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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Islam, the State, the cult of Gay and Queer, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, 'Science', Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion....a nice variety for the human-hater, amoral, anti-rationalist to choose from.  It is so much fun mocking them isn't it ?

Tempus Fugit Memento Mori - Time Flies Remember Death 


Cult of Atheism - Recent Articles

The Atheist Creed. Church of the Holy Random Chance, Time and Mutations

What every Evolutionist must surely believe in.

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The Atheist Creed

We believe in one God the Father named Time,
and in almighty Random Chance,
Maker of all that is, seen and unseen. 


We believe in one Lord Mutation,
the only Son of Time,
eternally begotten of the Father,
Design from Chaos, Life from non-Life,
complex information from nothing,
begotten, not made, consubstantial with the Father. 


Through him all things were made. 

For us pond scum and for our salvation
Mutation came down from Darwin's heaven:
and by the Holy Spirit of Time was incarnate
in the Virgin Lucy, a 3 foot high bonobo chimp,
who made man. 


For the sake of evolving chimps, mutation was crucified under genetic laws;
he suffered death and was buried, and has stopped evolving


Yet every day he rises again
in accordance with the Evolutionary Scriptures;
and he has ascended into heaven
and is seated at the right hand of the Father. 


We believe Mutation will come again in glory  to judge the living and the dead,
and his kingdom of turning Tulips into Teachers will have no end. 


We believe in the Holy Spirit of Time, the Lord, the giver of life,
who proceeds from the Father and the Son. 


Who with the Father and the Son must be adored and glorified as science. 


Time has spoken through the Evolutionary Prophets. 


We believe in one holy Atheist and random chance, Church. 


We acknowledge one endless Evolutionary propaganda for the forgiveness of sins


And we look for the resurrection of positive mutations,
and the natural selection of the world to come.



Part 2: Illogical Atheism: A Comprehensive Response from a Lapsed Agnostic, Bo Jinn

No science, reason, free-will, morality, evidence, intelligence......

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In actual fact I would say atheism is a cult, which is quite different than a religion.

A previous review of Jinn's book against the mental vagaries and illusions of Atheism is here. Jinn is an atheist apostate, who underwent remediation treatment including reality, science, common-sense and morality, thus rejecting his former cult dogma. Some key insights into the mental-derangement-syndrome of atheism include:


1. Atheism negates science:

If science works, then the universe works.  If the universe works, then it means that is was made; because what is not made, cannot possibly “work”. In short; science is exactly the kind of exercise one would expect to be able to engage in if indeed we lived in a world that was created by someone/something enormously intelligent and powerful.”


2. The Big Bang puzzles atheists:

Perhaps the best argument in favor of the thesis that the Big Bang supports theism is the obvious unease with which it is greeted by atheist physicists. At times this has led to scientific ideas, such as continuous creation or an oscillating universe, being advanced with a tenacity which so exceeds their intrinsic worth that one can only suspect the operation of psychological forces lying very much deeper than the usual academic desire of a theorist to support his/her theory.”

[note: there are plenty of issues with the Big Bang, and some atheists contend that the BB was created ex-nihilo thereby 'proving' evolution].


3. Law of entropy puzzles atheists:

If our universe is using up its energy, then it cannot be true that it is eternal in the past.  If it were, then the heat death would have already happened.  This is one of the reasons why an eternal series of past events is so unlikely.”


4. Chaos and chance don't lead to much:

...probability of our universe existing as a result of either chance or necessity is miniscule, as is the possibility of a past-eternal spacetime and an ex nihilo spontaneous self-creation.”


5. Atheists fail philosophy:

...number of reasons why scientism is unrealistic, chief among which is the immediate fact that it is self-refuting.  Consider the following statements: “Anything science cannot confirm is meaningless” Science cannot confirm that statement.”


6. Atheism is determinism, which denies free-will [and reason, and faith, and thinking....]

...determinism is the denial of the human capacity for free will.  Free will is incompatible with atheism for the reason that non-deterministic action would imply that there is something primary over matter and energy.”


7. Atheism and Darwinism lead to Nazi dogma:

...irony of Nietzsche’s atheistic nihilism, combined with his branch-philosophy of the Übermensch and the will to power is that it would go on to become a self-fulfilling prophecy, forming the essential foundations of the single bloodiest era in all of human history, personified by the bane of Nazism.”


Atheists must be proud. Their cult denies science, reason, evidence, facts, metaphysics, free-will, morality, spirituality, material understanding and leads to the evolutionary-premised cults of Fascism and its twin, Communism.



Hitler the evolutionist and anti-Christian fascist

From Darwin to death camps for Catholics and Jews

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Akin in his book 'Show me you are God', correctly attributes the premise of Hitler's National Socialist – Statist fascism, to evolution. Evolutionary dogma was popular, current, accepted and viewed as 'scientific' by 1900 in Germany. Hitler did not invent this dialectical naturalism, nor promote it. Darwinian science-fiction was already accepted by the elite, the university system, the media and most of the masses as a simple, irreducible, natural and obvious 'fact'. Part of Nazi theology was to use this world-view, to promote the 'natural' rise of Hitlerism as not only necessary to 'save' Germany, but dialectically inevitable. The superior German-Aryan race was simply ennobling and furthering evolutionary 'science' and naturalistic 'progress'.

The British atheist historian Arthur Keith commented, ‘The German Führer, as I have consistently maintained, is an evolutionist; he has consciously sought to make the practice of Germany conform to the theory of evolution.’ [Keith, A., Evolution and Ethics, Putnam, NY, USA, p. 230, 1947.]

Even newspapers in 1945 had the common sense to acknowledge the evolutionary rationale of Hitler's fascist cult.

Here are some choice Hitler quotes supporting evolutionary science-fiction, racial 'progress' and natural 'law':

Blood mixture and the result drop in the racial level is the sole cause of the dying out of old cultures; for men do not perish as a result of lost wars, but by the loss of that force of resistance which is continued only in pure blood. All who are not of good race in this world are chaff. 

Mein Kampf (1925-26), American Edition (1943), 296. In William Lawrence Shirer, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich(1990), 88. 

Science cannot lie, for it’s always striving, according to the momentary state of knowledge, to deduce what is true. When it makes a mistake, it does so in good faith. It's Christianity that's the liar. It’s in perpetual conflict with itself. 

In Adolf Hitler, Hugh Redwald Trevor-Roper, translated by Norman Cameron and R. H. Stevens, '14 October 1941'

Nature knows no political boundaries. She puts living creatures on this globe and watches the free play of forces. She then confers the master's right on her favourite child, the strongest in courage and industry ... The stronger must dominate and not blend with the weaker, thus sacrificing his own greatness. Only the born weakling can view this as cruel. 

Mein Kampf (1925-26), American Edition (1943), 134-5. In William Lawrence Shirer, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich

When understanding of the universe has become widespread, when the majority of men know that the stars are not sources of light but worlds, perhaps inhabited worlds like ours, then the Christian doctrine will be convicted of absurdity. 

In Adolf Hitler, Hugh Redwald Trevor-Roper, translated by Norman Cameron and R. H. Stevens, '14 October 1941'

Hitler the fascist was not only anti-Christian, he was an atheist-darwinian demon.

In the book 'Evolution's Fatal Fruit, How Darwin's tree of life brought death to millions' we have the following: “It was Darwin’s theory — carried to its logical conclusion — that led to the dead of some 11 million people at the hands of German Nazis. Hitler was a devout evolutionist. He instructed his troops in evolution and had them provided with books by Darwin and Friedrich Nietzsche.” (p. 8)

The main textbooks of the Nazi education system were drenched in evolutionary cant. Hitler wa a fanatical anti-Christian and by 1942 had outlawed the Bible; taken over the Lutheran church, neutered and mangled the confession Church; and was well on the way to murdering 5 million Catholics. All in the name of science and evolution.