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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

Tempus Fugit Memento Mori - Time Flies Remember Death 


Scientism - Recent Articles

Read the book: 'Dissolving Illusions (Disease, Vaccines, and the Forgotten History)'.

The quackery of Saint Edward Jenner and a criminal industry.

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For those willing to think outside of the current reigning paradigms which control $cience, medicine, and ‘health’, Dissolving Illusions, is a must-read book along with ‘Turtles all the way down’.  The powers who control ‘health’, namely Pharmaceutical firms and their partners-for-profit the Government, along with the many agencies within the ‘health care’ industry, will pillory and savage both works, not on their details or facts, but simply because both books declaim against the paradigm of ‘safe and effective’, providing irrefutable proof that the vaccines are unsafe, ineffective and are made for profit not health.  The main defence from the ‘establishment’ is calumny, vitriol, censure, de-listing and very often, physical violence and even murder. 


Conspiracy Factists

(So where are the quackcines ‘benefits’? We all know the death rate from rona was 0.3%, is it really necessary to stab everyone 5 or 6 times and see a death and injury rate of 1-2%, which apparently is vastly greater than the IFR of 0.3% ?…..)


Given the recent evidence of the Corona $cientism and totalitarianism, drug injections of any variety can contain substances which may indeed alter one’s genes, DNA and RNA, a common claim since December 2020 by ‘conspiracy theorists’ who myself included, were about 6 months ahead of the painful truth.  In 1976 an American researcher Howard Temin was awarded a Nobel Prize for identifying that viruses can carry external genetic material into the body and change DNA through an enzyme called transcriptase.  DNA modification or knowledge of the process is thus not that new. 


The WEF and other globalist agencies are quite brazen in declaring the trans-humanist, or cyborg future of a greatly reduced, subservient and controlled post-human population.  The only way to achieve this dystopian agenda, is through forced injections into humans, in which the DNA in cells is altered, using the same process or something similar to that discovered by Temin.  Using the ‘quackcine’ is ‘safe and effective’ mantra and its 200-year-old marketing propaganda, is for Pharma and its controlled lackeys in government and ‘health care’, the ‘safest and most effective’ route to fulfil such a business objective of DNA transmutation, if that goal does indeed exist. 


At the very least the ‘mutation’ of Corona mRNA injections into 200 or more various drugs and cocktails will unleash a river of future profits for both Pharma and Government. It is business, not health, which drives the cabal of Pharma and government. Bribes, corruption, graft, pay offs, contracts to friends and family….just a cost of doing business.


Inconvenient Truths on Quackcines

In summary what is Doctor Humphries and Mr. Bystrianyk’s book about? In essence they eviscerate the myth of vaccine safety and effectiveness. They did very little to reduce disease mortality. But they are a huge profit making industry with many dependents within government and upstream and downstream industries, including media. The following are some key facts which are pertinent when discussing the ‘science’ of vaccines.

1-There is no evidence, anywhere, in the past 200 years, in any country, that any vaccine has reduced mortality.  Not a single study exists.  You can ask your doctor or a nurse.  They won’t have a single study on any of the stabbinations they are giving children, which ‘prove’, or which can demonstrate using a control group methodology and proper data analysis including long term data on the injection and its after-effects that the myriad of injections result in an improvement in health and fitness.  Ask them to show you one.

2-In the 19th century, the urban population in England exploded from 15% of the total in 1750, to 80% by 1880.  This trend was mirrored in every ‘developed’ nation. Health and sanitation infrastructure did not exist in any meaningful form until the 1860s, making rampant disease, epidemics and illness quite common.  Slums were the norm, with no running water, sewers, or toilets. 

3-The 19th century urban landscape was one of offal, sewage, polluted water, dung heaps in the streets, husbandry slaughtered within residential areas, squalid tenements, terrible living conditions, over-populated areas and air pollution.  In such an environ, akin to a third world slum today, disease would be rife.

4-Labour conditions were always described as excessively poor and dangerous.  White slavery is a better term for it.  Children as young as 6 worked in factories 14 hours a day, away from their parents, neglected, often exposed to toxic chemicals and air.  Few children went to school beyond the age of 12 or 13.  The average worker laboured 6 days a week for most of the year.  Working conditions were intolerably oppressive.  Little heating, cooling, or protection was offered.  Diets were poor and deficient in vitamins, vegetables, and fruit.  Water intake was dangerous, so many resorted to drinking gin, beer and other alcohol before and after work, which impacted bodily health and mental acuity.  Workplace injuries and deaths were common.  Disease was rank in many factories and surrounding areas.  The lifestyle of the average person in the 19th urban slums was perfectly suited for disease, illness and rampant epidemics. 

5-Typhoid, typhus (different than typhoid derived from faeces and bacteria), cholera, dysentery, pneumonia, pertussis, scarlet fever, smallpox, diarrhoea (all of these are bacterium-based), measles and yellow fever (both are viral), were the chief diseases and killers.  These were generated by polluted water, no sewage systems, and horse manure in the streets.  Poor diets, little exercise, a lack of water intake, inadequate housing and shelter, along with the general filthiness of life, made diseases a common factor of existence. 

6-Cleaning up cities, implementing sewers, water management, clean water, zoning residential areas to be free of animal slaughtering, eliminating horse manure from the streets (especially after the hated car became common), resulted in immediate declines in all forms of disease and mortality. 

7-The largest single medical experiment in history, was run in Leicester England from 1885 to 1945 when the entire city forbade all vaccinations.  The death of young children after being vaccinated for smallpox, had over 70 years, provoked the population en-masse to become ‘anti-vaxxers’, protesting against national laws mandating that all children be stabbed (1853, 1867).  Once the smallpox vaccine was banished in Leicester, the death rate from smallpox plummeted towards zero.  Health, sanitation, clean water, slum renewal, zoning and other laws and regulations to improve health and quality of life, resulted in a massive decline in all diseases.  Quackcines had nothing to do with mortality reduction. 

8-The Leicester experiment was repeated in different ways worldwide.  There is no connection whatsoever between chemical injections and reduced mortality from the main 19th century diseases.  None.  Health and sanitation can take the credit for the massive decline and even eradication in large measure of once common killers such as cowpox, smallpox, polio and typhoid.  At best, one can say that maybe the vaccine concoctions had a minor efficacy and role in mortality reduction. At best.  More here

The Religion of $cientism

The rampant corruption of scientism restricts our knowledge, impairs our intelligence and degrades our future.

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Atheists: Are they unelectable? (Opinion) -

$cientism is the corruption of science, scientific processes and output and very importantly, the distortion and manipulation of all associated data, by technology and money, to further self-seeking objectives and goals.  The inimical plans by those who hold power, namely governments both national and trans-national, and their corporate allies, are hidden under the guise of paternalistic science, a process it is declaimed of objectivity and deep concern for truth.  The opposite is true.  The Nazis and Communists also based their fascism on ‘science’. 



In March 2020 many of us knew that Corona was a scam.  We knew it, could feel it, and could intuit the awful reality of what was being done.  We marched for free speech in Hyde Park London, we organised local park meets of the like-minded, we networked, we informed, we asked questions, we demanded proof, we wanted accountability and transparency.  We didn’t believe any of the ‘trusted sources’ or any of the institutions from the fake media, to pharma-ment (formerly parliament), to ‘science’, to health ‘professionals’, to the police.  They were all paid to obey. 


Many of us refused to participate in any of the anti-science dictums by the totalitarians, which ‘miraculously’ after years of meticulous planning, were enforced in lockstep across the G20.  We were all threatened, abused, scorned and debased.  For that we never forgive, and we never forget.  Why should we.  They will be back with something similar in the near future and the sheeple by then will have forgotten the terror of 2020-2022 and allow themselves to be rounded up and penned again.  By ‘they’ we can say the WEF-Davos-Bilderberger New World Order and its attendant capital, control of the fake news media, finance, medicine, universities, research, pharmaceuticals and the endless-war-industry. 


The Corona episode, in which a 0.3% death rate, average age of death at 84, fuelled by fake tests never proven to detect a virus strain from within the 300.000 Corona virus family (and disproved in 6 courts of law), resulting in lockdowns, midazolam and morphine used on old people behind closed doors, illegal stabs and face nappies, all propelled by a cascade of propaganda, fake data and false models.  The data corruption was simply astounding and few people understand either its extent or its purpose.  Data and ‘science’ were used to justify the imprisonment of the planet, endless rollouts of experimental drugs for some U$100 billion in total profits; and even the murder of the old and sick.  All for money, power and to enact the New World Order.  For the record the survival rate from Rona was 99.7% - the same as that of any other flu.


Climate Nonsense

The Climate fraud is another example of $cientism.  A U$ Trillion p.a. industry, based on non-science.  For the record fossils cannot make abiotic self-regenerating and clean hydrocarbon energy; plant food is 0.04% gas by weight and necessary for life; Gaia emits 95% of plant food; 96% of plant food is recycled and plant food falls out of climate processes much like hydrogen or nitrogen.  There is no climate crisis.  But it is a good philosophy to transact fascist governance and completely control the population. 


$cientism’s abstract hand-waving

$cientism has always been pushed by celebrity scientists who state the most inane things:

·       The Cosmos is all that is or ever was or ever will be. – Carl Sagan, Cosmos

·       The more the universe seems comprehensible, the more it also seems pointless. –Stephen Weinburg, The First Three Minutes

·       We can be proud as a species because, having discovered that we are alone, we owe the gods very little. –E.O. Wilson, Consilience

What do these people actually know?  Stephen Hawking was a celebrity in a wheelchair and an ardent atheist who became famous for his ‘law of entropy in black holes’.  Whoa, easy on the relevancy Steve.  You can almost prove that.  Or not.  His theory has no proof and has been thoroughly ‘debunked’. And further, what is the value of such a claim and theological position?  None. There is no benefit or relevancy, or output from Hawking’s (or whoever did the work for him) claim on such a fatuous and improvable concept. Further, how does someone in a wheelchair who cannot talk or communicate that well, possibly write books?  Was Hawking not simply a front man, the lead singer for a larger band on the stage? From blackhole-entropy, which is as much abstract mathematical theory as it is just philosophy, Hawking seamlessly rolls into multi-verses, claiming that a new universe-copy is being made on a regular basis – like a photocopy machine.  More here

A Brief history of $cientism

Philosophy. Money. Power.

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The Religious Prophets Of Scientism

Today we are assaulted, bludgeoned, abused and debauched by the all-knowing, all-seeing, omnipotent ‘God’ of ‘Science’, interepreted by the priestly caste of self appointed apostles and little Gods of ‘science’, ‘reason’, and ‘the consensus’. The modern shamans, fakirs and druids. The egocentricitiy and corruption of modern systems of ‘science’ and inquiry is breathtaking. An ineluctable outcome of the ‘Enlightenment’. Corona and Climate totalitarianism is thus not a surprise but simply a logical endpoint to what started in the 17th century.

Early-Modern Scientism

The roots of scientism extend as far back as early 17th century Europe, an era that came to be known as the ‘Scientific Revolution’.  Prompted by the collapse of Byzantium (1453), stirred up by the age of discovery, new wealth, new materials, new trade routes and a burgeoning middle and merchant class, society was changed and quickened.  A cascade of inventions in the late middle ages, including that of the printing press, changed society and ushered in aspects of modernity.  The ancient pagan cults and their philosophies, including Plato and Aristotle had long been challenged but a new emphasis on proof and experimentation came to the fore.

The Musulman empire of the Ottomans forced a massive change in trade routes and new voyages of discovery initiated by the European Christians, ostensibly to acquire commodities and resources in the East.  With the incredible achievements from  the 15th to 17th centuries, there was now a surfeit of wealth, gold, silver, and trading profits, leading to an investment in money and time to study the ‘natural sciences’ in detail, a subject matter taught in the medieval University system as being mandatory to understand the God-created world. 

The ‘scientific method’, long in existence was codified in various ways by the Catholics such as Francis Bacon, Rene Descartes, dozens of Jesuit astronomers, Copernicus, the over-rated Galileo Galilei, and Protestants such as Kepler to name a few.  Over time ‘Scientific Societies’ and ‘Academies’, mimicking that of ancient-Athens, sprang up in every European country, funded by the munificence of empire, trade and wealth accretion.  The main import and output of these groups and individual men was the rather monumental change in attitudes and culture, namely, to replace annotations and arguments over ancient texts with real-world experimentation. 

Yet these men and the related institutions of inquiry, also created the platform for modern $cientism.  Descartes and Bacon for example employed strong rhetoric to create a cultish framework for their work, believing in essence that the human could become ‘God’.  They claimed that by learning how the physical world worked, we could become “masters and possessors of nature.”1  The God-created world was being remodelled along the lines of a rationalistic-hubristic philosophy, where humans replaced the divine.  The philosophical foundation of society and its worldview was altered. 

Through application and technical developments, Western civilisation did indeed produce societal innovations.  Beneficiaries of mechanisation included transportation, war, trade, agriculture, capital creation and deployment, city and village planning, welfare, health care and the elimination of many diseases through mostly sanitation and improved medical methods (though bleeding and cutting off of limbs can hardly be claimed as ‘scientific’).  Yet incorrectly, and even nefariously, these material and application improvements were all attributed to ‘science’, when in fact, it was the material wealth from discovery, trade and commerce, which generated the industrial revolution and the use of machines, or technology, which improved life.  Application and technological development may or may not be related to ‘science’.  It is related to productivity and profit creation, which flows back into society and various public and social improvements through various channels.

It was the great developments of the late medieval era and the early modern period which set the stage for the self-congratulatory, egocentric philosophy of $cientism.  As society changed there arose from the theories of Bacon and Descartes a rather perverted and extreme view of ‘reason and logic’ through the debasement of our other faculties such as social bonds, culture, heritage, creativity, memory, and imagination.  As if the ‘sewer’ as an invention sprang out of nothing.  The creativity, energy, curiosity, materials, and technological capability to build and deploy sewers are indeed based on mental acuity but a whole host of other attributes which are just as important, including culture. 

The ‘rationalists’ and ‘philosophes’ denigrated writing, poetry and emotions to second class status.  Religion was tolerated until the French Revolution but afterwards endlessly attacked.  Descartes’ rendering of the entire universe as a giant machine left little room for faith, the arts or other forms of human expression.   Read more