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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

Gab@StFerdinandIII - Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Islam, the State, the cult of Gay and Queer, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, 'Science', Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion....a nice variety for the human-hater, amoral, anti-rationalist to choose from.  It is so much fun mocking them isn't it ?

Tempus Fugit Memento Mori - Time Flies Remember Death 

Archive - December 2019

Brexit, The Illegal Invasion, Financial Bankruptcy and the eventual implosion of the German Empire

There is no reason why the German Empire, aka The EU, should survive. None.

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The EU or German Empire as it should be called (some say the 4th Reich) is doomed to fail.  Economically, cultural, morally, institutionally, democratically, the EU has failed.  Its nation states are technically bankrupt, the cost of living for its citizens thanks to illiberal trade, tax and regulatory costs are 30% higher than they should be; and of course there is the Moslem-African invasion, packaged as ‘a refugee crisis’, with the stupider of the Bloc supporters stating that ‘climate change’ is the culprit.  Culture is King and Europe’s culture is dead and Moslemifying.


Yet open borders remain a primary objective.  Millions of Africans and Moslems are poised to enter.  Turkey may yet accede to membership opening up the sluice gates to the Moslem invasion.  When 70% or more of the African-Moslem ‘refugees’ are unemployed, with sky rocketing crime and rape; with the degradation of social systems, welfare, schools and hospitals on full display, maybe someone, somewhere with a brain, would suggest that the open-borders policy is a massive economic, cultural and human failure.  But not the EU.  It will persist in its own demise.


The best hope is that Brexit is the beginning of the End for the 4th Reich.  We can list summarise the problems with the EU/German Empire:


·         Even German studies have made it clear that Germany has benefited from the 4th Reich and in particular, the devalued DM called now the Euro, amassing nearly 2 Trillion Euros in benefits. However, 8 Trillion Euros have been diverted from the French and Spanish economies to Germany.


·         Greece and other states have also suffered. Cost of food and living up by 30% thanks to the EU 'agreements', distortions, taxes, regulations.


·         A massive Democratic deficit: the EU Parliament which has no power, and the fact that a foreign entity now makes national laws without national consent is an outrage.


·         EU Army. The EU army will be deployed within 5 years to the capitals of the captured states. 


·         Massive taxes, regulatory and ‘Green’ costs which push up prices for food and consumer products and reduce industry and employment.


·         Green Fascism with the war on natural carbon-based energy, which will result in auto-manufacturing plant closures (Nissan, Ford, VW already, BMW to come); and economic contraction impacting budgets and the ability to support the massive welfare state.


·         Unemployment.  In most countries, according to Eurostat, if the numbers were honestly counted, the real unemployment rate would range from 15 to 30%.  This is unsustainable.  In little Holland for example with a workforce of 8 million, 1 million are at home with ‘back problems’ on welfare, funded by the state (and private employers for 2 years), but not counted as ‘unemployed’. 


·         The 140 BILLION EU Budget – much of it is spent (35%) on French, Spanish farmers (the CAP); and on ‘infrastructure’ and regional development, basically wastefully taking from one taxpayer in one state; and giving it to another, which leads to cronyism, poor investments, asset bubbles and fraud.


·         Open borders.  Or rather, the great replacement of ‘Whites’, with Africans and Moslems.  The Moslemification of Europe proceeds at a horrendous rate and most demographic pronouncements indicate France and other areas of the German empire will be majority Moslem by 2040-2050.  In any EU country a majority are against the further Islamification of their state, a view ignored by the Fake News Media, Politicians, the un-Civil Service and mis-Education systems.  


·         The crime, the rapes, the welfare implosion and the general societal carnage cased by the EU open-borders policy, is by itself, enough to completely discredit this undemocratic Transnational empire.  Instead of importing the Jihad, the EU Empire needs to promote families, reduce abortions and reduce the cost of living to promote the raising of children.


The German-EU empire will eventually implode.  This will accelerate when during the next financial crisis (debt, currency), the spigots ‘buying’ regional acquiescence to German domination, are turned off, and regional discontent (where is my ransom payment?), rapidly increases.  Yet cui bono from the German Empire?  Germany of course.  Even the Guardian admits that the Germans are the beneficiaries of the EU Empire.

“Germany is the one country that has really benefited from the single currency and is not going to propose a hard-mark zone that might exclude France.


Germany has every incentive to keep the Euro-scam (devalued DM good for exports), going:

Germany see the benefits of keeping the Euro and avoiding a Euro breakup. This places them in a difficult position because they are one of few countries to have the necessary resources to provide substantial bailout funds to the economies in real crisis. Germany has committed substantial funds to the EU bailout funds.


If one looks at trade and the current account, Germany is the clear winner within the EU, with the UK, Greece, Spain, France, Italy and Portugal the clear losers.  This is due to trade distortion and the inability of nation states to plot their own trade regime, including agreements with states which could provide products or services at a lower price which would benefit their citizens.  Currently, with the Euro (DM) all trade flows are distorted for Germany’s benefit, and all trade agreements are bloc-based and increase imports by some 20-30 % due to EU taxes, compliance, regulations and ‘green’ fees.  Some car firms (VW, BMW) are going to close plants due to these costs, which will only exacerbate EU industrial weakness and reduce economic vitality.


Fortune’s analysis of Germany’s ‘Beggar thy Neighbour’ policies says Germany is the main beneficiary of the Euro’s fundamental trade distortion across the Continent.

Germany has for many years pursued a policy of wage suppression, which many economists have described as a competitive devaluation or ‘beggar thy neighbour’ policy. Germany’s gains in competitiveness were immediately translated to gains in trade, since the freedom of goods, services, persons and capital allowed German products to circulate freely and quickly throughout the European Union. These are the fundamental freedoms of EU law and are vigorously protected by the European Court of Justice. German policy would not have been successful without them


Germany has also benefited from the fixed exchange rate that the Euro effectively secures between itself and its major European markets.  The Euro and a consolidated EU budget has led of course to corruption, cronyism, Fraud, mis-spending, poor investments….:

This situation was made worse once the Eurozone was created. With the ECB looking away, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Greece built not only asset bubbles with cheap and easy credit (which happened elsewhere) but also opaque and politically driven banking systems. As a result, cheap credit impeded reform and damaged institutions in all the countries of the periphery.

Membership in the Eurozone directed funds to wasteful investment, made cronyism exceptionally profitable, provided new incentives for political corruption and strengthened already existing hierarchies. If all the members of the Eurozone were equally strong, if they all had, for example, an outstanding and independent banking regulator, a powerful judiciary and strong internal mechanisms of accountability, perhaps these things would not have happened. Yet, they did happen


The EU Budget of close to 140 BILLION Euros; but with the loss of the UK and ¼ of its financial strength, it is difficult to see how the EU Empire can survive – unless it conquers more territory to replace the UK funding hole.  Over 1/3 of this massive pile of extorted money is spent on ‘cohesion’.  Another 37% is lavished on ‘farming’ subsidies pushing up food prices and distorting trade.  One may ask, what does ‘cohesion’ mean to the EU?  In essence it means tying in the East and South of the Empire to its core and heart through infrastructure, transport and ‘Green’ projects, aligning the ‘periphery’ to  use good Marxist language to the centre i.e Germany, making German products and services easier to export.

For the 2014-2020 period, the Cohesion Fund concerns Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia.


Straight Roman Roads leading to Berlin.  It is rather absurd that someone living in Ireland is funding a development project in Romania.  There is no logic, no oversight, no ROI, no benefit of this transfer.  It leads to cronyism, theft, asset bubbles and illiberal policies.


When the next financial crisis rocks the EU and economic contraction ensues, at that point, there will be demands from Poland (oddly a main beneficiary of EU largesse), Italy, Greece, Hungary and perhaps even little Holland, to escape the shackles of Germany and chart their own course as independent nation states.  This will overlap with and support the demands for immigration reduction from Moslem states which a majority of EU citizens now demand.


Fake Climate Science and made up numbers: Australia

No it is not the hottest year 'evah' down under

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 An example of Fake Science, and the cult of Science, or 'Scientism', is the current hysteria by the Green Fascists, over rather normal hot weather and associated fires in Australia.  Scientism and the Climate Cult maintain that Australia is experiencing the warmest week on ‘record’, with the warmest day on ‘record’ being December 17th 2019.  In reality of course, these claims are completely false. 


Fake Media weather channels in Australia will always have the ‘meteorologist’ standing next to a photo of  the country, which is of course, saturated with orange and red (denoting burning up due to plant food, .0004% gas by weight).  State funded channels (and education systems) repeat the Goebbelesque lie that the current warmth is an all-time record and that humans are the causal agents.  None of this is true of course.


The embedded video by Tony Heller outlines why this story is simply Fake Science.  People need to be more discriminating, for example:


-February 5th 1851 Melbourne was 115 F in the shade much hotter than the current week in the shade, with vast quantities of dead livestock and bushfires.

-The real record dates from Bourke NSW in 1909 – 125 F which is 21F above the current temperatures.

-The ‘Records’ used by the Fake News and State funded meteorology only go back to 1910, however 1909, the 1880s and 1890s were also much hotter than this week, so why is this data ignored?

-January 1923 in NSW recorded 120 to 123 degrees over a long period of time yet the Fake News and Fake Science have flattened these out and ignored them.

-Marble Bar NSW had 160 days of continuous 100+F heat from 1923 – 24.

-Likewise, the ‘Records’ presented lie about the 1930s temperatures as well, which in many places were much hotter than today.

-Only about 25 weather stations in Australia – most of them in the South East – have temperature records dating back 100 years.  What about the rest of the country?  How can anyone make the claim that ‘this is the hottest week on record’, if most of the country is left out of the analysis?


In summary, Australia is nowhere close to its highest temperature.  Long lived temperature records which are scarce, indicate that the 1880s, 1890s, 1923-24, the 1930s were much hotter than today, which would show a long-term cooling, not warming trend.  Based on the above, claims that this year is the hottest ‘evah’ in Australia is mindless propaganda and Fake Science.



The Green Reich: Global Warming to the Green Tyranny, Drieu Godefridi

Green Fascism

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The Green Reich


Green Nazism, Green Fascism.  This is what ‘environmentalism’ truly is at its core.  The cult of Gaia, of climate changing, of blaming plant food for all the ills of natural variations, including seasons, storms, cold, warm, hot, dry, temperate and intemperate has nothing to do with science, intelligence or a commitment to Gaia preservation.  Green-anything is a political-religious construct designed to control mankind and modern society, and over time eliminate mankind and modern society.  It is a Global Fascism.


Just follow the money.  The Globaloneywarming/ClimateChanging cult, is about money and power.  $1 Trillion a year in government subsidies, programs, funding and grants, worldwide.  Power over people, energy, carbon-based systems, industry, transportation, society at large, with an attendant rise in taxes.  A reason to exist for the useless United Nations and other greedy, hungry, socialist-globalist agencies.  Green Fascism and One World Government.


(Godefridi) These suggestions, which date back to 1968, prefigure the “Green Fund” institutionalized by the Paris Agreement (2015), which brings in the annual transfer, under the aegis of the United Nations, of $100 billion from the west to the rest of the world.


The $100 Billion for ‘Green funds’ (ah who can argue with ‘Green’, the children’s future, and Mommy Earth?), will double, triple, octuple in the next few years.  Green Fascism.  As with their Nazi counterparts and progenitors, a form of coerced socialism, Atheist, pagan, violent, bloody.


Fascism was essentially a nationalist form of socialism. Mussolini abolished the elections but left scattered elements of pluralism, including the monarchy. In the twisted workings of Hitlerian pathology, the German was but a cog. The National Socialist theory endeavoured to conceptually destroy the “bourgeois individualism” of the Anglo-Saxon.


Based on Fiction strutting around as Science.


The problem with the IPCC is that it claims to be scientific; “The IPCC is a scientific body” (see; this is a false claim because, in every way—composition, authority, functioning—it is political and even diplomatic. However, the IPCC claims to derive the “recommended measures”—the third part of its reports—from a scientific summary of the first part, which is, at best, a naive and rationally primitive process. It is rationally impossible to derive a standard from a fact. For this reason, the rational value of the IPCC reports is zero. Not debatable, nor amendable: just zero. This notwithstanding, the IPCC reports have been celebrated for 30 years by most western governments—with the notable exception of the White House, since 2016—as the voice of science.

Admittedly, according to the IPCC, humans emit only 4% of global CO2 emissions: 96% are natural. But by a so-called “radiative forcing” effect, this slight surplus of human CO2 upsets the natural balance and causes global warming.


Green Fascism is worse than Nazism.  The Nazis or their Brethren the Communists, did not view man or modernity as the problem.  They viewed inequality, a lack of state power, and the need to ‘form’ man and woman into the ‘right’ sort of image and human as the challenge.  


To eliminate (“by 95%”) human CO2 emissions, it is necessary to abolish individual freedom. In this way, the totalizing analytic of environmentalism induces a totalitarian algorithm: If human CO2 is the problem, then humans must be restrained, controlled, and conditioned in each of their activities.


Green Fascism however, views man, his industry, society and technology as the problem and since the trace chemical rounding error emitted by man is apparently, producing a radiative imbalance leading to catastrophe, then ineluctable logic leads to the conclusion that most of mankind must be killed.


The divergence of environmentalism from previous examples of totalitarianism is not marginal: it marks an ontological turning point. If human CO2 is the problem, then Man is the problem.


Since mankind is just an ‘animal’ pace the Atheists, the self-proclaimed ‘Rationalists’ and other worthies, killing humans is akin to the slaughter of say bats in a Wind-Turbine, or shrews dying from chemical leakage from a solar panel farm.  It is unimportant and inconsequential.

In the twentieth century, the works of authors such as Arne Næss, Ludwig Klages, Aldo Leopold, Hans Jonas, and Dave Foreman built the first specific theoretical structure of environmentalism, pleading terrestrial ethics, the recognition of the ‘human’ rights of animals and the ecosystem, the halting of progress, and the renunciation of technology. According to this un-anthropocentric ethical framework, Man is but one creature amongst others. The prodigal primate re-joins nature, often designated since 1970 under the name of the goddess Gaia (à la James Lovelock), personifying the Earth as being alive. This ontological degradation of Man is a key aspect of contemporary environmentalism.


As with the Nazis and Soviets, the Green Fascists indoctrinate children.  Green ‘Youth’ Corps will soon appear, children are already being coerced to ‘protest climate change’ by propagandists posing as ‘Teachers’, and icons such as St. Greta the stupid of Sweden, are demanding a ‘revolution’ by the young against the ‘oppression’ and ‘destruction’ of Climate and Gaia, from the rounding error plant food, 96% emitted by Gaia herself.


Now we see that environmentalists no longer hesitate at having teenagers and even children take to the street “for the climate.” In Flanders, in January 2019, there was a demonstration “for the climate” of children from nursery school—from 3 to 5 years old—taking up, in chorus, the political slogans of their elders.  Comparisons naturally come to mind. For example, the Komsomol— those Soviet communist youth organizations—although the Soviets wouldn’t allow kindergarten children to enroll; or the Children’s Crusade, the lunacy of children fanaticized by adults who ended up being slaughtered by the opposing forces; or consider the enlisting of German youth by the National Socialist regime, the Hitlerjugend. In these three cases, we find the identical stratagem of the ideological subjugation of childhood.

Can we imagine schoolteachers forcing four-year-old schoolchildren to demonstrate for capitalism, socialism, or Christianity? Why does what is absolutely unthinkable become legitimate when it comes to environmentalist ideology? The legitimacy of contemporary environmentalism rests on moral considerations, like any ideology and doctrine, but that this ideology mesmerizes with the alleged endorsement of science radically distinguishes it from its rivals.


Green Fascism preaches abortion, euthanasia, killing the old over a certain age (usually 70 is mentioned, the Nazis called the old ‘consumers’ or ‘eaters’ and had no problem in killing the sick elderly); the end of families, the end of child-birth and the end of most populations.  All to reduce the human output of plant food.


Birth phobia is probably the subject which best demonstrates the soul of environmentalism—‘deep ecology’—and its real nature.

Totalitarian proposals, which suggest, recommend, and demand that Man be restrained in each and every activity: travel by car, travel by plane, meat consumption, energy, pet ownership,[2] euthanasia, (un)caring for the elderly, and even not giving birth and forced sterilization.


In essence, Green Fascism, akin to Marxism, Nazism, Communism and Muhammadism is a death cult.  There is no respect for mankind or life.  No amazement at creation, human ingenuity and compassion, or technology and social development.  No appreciation of created nature, the wonders of bodily, spiritual design and structure, the gratitude for modern appliances, conveniences, energy, jobs and food.  Nothing.  Just a hate of the human. 


Green Fascism is a mental illness, a sickness, a heavy pathology of ignorance and paganism.  Far from being ‘progressive’, it is entirely regressive, debased and psychotic.