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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Islam, the State, the cult of Gay and Queer, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, 'Science', Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion....a nice variety for the human-hater, amoral, anti-rationalist to choose from.  It is so much fun mocking them isn't it ?

Tempus Fugit Memento Mori - Time Flies Remember Death 


Cultural Marxism - Recent Articles

Cult of the Unenlightened Enlightenment

Plenty of irrationality in the supposed 'age of reason'

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The Dark Ages of course never existed. Except in the fetid minds of Christian – haters and those opposed to the Church. Voltaire, Gibbon et al never created, built or manufactured a single item. Yet they are declared by their cult members as the intelligent ubermensch, bringing classical thought and light, back to a world rotted with the sick decayed corpus of a corrupt Church....the opposite is true of course.


Fat men in periwigs, strutting around in their diffident ignorance offered very little of value to the world, even in their domain of metaphysics.


Science did not suddenly 'evolve' by magic random chance in the 17th C. Newton and other Catholics did not spring out of the dirty, muddy ground and pronounce rootless, detached theorems ad novo. 2000 or more years of patient discovery, including the foundations of modern math and science long pre-date Newton, the Galileo myth, or the Atheist legends that only the godless discover 'truth'. Globaloneywarming and the fraud of Evolution are the results of such nonsense.


The Enlightenment, an English perversion of a word which once had meaning, was in reality an endless Protestant attack on the Church. It was not elevated, scientific or rational in many ways. This era resurrected abiogenesis, witch burnings, and historical revisionism. Men who wore eye glasses – a 13th c. Innovation – could find no value in what preceded them. Blindness finds many forms. In the name of the 'Enlightenment' thousands of properties across Europe were torn down, treasures looted, stolen and defaced; priceless artifacts cut down; thousands killed and in the name of politics and hunger for money, sundry wars created.


The unenlightened Enlightenment gave us the following:


-The free-will denying theologies of Luther and Calvin. No free will, no freedom, no markets, no civilization.


-The promotion of predestination, meaning that nothing you do in this life matters. This moral rot has seeped deep into the foundations of civilization.


-Rousseau, counter-rationalism, naturalism and the myth of the noble savage. This pagan theology that 'nature' in and of itself is superior, and that man is not the master but the slave of nature, is such childish nonsense and philosophical poison.


-Anti-science theologies ranging from Evolution and abiogenesis, to 'long ages of the earth', extraterrestrial life forms and a resurgence in astrology and magic.


-Phlogiston was declared to be the base element of the cell. It was disproven in 1774 by Lavoisier, but zealously promoted by 'scientists' during the 18th century.


-In the 19th century, Darwin, who never performed a single experiment to support algae to human evolution; accepted, along with most 'scientists'; that the single cell was a simple globule akin to jelly.


-The Enlightenment tore apart Europe and granted us the French Revolution and Napoleon, one of the greatest butchers and worst autocrats in history, whose bloody career killed millions, destroyed wealth and property and held back European development by at least 2 generations. The state was uber alles. The wise dictator an Enlightenment hero. See Fredrick the 'Great'.


-Marxism, Darwinism, Socialism, Communism, Nazism, and theological philosophies supporting the same ranging from the sick prostitute worshiping Nietzsche, to Lenin, Heidigger and the Frankfurt post-modern schools of the 1930s and 40s [cultural Marxism which is so rampant today]. All of these 'dialectical' theologies are irrational and immoral, but were sold based on their 'science'.


-Atheism, a theology of the unscientific and immoral which in the guise of Nazism and Communism murdered 150 million people.


--Flat earth societies which never existed in the Middle Ages [no one from the time of Christ thought that the earth was flat]; appear in the 19th century all over the developing world.  'Science' was used to prove [via sight lines usually along 'flat' bodies of water]; that the earth's curvature was a fiction.  


-Historical rewriting and ignorance. Voltaire and friends could not explain the engineering masterpieces named 'Gothic Cathedrals' for example; nor did they know much if anything about what predated them.


Of course in today's perverted, distorted world, if you criticize the Un-Enlightenment era, you are 'anti-rational'. As usual with these people the opposite of what they state is the truth. Yes one can highlight achievements – sundry and many – during the era 1650 to 1800. But they have precious little to do with 'Enlightenment thought', and more to do with individuals creating, innovating and getting on with life. One can say with historical veracity, that the achievements from 1650 to 1800 were smaller in comparison to what preceded that era; and were accomplished in spite of the decline in culture and reason.




The Post-Modern [Flat Earth] philosophy parading as science

Post modern theology is often-times the enemy of real science

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One aspect of the 19th century 'Flat Earth Society' movement was to attack the cult of Science. Already by 1850 'science' was bifurcating into sundry silos where only 'experts' drenched in a certain world-view were allowed to 'explain' to the hoi-polloi, the dirty mass, their existential philosophy which they named 'science'. A reaction against the divinity of science and naturalist-'wisdom', was the establishment of groups who purportedly believed that the earth was flat. For many inside these organizations, the main theme was not that they believed in a disc-shaped earth, but simply that they were revolting against the divine-right-to-rule, by 'scientists', whose own world-view oftentimes precluded anything resembling science.


Most of what is termed 'factual' or scientific is in reality a statement of a philosophy. I am always reminded that T Rex hemoglobin, soft tissue and supple sinews found in 2005, somehow need to be reframed within the Darwinian world-view that they are 65 million years old. They are not. The evidence is quite clear on that. Yet facts are ignored and philosophy inserted in analyzing said specimens.


Post-modernism, which traces its own roots back to the 'materialist-dialecticism' of Marx, Darwin, Atheism [as given by that execrable dunce David Hume]; of the 19th century, is deserving of nothing but contempt. What has this 'science' accomplished ? Not a single innovation or invention can be founded upon post-modern ideals. Evolution, atheism, materialism, socialism, communism, relativity – all of these post-modern shibboleths have retarded, not enhanced science. The academic cant and trivia, including the fraud of something like globaloneywarming, has nothing whatsoever to do with knowledge, investigation or 'truth'. It is about a world-view [materialism], and why anyone who denies the facts of this philosophy [evolution, warming, relativity]; must be a simpleton, who is in need of re-education or perhaps, a meeting with death.



An Australian philosopher back in 1982, one David Stove [Origins of a Post-Modern cult], wrote an entertaining book on the post-modern philosophy-stated-as-science fraud. He excoriates evolution [tulips to teachers etc.]; and dismembers the cult of Darwin, along with Karl Popper, Thomas Kuhn and other worthies of scientist philosophy who extol 'rational positivism' [post modern cults love rhetoric]. He exposes the verbiage, the excessive hyperbole, the certainties, and the tautologies, along with the irreducibly incoherent memes of the post-modernists. If you read Kuhn, Popper et al, their theories inevitably lead to the fact that science can not be used to produce or understand science. How then are post-modern 'facts' so 'certain' and 'inevitable'? Stove's books are also fun as well as elucidating. 

The Dark Age - the modern world and its cults.

Cultural Marxism and the hard of thinking....

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The nice thing about belonging to a cult, is that the cult's ideology explains everything. No thinking is involved. If one looks to explain why cultured people would support ideologies as evil, ridiculous, and fascistically intolerant as Nazism, Communism or Islam the answer is simple. Belonging to the cult removes thinking, marks the follower as superior, and replaces science, thought and energy, with lazy subservience. Why bother to think and act when the leadership will do it for me? So it goes with the Eco-Marxist cult.

Educated Germans supported Hiterlism for many reasons but one appeal was its inevitable superiority – based in large part on Evolutionary ideals. The great Nazi, dialectical race-based program was unstoppable, as long as the aryan race supported it, and the Nazi cult would expunge the 'bad genes' from the human race, carrying Evolutionary 'law' forward. Considering that Aryans were a race historically located in central Asia reveals the bathos of ignorance that most cults revel in. The German people ignored Nazsim's raging evil and twisted cultish nonsense in a bid for world superiority. There is little evidence that Hitlerism did not have the full support after 1936, of the German people.

With Communism and Islam the same can be said. Russian Communist imperialist ambition was part of a dialectical or inevitable process, where Communism would be the final stage of human organisation. This very weird idea had the full throated backing of literally hundreds of millions of people.

Islam is another bizarre cult, which like Nazism and Communism is drenched in lies, blood and hate. The pagan moon cult demands that the whole world submit to ritualised pre-7th century ideology, premised in part on rock worship. That any educated, sophisticated or mildly rational person would put up with such nonsense is rather depressing. Calling it a religion is an insult.

The Mother Earth Cult is little different in style, substance and threats, from other univeral cults. The only obvious difference is military power. Fascist paganisms such as Islam or Nazism or Communism, delight in murder, rape, war, and coercion. There is thankfully no military array [yet], behind the Eco-Marxist cult of Globaloney Warming. But state coericion is of course a very real, and quite destructive phenomenon.

State power is used in all sorts of ways to foster the Earth Mother cult onto unsuspecting populations. The Eco-cult follows a similar plan which can be found in Islam, Communism or Hitlerism. The only thing missing is a capital city, but surely at some point that too will arise. There will be in the near term, a city or an area set up as the pilgrimmage point for the Globaloney Warming fanatics. Perhaps it will be the UN building; maybe an Arctic ice floe [full of cuddly polar bears]; or maybe a large dump [reflecting more accurately the mental capacity of its membership]; but nonetheless the day will come when the UN, the EU and the US State Department ' the three glorious horsemen of the apocolypse ' announce a Global Warming capital.

Outside of the lack of a capital the rest of the cult's program is there.

Like all other cults the Eco-Earth mother cult, demands subservience to a bizarre idea and the prostration of its followers to that ideal, and most importantly to the cult's leadership. The Earth mother cult has its leadership in the form of politicians, eco-alarmist groups, government alarmist departments and the UN. Thankfully as of yet, the Eco-Earth cult does not yet have a Mecca, a new Berlin, or a Moscow from which to emanate their anti-modern drivel and spool. But surely that day will come.

We know we have a cult on our hands with the Mother Earth club, because this cult demands three things that any rational person should oppose. First, it uses government power and coercion to put forward ONE point of view on what MIGHT be happening inside a very complicated set of natural climate phenomena. No debate please.

Second, it uses government funded propaganda to brainwash the young and ceaselessly broadcast some sort of inevitability ['if we don't act now..!?'] and through the tax and subsidy system, to punish wrong doers [those outside the cult] and reward supporters [grants, loans, professorships, subsidies etc.].

Third, it is a program of universal 'spirituality', one described in terms of a religious duty. The pagan irrational nature of such a claim is obvious. Mother Earth and her cares, including her raging fever, must replace the modern world. Out with Francis Bacon and the scientific method. In with pagan shamanism and a stone age mentality.

Is the earth warming? No. In actual fact since 1998 the earth has gotten cooler. 2003 saw the worst winter on record for Russia and Eastern Europe. As Bjorn Lomberg in his book 'Cool It' states, about 150.000 people die of cold each year in Europe ' a rate which seems to increase, not decrease. 2007 saw some of the coldest and longest winters in recent memory in parts of North America and Eur-Asia. Antarctica is magically growing and is at its greatest girth in history. Greenland's warmest day was in 1941. The warmest summer on record in Britain was actually 1783. And so on.

Does Co2 cause temperature changes. No. There is no direct correlation between Co2 and anything. From 1945 to 1975 Co2 emissions went up and mean temperatures went down. Since 1900 satellite readings reveal that the average surface temperature has gone up by 1 C ' hardly alarming and certainly not outside of historical experiences. 12000 years ago the earth was in the deep freeze of an ice age. Magically it receded and the earth grew warmer. How did that happen? Human activity? Come on.

It is sheer madness that anyone believes that human activity which has activated a mild increase of a natural gas comprising maybe 4% of the total in the atmosphere, has somehow given Mother Earth a raging fever. Natural biomass emissions constitute 96% of total Co2 emissions. The blast of a volcano will spew more Co2 into the biosphere than human activity will emit in 1000 years.

Yet the cult persists. Destroying the modern world to feel good about yourself, or boost your ego, because you have no road map, spiritual program, or a low feeling of self worth is not very intelligent. Allowing companies, politicians, and lobby groups to make excessive profits feeding off of ignorance and fear is not moral. Lying about dying polar bears, hurricanes, ice sheets, weather patterns is criminal. Supporting such a cult of disinformers is, in the main, an abdication of reason.


Wise up. Cults should be fought and destroyed wherever they appear. If you want to help Mother Earth, then clean up your local rivers and land, and stop projecting inane and irrational abstractions onto the rest of society. If you are too lazy to actually do something to help the environment, then at least have the good sense to shut up and stay silent on something as irrational as the idea that Co2 is causing the end of the world. Being a cult member is not a badge of honour.