and chemical conditions to allow life to flourish 


Just forming a 'simple' cell would thus involve multi-millions of links, all which either are missing or unknown. Evolutionists offer no proof whatsoever, that the above list could plausibly arise from dead matter, in a soupy pond, with the creation of complex nano-technology and DNA software resulting from time and chaos.  


Consider the Protein.


No molecule or chain of molecule in nature, nor any created by man, can compete with proteins. None. Proteins are unique, complex, and so well-designed that it is impossible, given mathematical calculations around probability, they could arise by chance. Indeed every single Evolutionary experiment to create just 1 protein ex-nihilo has failed. The Miller-Urey fraud of 1953, in a contrived Lab produce a few dead amino acids. But a protein string is on average a syntactic functional structure of 150 amino acids, left handed, selected from 20 base amino acids, held together by peptide bonds, manufactured by ribosomes. The chance that a manufacturing process arose by randomness is less than zero. And humans have 2 million, perhaps as many as 10 million proteins – we don't even know the number. Consider:


  • Proteins are 'made' by genes in the cell.

  • The average human gene consists of 3000 bases, but sizes vary greatly, with the largest known human gene being dystrophin at 2.4 million bases.

  • The total number of human genes is estimated at 30,000.

  • The human genome has some 3 billion DNA base pairs. Except for mature red blood cells, all human cells contain a complete genome!


The magnitude of the above is daunting. We need genes, DNA, RNA, Ribosomes and 'plans' or templates to create proteins. It is even worse for Evolutionists. Proteins change, responding to cellular signals. The Proteome or constellation of proteins within a cell is dynamic, replying to tens of thousands of intra- and extracellular environmental signals. This means that a protein's chemistry and its associated utility will be informed by the gene sequence and by the number and functionality of other protein's, made in the same cell, at the same time, which it has a relationship with. This nano-technology and set of interdependencies cannot arise by chance. Just as software code in which you 'pass' parameters from one object to the next, to affect state and induce an action, are coded and designed, so too quite logically, must nano-complexity be coded and designed.

The chance of functioning proteins – some 2 million or more – which are discrete software entities 'arising by chance' in a soupy pond, or 'evolving' by magic randomness as the creature searches for 'competitive advantage', impelled by 'natural selection', is not science, but mindless rhetoric.





Evolution's ignorance of science, bio-chemistry and math is profoundly disturbing

Systems don't evolve, it is all or nothing.

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When you read Evolutionary theology, for example, 'The Origins of Species', or the decidedly racist and supremacist, 'Descent of Man', both by Darwin; you are impressed by the lack of science. No rigorous experiments are cited. No replicable observations-hypothesis setting and calibrated work is referenced. No detailed scientific, mathematical or even logical disposition is given, supporting the claim of abiogenesis, 'evolving species', or even more specifically, the 'natural selection' of the human eye [which must connected to the nervous system and brain – both highly complicated systems with hundreds of components].


Darwin admitted the logical absurdity of a complex organ like the eye being formed using time, chaos, and mutations [which kill they don't add information, visit a radiation clinic treating cancer patients for more detail]. There is not one single example of chaos, time or software degradation producing complexity, design and quality. Not one. It would be as if did no maintenance on the millions of lines of software code which runs its massive e-commerce site, and somehow, magically the site added new functionality, new pages, new products and new innovations – all through 'striving', 'naturally selecting', or some other rhetorical device. The opposite would happen – the site would collapse without constant repair and re-design by humans.


Evolution has never explained the eye. No mechanism, no path, no logical explanation has ever been tendered by the cult of Darwin which even begins to explain how something like the human eye could have been produced by time, chance, natural selection and mutation. The same is true of every other organ, system and components one finds in the human body. All of these systems are not only elaborate and sophisticated; but inter-dependent. So what came first, the blood or the heart ? Glucose or insulin ? The eye or the nervous system ? The nervous system or the brain ?


Are you really going to argue that the heart 'evolved' into being, whilst concomitantly, blood appeared, including red blood cells, insulin and other complexities ? What is the mathematical chance that such a process or set of processes to be more accurate, occurred not only in one person, but also in a mate in the same locality ?

For a human baby to survive, all of the systems need to be in place. Hence the long gestation period of the human embryo. The systems include the nervous, digestive, excretory, circulatory, skeletal, muscular and an immune systems. All of these systems must be present or the baby dies. Logically, it stands to reason, that all of these systems must be in operation at the same time and present during the embryonic development. Logically, there is no possibility whatsoever, that within the embryo, you would have 'evolving' complexity. It is all or nothing.


Consider just the reproductive system. This complex set of moving parts and interdependencies, is according to the cult of evolution, 'slowly evolving' over millions of years. Does that make any sense ? How would the 'evolving creature' reproduce if the system is chaotically forming by 'natural selection' over millions of years ? Who do they mate with ? What systems does the mate have ? Why would 'natural selection' coincidentally 'evolve' reproductive systems, at the same time, in precisely the perfect way, to allow mating between male and female ? What is the mathematical chance of this occurring ? We can calculate this impossibility across all species. The mathematical chance that all species would randomly evolve 2 sets of reproductive systems, at exactly the same time, and 'evolve' them in lockstep over 'millions of years' is less than winning the lottery every single day for 1000000 years. It did not happen.


Appealing to mutations is like appealing to little green men, or 'science'. Mutations kill they don't add value. In one experiment 1500 generations of fruit flies were bombarded with radiation and chemicals. The generated mutations were negative. The flies did not 'evolve' into pterodactyls or sparrows. In fact the majority of flies became freaks, and died, or could not mate and simply vanished. [Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation (Volume 1) , Dennis R. Petersen, Christian Equippers Ministries, Calfornia, 1987, page 84]. Mutations kill, which is why cancer treatment is so painful and results in the loss of functionality for the patient.


Mutations obviously conform to science – namely, the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics. All systems fail. All software degrades. All complex systems fall into simpler sub-components. The opposite law is also true. Chaos produces nothing. Chance produces chaos. Complexity does not arise from chaos or time. My cat will still be a cat and his progeny 4 billion years hence, would still be cats. They don't mate with dogs, fish, or monkeys. There is no 'intermediate' species between the squirrel and my cat. My cat is simply a cat. Fully formed, functional, with all or nothing software.


It is either ignorance or mendacity, or both, to propose mutations as the magic secret sauce to take pond scum, to a screaming mad climate professor, spitting about a trace chemical necessary for life. There is no science to rhetoric.

Bananas and Chimps are the same as humans! So says the 'science' [fiction].

Fiction, lies, story telling and pretty pictures, are not science.

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According to 'science', chimps and humans share 98% of DNA similarity. According to 'science', humans share 50% chromosomal similarity with bananas. What came first the banana or the banana-eating chimp ? Both claims are junk of course with no basis in real science. But they are used by the secular media, education and cult of science establishments to push their agendas. Lies are now the truth. Fraud is now science [see globaloneywarming].
In the Evolutionary fairy tale humans began to diverge, through 'natural selection' [selecting from what, how and why?]; from apes or chimps some 5-6 million years ago, becoming a new species about 1 million years ago. Within the Evolution time line of billions [soon to be trillions], of years, this is a remarkably compressed time-line. This constrains the cult's 'science'. Somehow, magically, the billions of letters of software code or DNA difference, between chimps and humans, has to be arranged quickly, effectively and completely. Since this is impossible [see below], the story-telling with pretty pictures takes over. For instance we hear constantly that chimps and the hairless human ape, are 98 % similar. But how ?
Consider some bio-chemical facts:
  • Chimp and human Y chromosomes are radically different, and there is no more than a 70% similarity at best, a huge difference in operating system, software and coding logic.
  • There are about 35 million single-letter differences between chimps and humans, a huge number of short insertions and deletions, and thousands of genomic rearrangements. Under evolutionary theory, they have to account for these in just a few hundred thousand generations, in 7 million years at the most.
  • If you randomly take sections of the chimpanzee sequencing data and try to find matches in the human genome, and vice versa, you will find less than 90% similarity. And, many sections of the chimpanzee genome simply do not exist in humans. Claiming that chimps and humans are the same, based on sampling raw material [DNA, chromosomal arrangement], is as insipid as doing the same between a VW car and a jet airliner and declaring that both use the same materials, both are therefore the same, and ergo, the jet airliner, evolved from the VW. 
In fact most of the genomic mapping and comparison between chimps and humans is not even close to being finished.
The original 98% claim was based on a false study from 1975 in which DNA was taken from a chimp and a human, put into 2 separate test tubes, light was passed through them, and the colouration of the material noted and compared. Other studies have used this as a baseline [again, a predisposition and bias, which is not a part of science]. Some studies put the similarity at less than 70% - which would constitute billions of software coding differences.
Darwin's cult and its claims are thus hardly rigorous, nor is it proof of much of anything. It would not explain the vast differences in software, cognition, organ development, consciousness or other obvious dissimilarities between chimps and humans. In fact the software differences between the 2 species is so vast, that real science has not hardly even bothered to take up the challenge of cataloguing them, preferring myths, lies and fables to push their own agendas.
Junk DNA is an example, with the cult of Darwin now deeply disappointed that 97% of DNA which does not encode, nevertheless plays a vital role in cell and human development, negating the belief of non-science, that Junk DNA somehow was proof of past DNA changes, or mutations which add no value, from ape to man. Junk DNA is of course nothing of the sort, being vital software and operating system logic in embryonic development and in epi-genetic functionality. Our ignorance should not blind us to reality. That is not what science is supposed to be about. Stating that you are similar to a banana or a banana-eating chimp is secular theology not science. It is religious.

Evolution's Fantasy world. A pagan religion, not a science.

Contradicting all known science does not make the cult scientific.

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Scientists Henry Morris and Martin E Clark, provide trenchant and rather frightening critiques of the Evolutionary theological fraud. Evolution is no more science, than its related claim that dead matter, or nothing, gave rise to everything. Yet the virign birth of matter, energy, the universe itself, is scientifically impossible. It contradicts the first law of thermodynamics. Mutations and the mythical natural selection [from what, why and how?] contradicts the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, as does the fable that mutations enhance, change and improve. 99.9% of mutations are either negative [disease, entropy] or at best neutral.


As a philosophy Evolution is an amoral evil, leading directly to Atheist-Fascist concepts embedded in Nazism, Communism, or moral relativism. Indeed the Nazis gassed 5 million Catholics, and wiped out the Evangelical church by 1937, and the Catholic by 1942 [neither Church has ever recovered in Germany]. In Russia, 10.000 Churches were pulled down, Christianity outlawed, hundreds of thousands of Christians or 'dissenters and traitors', were sent to the Gulags to die.


'Evolution teaches that “creation” is continually being accomplished by nature’s evolutionary processes, but the most basic law of science, the law of energy conservation, states that nothing is now being created of destroyed. Evolution teaches that there is a universal process of development and increasing order and complexity in the universe, but the second law of thermodynamics (which is a basic law of nature, with no exceptions known) states that all systems tend to become disordered and simpler. All things tend to grow old, wear out, run down, and die. Evolution involves universal change “upward,” whereas the real processes of nature involve a universal change “downward.” The concept of special creation of all the basic “kinds” of plants and animals, with provision for ample variation within the kinds, is much more in accord with the actual facts and laws of science than is the speculative philosophy of universal evolutionary development. Thus, evolution is not really a science but a religious philosophy....'


'….that practically all mutations (even leading evolutionists acknowledge this to be true of at least 99.9 percent of all known mutations) are harmful, rather than helpful, in the supposed struggle for existence. Mutant varieties thus almost always die out if left to themselves, or else revert back to the ancestral types.'


'….evolution is actually a complete worldview, an explanation of origins and meanings without the necessity of a personal God who created and upholds all things.'


'..evolutionary philosophy is the intellectual basis of all the anti-Christian and anti-God systems that have plagued mankind for centuries. It served Hitler as the rationale for Nazism and Marx as the supposed scientific basis for communism. It is the basis of the various modern methods of psychology and sociology that treat man merely as a higher animal and which have led to the mis-named “new morality” and ethical relativism.'


Convincing yourself that virgin births of the universe, energy and matter, leads ineluctably to DNA and RNA being formed in a soupy pond, which then starts a process of 'change', leading from pond scum to Moslems cutting the head off a priest in Rouen France, is to put it diplomatically, idiotic. It might serve as a pagan touchstone of belief. It might fill the great void of materialist dialectics that so enthralls the 'intellectual'. It does not address scientific reality and in fact, it contradicts the most basic laws of thermodynamics and bio-chemistry.


'Scientists' cannot even change one enzyme into another – not one single experiment has ever changed one enzyme into another functioning string of amino acids. Not one. Yet we are told, that the virgin birth of everything from nothing is 'science', and that algae, 'mutated' into tulips and then teachers. How utterly ridiculous and embarrassing.

Evolution offends the basic laws of Physics and Thermodynamics

No science, just lots of rhetoric and hand waving.

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Evolution offends the following laws of science math and common sense. Take thermodynamics.


2nd Law of Thermodynamics

This states that all systems descend into entropy and disorder. ALL. Science fiction cult of Evolution celebrity Isaac Asimov admitted this:

"Another way of stating the second law then is: 'The universe is constantly getting more disorderly!'" Viewed that way we can see the second law all about us. We have to work hard to straighten a room, but left to itself it becomes a mess again very quickly and very easily. Even if we never enter it, it becomes dusty and musty. How difficult to maintain houses, and machinery, and our own bodies in perfect working order: how easy to let them deteriorate. In fact, all we have to do is nothing, and everything deteriorates, collapses, breaks down, wears out, all by itself - and that is what the second law is all about." [In the Game of Energy and Thermodynamics You Can't Even Break Even, Isaac Asimov, Smithsonian Institute Journal, June 1970, page 6.]


Lord Kelvin who formulated this fact based on very good scientific reasons said about the cult of Atheism;

"Overwhelming strong proofs of intelligent and benevolent design lie around us ... the atheistic idea is so non-sensical that I cannot put it into words."


Indeed. Today ignorance is science.


Evolution cult members will counter by stating that the Earth is an 'Open System' [more rhetoric, the peasants should be amazed they exclaim!], but so what. An open system for the cult means that magical 'energy' will somehow arrest entropy and restructure everything by random chance !  There is no science whatsoever, to this idea. Pouring sunlight onto my dead cat, who already possesses the cells and body plan and intricate machinery of a once living cat, does not bring the pet back to life.


Adding sunlight or energy does nothing and it certainly does not negate the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics. Your house, your body, your car, your cat, your eyes, your life, your pegonias, all will succumb to the law of entropy. In fact if you add energy to dead material it will simply make the decomposition occur more quickly – try it yourself, and leave meat rotting in a hot sun.


Dr. John Ross of Harvard, says:

"… there are no known violations of the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Ordinarily the second law is stated for isolated systems, but the second law applies equally well to open systems. …" [Chemical and Engineering News, John Ross, July 7, 1980, p40; cited in Duane Gish, Creation Scientists Answer their Critics Institute for Creation Research, 1993.]


Do evolutionary-cult member text books mention this law in connection with their theology ?


First Law of Thermodynamics:

Maybe Evolutionists need to meet Louis Pasteur whose experiments in 1862 disproved abiogenesis. Being 150 years behind science is a mental deformation. Living matter cannot arise from dead matter. Period. This is the first Law of Thermodynamics – matter and energy will only come from matter and energy. This Law also makes a mockery of Evolution's inane theory, captured in the science fiction writing of Stephen Hawking [does he actually say or write anything?], that the universe, self-created. This is ridiculous. My car did not self create and it is a micro-nano fraction of the complexity of the universe. 


Even a biology textbook admits this fact, though many just avoid the topic:

    "As we have seen, the life of every organism comes from its parents or parent. Does life ever spring from non-living matter? We can find no evidence of this happening. So far as we can tell, life comes only from life. Biologists call this the principal of biogenesis." [Modern Biology Teacher's Edition, Holt, Rinehardt and Winston Publishers, USA, 1977, page 19.]


Darwin cult members will moan that they are not abiogenesis believers. But they have to be. Their theology is naturalism. Everything arose from accidents, luck and mutations which only degrade [see 2nd Law of Thermodynamics]. The universe self-created, all life magically self-formed, and the complexity of the 2 million existing species [and the 98 million extinct], was due to random variations in mutated genetic code, along with ancient myths such as 'survival of the fittest' [whatever that means], or 'natural selection' [from what, why and how?].


Maybe it was survival of the luckiest, fastest or smartest, who had the best software, programmed into their embryonic development from the beginning. You can't change the software genomic material in an embryo. Evolutionists apparently don't understand the basic process of cell division and embryological development.


Evolution's magic friend mutations does not support its theology

Basic genetics disproves the cult of Darwin

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Francois Jacob who won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1965, wrote, "Evolution does not produce novelties from scratch. It works on what already exists, either transforming a system to give it new functions or combining several systems to produce a more elaborate one."
DNA is software. Claiming, as the cult of evolution does, that software somehow magically changes or 'mutates' into new forms is crass ignorance. The only change in state for software is degradation – unless you apply maintenance to the code base [as indeed DNA does, in autopoesis, or self-repair]. Changes to the existing state of software or DNA degrade, they do not add value. Further, there is no known mechanism to change DNA software during the embryological process. This means that humans will mate with, and produce, only humans. There are no 'hybrid' varieties or mixtures. Apes for example, cannot by magic, be turned into humans. Basic software and embryological knowledge makes this clear.
Evolution's magic trick: mythical mutations
Evolution states the following as science:
On rare occasions a mutation in DNA can improve a single creature's ability to survive, or be more 'competitive', thereby granting it more opportunity to reproduce. This is called natural selection.
This is scientific hokum. Every creature's body plan is made up of a complexity of intricate parts, software and technology. Imagine your computer which has 'mutations' in its operating system. None of the other components would work if the OS was impacted and they certainly would not become fitter. Your machine would be inoperable. The exception is when you patch it, using your own [or an online] design pattern, a created piece of software code which upgrades the OS or patches security. This is however, the exact opposite of random chance mutations.
According to Evolution's mythical natural selection, a whole series of beneficial mutations must occur by random chance, at the same time, in order to effect a complete change in the part of the body plan in question. For example the entire eye must appear, in some form, in order to be of any use and garner 'competitive advantage'. It is simply ridiculous to state that a creature would magically produce half an eye, or a retina and cornea which were not connected to the nervous system. This change would not be beneficial and would not help the creature. The mathematical chance that all of the complexity of just the eye, arose by chaos and luck is of course, less than zero. Thousands of chance mutations would need to be involved.
Lysenko theology:
Some Darwin cult members still believe that you 'respond to the environment' and that these changes get passed on. This is more bunk. Certainly humans do respond to the environment, through the epi-genetic layer within genome for example. However, this means little. Only changes to the software within the reproductive (germ) cells of an animal or plant would be passed on to next generations of course. If my skin or eye changes shape or color [I become blind, my skin is burnt in a fire], these changes to my cellular software will not be passed on into my reproductive cells. If I were to imitate an ape for 50 years, hunched over, dragging knuckles on the ground, and letting my hair grow, this would not mean that my progeny would be 'ape like'. It would mean I suffer from acute mental illnesses and any progeny would still be fully human.



Evolution-denying the decomposition of DNA with magic hand-waving

They have no idea how Dinosaur DNA could survive 76 million years.

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DNA decomposes. It is organic. It has to. But not if you are an evolution cult member. Than by pure magic, random chance, and 'mutations' perhaps, DNA stays alive for 75 million years ! Just trust the scientists. They know everything !


'An open-access paper in Geology documents the existence of DNA in ocean sediments up to 1.4 million years old in their dating scheme. The DNA appears to be from chloroplasts from algae, such as diatoms (abbreviated cpDNA). There’s less of it in the deeper sediments from two cores drilled into the seafloor in the Bering Sea, but it never disappears, even in the deepest sections. [Note: Ma = million years, ka or k.y. = thousand years.] ….


The Allentoft paper is open access and measured the DNA half-life in Moa bones to be 521 years. That these earlier finds were “at odds with the current understanding of DNA preservation” motivated their own work. Yet from measuring cpDNA from these cores, they had to conclude that “the preservation of fossil cpDNA over geological time” must be reconsidered. The fact that the DNA does decrease with depth shows that decay does occur. Why, then, would the decay basically stop at some “inflection point”? “At our sites, this inflection occurs at ca. 100–200 ka [ka = thousand years], suggesting that after this point, fossil DNA does not appear to interact at an appreciable rate with enzymes or cells found in this sediment.” Why? They have no idea. In conclusion, they say:


Plankton DNA in marine sediment decays over geologic time (e.g., Boere et al., 2011b). At our Bering Sea sites, the majority of cpDNA sequences disappear within the first 100–200 k.y., but traces are present in sediment of every age sampled (as old as 1.4 Ma). Some of these cpDNA reads match siliceous microfossil taxa previously identified in the same sedimentary sequences, suggesting that microfossils may help to preserve DNA. This persistence of a small relative fraction beyond 1 Ma suggests that residual cpDNA becomes increasingly recalcitrant with increasing sediment age. These results highlight both (1) the potential of fossil DNA for paleoecology studies, and (2) its relative isolation from the biogeochemical processes driven by active subseafloor microbiota.


They know DNA decays. Even if it is relatively isolated from biogeochemical processes, it should still decay. References to some unknown process of “recalcitrance” amounts to mere hand-waving. Here is an anomaly calling for explanation.'


Coming up with the rhetoric of 'recalcitrance' to preserve organic material is not science. The so -called proof that the magicians of evolution use, namely, plankton DNA do not lend themselves to Dino DNA for example, nor are they even sensible and repeatable observations or experiments. And in any event, they clearly state themselves that almost all of the DNA disappears within 200.000 years. So tell us again how soft Dino tissue and DNA lasts 76 million years ?



Great French Mathematician Schützenberger, knew Darwinism was a false idol

He used math, logic and technological sophistication to batter the myths of Evolution.

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One of the most influential French mathematicians in the past 100 years was Marcel-Paul Schützenberger [1920-1996], and he was a Darwin Doubter. In fact he was publicly quite antagonistic to the cult of evergreens-became-the-screaming-mad climate 'expert'. He also specialized in complex nano-technology and mathematical computer simulations, merged together into something termed 'Combinatorics'. He knew that neither math nor technology could possibly support the outrageous tales made by the cult of Darwin.

For example, Schützenberger, stated that his use of mathematics “in the overall assessment of evolutionary thought has been encouraged by the biologists themselves, if only because they presented such an irresistible target”. [Interview with Schützenberger, M.P., Marcel-Paul Schützenberger: the miracles of Darwinism, Origins & Design 17(2):10–15, 1996; p. 10. See also Eden, M., Heresy in the Halls of Biology—Mathematicians Question Darwinism, Scientific Research, November 1967, p. 59]

Schützenberger's work supported the now obvious and confirmed conclusion that random mutations consistently produce degeneration, not progress. In fact not one single positive mutation can be named by the Darwinists. In an online catalogue of mutations, no entry exists for positive mutations, cited by Darwinists as changes in the genomic code to take a flat worm, to a fat man. In the 1966 Wistar Symposium held at the University of Pennsylvania the Darwin Doubters:

“ … brought together a collection of renowned … scientists … . At that meeting Marco became one of the first distinguished scientists in the world to point out that a theory of evolution that depends on uniformly randomly occurring mutations cannot be the truth because the number of mutations needed to create the speciation that we observe, and the time that would be needed for those mutations to have happened by chance, exceed by thousands of orders of magnitude the time that has been available.” [Wilf, H., In Memoriam: Marcel-Paul Schützenberger (1920–1996), Electronic J. Combinatorics 3(1):1, 1996]

During this conference Schützenberger alongside MIT professor Murray Eden, gave a cogent presentation of evidence explaining that mathematical probabilities against neo-Darwinism are not only enormous, but rather impossible. He concluded that, as a result of the discovery of genetic coding, scientists have realized that genes are:

“ … like a word composed in the DNA alphabet; such words form the genomic text. It is that word that tells the cell to make this or that protein. Either a given protein is structural, or a protein itself works in combination with other signals given by the genome to fabricate yet another protein.” [interview quoted above]


In spite of academic inertia and submission to Darwinism, Schützenberger asked the obvious questions such as:

“ … with so few elementary instructions, … fabricate objects that are so marvelously complicated and efficient? This property with which they are endowed—just what is its nature? Nothing within our actual knowledge of physics and chemistry allows us intellectually to grasp.' [Schützenberger, M., Algorithms and the neo-Darwinian theory of evolution; in: Moorehead, P.S. and Kaplan, M.M. (Eds.), Mathematical Challenge to the Neodarwinian Theory of Evolution, Wistar Institute Symposium, Philadelphia, PA, p. 73, 1967]

“ … explain how to match blueprints viewed as typographic objects and the things they are supposed to control. The only example we have of such a situation (apart from the evolution of life itself) is the attempt to build self-adapting programs by workers in the field of artificial intelligence. Their experience is quite conclusive … without some built-in matching, nothing interesting can occur. Thus … there is a considerable gap in the neo-Darwinian theory of evolution, and we believe this gap to be of such a nature that it cannot be bridged within the current conception of biology.' [ibid]


Genomic or gene products must transmit signals that affect how individual cells differentiate and act. Such signals also must interact with each other during embryological development. Why would a human embryo, going from 1 cell to 100 Trillion, 'pass through' reptilian and fish 'stages. Human DNA code is completely unlike that of fish or reptiles. Embryonic code cannot be changed during the cell division and genomic gestation process.


Within human development as Schützenberger pointed out, the cell’s many types of signaling molecules, such as hormones and cytokines, influence each other to form networks of coordinated systems that interact in ways similar to how circuit boards are designed to achieve complex integrated circuits.

Research on gene regularity networks has determined that to build a new animal design from a pre-existing one by mutation and selection requires altering the pre-existing developmental gene regulatory network. This requires hundreds of coordinated mutations, and Davidson’s work has shown that this much alteration inevitably causes catastrophic consequences. In other words mutations kill, they don't add value. Davidson, following on from Schützenberger, writes that since mutations in early development:

“ … are always catastrophically bad, flexibility is minimal, and since the subcircuits are all interconnected, the whole network partakes of the quality that there is only one way for things to work. And indeed the embryos of each species develop in only one way.” [Erwin, D. and Davidson, E., The evolution of hierarchical gene regulatory networks, Nature Reviews: Genetics 10:141–148, 2009]

Schützenberger used math, logic, common sense and software to destroy Evolution. The only conclusion one can reasonably have about Darwin's cult, is that its cult adherents are completely ignorant of the same.


Evolution, Embryos and Cult of Science fraud

Science again committing fraud and deceit, plus ca change...

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The cult of science.


In every science textbook since the late 1800s has been the iconic and fraudulent, embryo drawings – crude, false, purposefully misleading – by Darwinian zealot Ernst Haeckel, yet another scientist who committed fraud [a shocking surprise]. In 1997 embryologists reluctantly published real photographs comparing various animal embryological developments with that of the human, and of course, they look nothing alike. However, the 'cult of science' and those mandarins of education, supreme, omniscient, benign, and worthy, continue to push the Haeckel fraud. Just another example of corrupt science, forcing a theology – evolution – onto the gullible and young.


The cult of 'science' and Darwin are still pushing the embryo fraud today, a direct violation of both real science, and the purpose of education. Education is meant to teach and challenge, not indoctrinate.


In his 2000 book Icons of Evolution, Jonathan Wells reviewed ten then-current biology textbooks for their treatment of what Dr. Wells calls the "icons" of evolution, well-known lines of evidence commonly used to support evolution...Now, in 2011, we present an updated 2011 textbook review that applies Wells's evaluation criteria to 22 recent biology textbooks, all published since 2005... 

This 2011 textbook evaluation also adds two new icons that have grown in popularity over the past decade. A series of fossils purportedly showing the evolution of whales from land mammals is now presented uncritically in many biology textbooks as an alleged "poster child" for macroevolution. Another new icon is "junk" DNA, with some textbooks claiming that noncoding DNA is functionless junk.

Read “(Not) Making the Grade: An Evaluation of 22 Recent Biology Textbooks and their Use of Selected Icons of Evolution”, in its entirety, here.


Junk science is not science, but fiction and propaganda.



Human embryology disproves the Cut of Evolution

No, you don't recapitulate your fish-to-reptile ancestors in the womb.....

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In the Evolution fairy tale, DNA software code magically changes. Species and kinds within species, somehow due to fairy dust and the Gods of time, chance and those magical mutations, extend, change, or customize their software code, during the embryonic process to transform the unborn into another kind, or at least, a missing link in the drift toward another kind. This has never been observed in the real world and it defies common sense.


Consider a human female who is pregnant. The child has 46 chromosomes, 23 each from both parents. During the embryonic process, this software template, which miraculously takes a zygote to 100 trillion cells of complexity, is never changed or injected with new code. Never. It matters not if the 'environment' is cold, warm, wet, hot, freezing, mild or unpleasant. It matters not if the parent deeply wishes wings, fins, 4 eyes, or 6 ears for the newborn.


The code is the code, and it does not change within the embryonic process. Further, species in kind, only mate with their own kind. There is no evidence at all, that dogs will mate with cats, birds with squirrels, or bears with fish. Grolars or grizzly polar bear combinations are simply bears mating within their kind. This is true of coyote-wolf mixtures, or wild dogs mating with domesticated dogs. Far from proving evolution, these in-kind 'species' actually disprove it.


And no, Haeckel's fraud of 'Recapitulation', proven as fraud in 1874, which purports to map out the embryological development of the human fetus replicating its fish to reptile ancestry, is again not proof of evolution, but certainly proof against it. 'Science' lying? Perish the thought...


"To support his case he [Haeckel] began to fake evidence. Charged with fraud by five professors and convicted by a university court at Jena, he agreed that a small percentage of his embryonic drawings were forgeries; he was merely filling in and reconstructing the missing links when the evidence was thin, and he claimed unblushingly that hundreds of the best observers and biologists lie under the same charge."—*Michael Pitman, Adam and Evolution (1984), p. 120.


". . ontogeny recaptitulates phylogeny, meaning that in the course of its development [ontogeny] an embryo recapitulates [repeats] the evolutionary history of its species. This idea was fathered by Ernst Haeckel, a German biologist who was so convinced that he had solved the riddle of life's unfolding that he doctored and faked his drawings of embryonic stages to prove his point."—*William R. Fix, The Bone Peddlers: Selling Evolution (1984), p. 285.


"[The German scientist, Wilhelm His] accused Haeckel of shocking dishonesty in repeating the same picture several times to show the similarity among vertebrates at early embryonic stages in several plates of [Haeckel's book]."—*Stephen Jay Gould, Ontogeny and Phylogeny (1977), p. 430.


Basic human embryology disproves Evolution:

Top of the picture, is Haeckel's fraud. At the bottom is what a real embryo looks science here for the Evolution cult, just lots of rhetoric....



Political Science and the cut of Scientism

No science but metaphysics and story telling.

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Scientism and the cult of 'peer review' and money seeking [you approve mine and I will approve yours!]


Drummond Rennie a peer review expert knows that peer review is a joke, writing in Nature, he pleads to “make peer review scientific”. Peer review is corrupt and all about getting published and accessing money.


Peer review is touted as a demonstration of the self-critical nature of science. But it is a human system. Everybody involved brings prejudices, misunderstandings and gaps in knowledge, so no one should be surprised that peer review is often biased and inefficient. It is occasionally corrupt, sometimes a charade, an open temptation to plagiarists. Even with the best of intentions, how and whether peer review identifies high-quality science is unknown. It is, in short, unscientific.

A long time ago, scientists moved from alchemy to chemistry, from astrology to astronomy. But our reverence for peer review still often borders on mysticism. For the past three decades, I have advocated for research to improve peer review and thus the quality of the scientific literature. Here are some reflections on that winding, rocky path, and some thoughts about the road ahead.


Rennie is right about alchemyAlchemy discovered many elements, led directly to chemistry and improved experimentation around the manipulation of chemical substances. It was a necessary precursor to modern chemistry. As he states however, one cannot say the same about the modern cult of science and the nonsense around peer review.


Corrupt models yet again [see globaloneywarming]:


...neuroscientists have relied on functional MRI imaging (fMRI) to draw inferences about the brain. Patients have been asked questions and told to engage in mental activities while scientists watched areas light up on their brain scans. Too bad researchers didn’t know the software was buggy when they wrote up their results. A new study published on PNAS finds that possibly 70% of the research published in the last quarter century is flawed. “These results question the validity of some 40,000 fMRI studies and may have a large impact on the interpretation of neuroimaging results,” they say. Science Daily reports, “Common statistical methods used to analyse brain activity through images taken with MRI scanners cannot be trusted.


So again software models and code are corrupt. Be thankful your DNA is not as bad as what the 'scientists' use.


Here again we can see the ignorance of the of Evolution. Evolution screams that 'bugs' or mutations are positive. They take the pond scum to the screaming-mad, globalist-poster-waving, climate professor. In reality they destroy. In software these 'bugs' will make the system inoperable over time, which is why firms spend so much time and money doing 'security patches'. You might have noticed this when windows shuts down your system for maintenance. Be thankful your body does not shut down when DNA repairs itself. Self repair does not occur by random chance. It has never been observed to occur randomly, nor can 'scientists' induce such processes, even in a lab.


Science, scientism, evolution, and the cult of death.


Conservatives are appalled at the rise of the “culture of death” in western countries (see articles by Wesley J. Smith at Evolution News & Views), but secular liberals—the same ones who love Darwinare all for it. True, Medical Xpress worried about the ethics of killing psychiatric patients, who might be vulnerable, but not about the policy itself. Here’s the shocking conclusion of a recent study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal: “Perhaps those who advocate for extending access to people with psychiatric disorders may be willing to tolerate a number of potentially avoidable premature deaths as acceptable because access to assisted dying is felt to be so important in principle. However, that argument must be made explicit and debated publicly.” Just tell the public, in other words, that you have to break some eggs to make an omelette.


The Nazis said the same.


The cult of science which purports to be rational is anything but. Today big science, funded by big government supports the following cult doctrines:


-Killing babies [murder of babies is called 'abortion', a meaningless term].


-Exterminating the old, the weak, the sick [called euthanasia, which sounds so benign, the Nazis and Communists did the same].


-Support sexual confusion and psychologically distressed sexual deviancies as homosexuality and transgendered theology.


-Plant food a trace chemical which falls out of climatic processes causing the same [follow the trillions of printed dollars which are at stake].


-A big bang which started the universe from nothing [it is impossible that nothing creates something and order does not erupt from chaos].


-DNA software code arising by chance in a soupy pond.


-Pond scum magically becoming a Moslem raping a white girl in Sweden.


-Soft Dino tissue lasting 78 million years due to 'iron' preservation.


-The perfect placement and size of the moon, due to a big rock chaotically hitting the earth and the resulting debris coalescing into the perfect spherical shape and size just the right distance from the earth.


-and one million other myths.....


Scientism is a cult that was used by the National Socialists [Nazis, were Atheist, Evolutionist, Socialist]; and their brethren the Communists [ibid]; to 'sell' their theologies. One of the reasons the Germans were such enthusiastic supporters of the Nazis was the general belief that science, reason and progress supported the Nazi claims of Evolutionary progress [survival of the fittest, genetic perfection]; and that the Germans were somehow the champions of science [read Evolution]. As Hitler said, Catholics must be killed for opposing science [he meant of course Darwinism, of which he was a devoted cult member].


It does appear that humans are truly ignorant of history.




Evolution cannot explain the formation of amino acids, DNA or RNA

And no, molecules don't magically 'self create and replicate' like Darwinian rhetoric assumes.

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Evolution is not scientific. It is science fiction, hailed as the epitome of rationalism. Basic biology, biochemistry and a crude understanding of nano-technology, would make it quite clear to an independent observer, that evolution is impossible.


In an opus Evidence for Creation, which attracts ad-hominems [creationist, Bible believer etc], but never attracts contrarian proof [observations, experiments, reality]; Henry Morris III identifies a long list of biological facts, that destroy evolution.


Evolution cannot, and never has really bothered to explain the following:


-Atmosphere is 21 % molecular oxygen, yet evolutionists maintain that the early earth had no oxygen [they need to do this to jump start protein formations]; however, without oxygen there is no ozone layer and thus no life on this plant [UV radiation from the Sun would annihilate all traces of life].


-Oxygen is necessary for life but 'free oxygen' would oxidize and destroy organic molecules required for the origins of life.  When coupled with the above fact, this presents quite a problem for Evolution origin of life true believers. 


-Even if the mythical and quite inane 'soupy pond' existed, and it was actually a soupy ocean, full of organic compounds, chemical thermodynamics and kinetics eliminates the possibility of lifeless, suspended particles forming anything.


-For example, in a soupy ocean teaming with organic compounds, you would have chaos, not structure, with literally hundreds of different kinds of amino acids randomly forming [which has never been observed and would not happen anyways]. There are 20 main amino acids in the creation of proteins. Biologically useless material would have swamped the useful.


-Amino acids in proteins are exclusively left-handed. This is the chirality problem for evolutionists and they have no answer [but lots of stories]. In a primitve soupy ocean, mathematics tells us that about half of all amino acids would not have been left-handed. If just one right handed amino acid is in a protein, all biological activity is destroyed.


-In the Darwin's cult 'soupy pond or ocean' of teeming organic compounds, there is no mathematical, scientific way to justify how only left-handed amino acids would have formed the first proteins. In fact a great variety of different compounds would have emerged and evolutionists cannot explain this dilemma.


-Molecular formation requires the input of a certain type of energy and a steady input of building blocks to form it. To make a protein, you need amino acids. If amino acids are dissolved in water, they do not spontaneously join to make a protein. That requires energy. If you dissolve a protein in water, the chemical bonds break, which releases energy – the opposite of what is needed.


-For an evolutionist in a lab to form proteins 'from nothing', he has to manufacture a made-up world. He must dissolve the amino acids in a solvent, then add a chemical which contains high energy bonds. This energy is transferred to the amino acids and forms the chemical bonds between the amino acids which releases hydrogen and oxygen to form water. This process is completely contrived and is impossible to occur in nature.


-A basic knowledge of biochemistry reveals that 'self replicating' DNA [software] or RNA [translation of software blueprints] is impossible. No molecule 'self replicates'. DNA and RNA are reliant on precise sugar molecule formations which have the same problems identified with amino acids. In other words, the nucleotides which make up DNA and RNA, would all suffer from the same issues presented with amino acids 'self replication' [in the case of DNA and RNA the sugar molecules must be right handed only].


-DNA, RNA, transfer RNA, and ribosomes are all destroyed by UV, reactive oxygen, alkylating agents, and water. Thus 'self replicating' DNA or RNA in Darwin's fantasy world of the soupy pond or ocean is impossible.


The cult of Evolution has no explanation for the above. It is therefore not a science, but a program of fantasy and rhetoric.


EUtopia's quite easy to predict collapse is finally starting to occur

Trans-national Socialism and Tyranny does not work.

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The failure of the European Socialist Experiment is obvious and it manifests itself in some shocking numbers:


-It is a completely unnatural union with very little real economic, business or trade pattern rationale stretching across 28 very different countries.


-Overall real unemployment is about 30%, and even higher amongst youth in many countries [Spain, Greece, Portugal, likely Italy].


-There has been no austerity aka budget cutting [just very marginal cuts in total spending, some billions out of collective budgets in the trillions]. No labor, market or capital reforms have been enacted to counteract tepid economic growth and high unemployment. This is a travesty.


-Average net wealth per head is far lower than in North America, about 30-50% lower.


-EU per capital debt is now 21.000 Euros per person and going quickly to 25.000, with Greece and some countries at 31.000 per person. It is essentially bankrupt.


-Living standards are far lower when compared to North America, along with GDP per capita [about 25% lower].


-Due to trade distortions and keeping out non EU products and services, the cost of foodstuffs and consumables is 20-30% higher than it should be.


-Common Agriculture Policy which protects French and German farmers, has resulted in prices for all agro-products being much higher than they should be.


-When you add in quotas on fishing, farming and restrictive regulations on the same, you have a food price crisis, with the average food bill some 2x higher than in North America.


-The Euro has gone from 1.68 to the US$ in 2008, to 1.10 now and will fall far below, 1$. This means that the real cost of living in the Eutopia will skyrocket yet again.


-Open borders and the Moslem invasion. By 2050 many German prognosticators predict that Turks and Moslems will be a majority in the Germany. This will be replicated across the Continent. What sentient person in the UK wants to be a part of a future Fascist Islamic Caliphate ?


Add in further doses of reality. Entire industries in the UK have been wiped out including; shipping, steel, farming, fishing and refining of many raw materials. EU regulations, quotas and taxes, have conspired to either limit British involvement [farming, fishing], or so completely distort trade and material flows as to make the industry uncompetitive [steel, ship building, refining]. Hundreds of thousands of UK jobs have been lost due to EU policy.


Layer on the socialist tyranny from Brussels, where unknown, unaccountable EU Commission members make 65% of national laws [Euro Parliament does not make the Laws]; and where the gross violations of trade and commerce are dictated from; and it is a wonder that the UK did not separate sooner than 2016. Not one single 'Remainer' in the UK can identify their MEP, nor how the EU works, its budget, or what CAP is. Voting to remain in a socialist tyranny, in a system you can't describe, nor even bother to understand, and which is being eviscerated by cultural Marxist and Islam, is simply an expression of ignorance, not 'internationalism'.


Exit the EUrinal - a socialist tyranny and immoral project

The EU destroys, it does not create.

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  • No one can name their MEP or how the EU works,
  • 4 Commission Presidents,
  • 50.000+ EuroCrats,
  • 10.000 Eurocats earning £200.000 or more;
  • 65% of laws in member states passed by the Eurocracy;
  • EU Parliament does not pass any legislation [it is passed through the Commission];
  • no accountability, no transparency;
  • regulations which kill the economy [fishing, agriculture, tariffs against non EU member trade flows];
  • for every £ 1 the EU spends locally [to buy very shrill and loud support], you pay them £2.30;
  • no democracy and certainly no freedom.

People who support the EU have no clue whatsoever how it works, nor can they name any part of the process that is transparent, understandable or even reasonable.

It is a top-down elitist socialist tyranny, designed very specifically to destroy national cultures, borders, and rights.

Brexit the Movie.