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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

Gab@StFerdinandIII - Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Islam, the State, the cult of Gay and Queer, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, 'Science', Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion....a nice variety for the human-hater, amoral, anti-rationalist to choose from.  It is so much fun mocking them isn't it ?

Tempus Fugit Memento Mori - Time Flies Remember Death 

Archive - March 2020

Globalism, Corona and the cult of open borders and 'integration' of everything

Globalism has inherent illogic which promotes its own demise and that of freedom

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Lessons from Corona:

1-Globalism causes its own disorders, disasters and anomalies, based on inherent contradictions, open borders, and hypocritical decision making in which the few are enriched and empowered at the expense of the rest.

2-Socialised Health Care cannot handle a fairly minor epidemic.  It makes choices on who lives and dies and is incapable of promoting a rational reaction to even the most minor of outbreaks.

3-Fake News, Fake Science hysteria.  In the UK in 2019, 29.000 people died from the flu and the impact on pre-existing conditions (in most cases).  In 2020, Corona has killed less than 500 in 3 months, out of 70 millions; and infected less than 10.000.  Yet Corona, not the common flu is the casus belli for hysteria.

4-The Sheeple and the sad spectacle of people allowing governments not to use common sense, but to fear monger the population into abject submission to any and all insane demands.

5-No common sense.  Common sense policies would have stopped the virus quite early.  These include closing flights and travel from infected areas, preparing the socialised health systems properly (eg with respirators); telling the public in equivocal, calm terms what the virus is; the real danger it poses to over-70s; and how this group and the population at large can protect themselves, including self-isolation for older people.

This Corona hysteria has set a dry-run and precedent for governments all over the world, to use any bio-illness pretext to shut down the economy, nationalise industries, destroy freedoms, and quickly derange normal societal functioning. 

It is an Orwellian-Huxleyian nightmare.



A great overview of the madness by Dr Illeana Johnson Paugh in Canada Free Press

What are my lessons learned from the Chinese Wuhan virus global crisis and “pandemic?”

I live in Reality Ville and know the face of communism and forced collectivism. I’ve stood in food lines, toilet paper lines, and other essentials’ lines every day in the first twenty years of my life. The number one lesson I learned today is that globalism is EVIL.

Globalism does not serve the interest of our country; it serves the interests of like-minded globalists invested heavily in cheap labor in China and profits at all costs. Globalism, no matter what professors tell their students, does not serve the interests of the average American citizen who has no idea that 90 percent of his/her prescription drugs and OTC drugs are made in China, a hostile communist nation.

Economically speaking, it is not a good idea to allow a potential enemy to produce items for key industries needed for survival of our children and grandchildren. Our nation cannot defend itself in case of attacks, whether military or viral ones, if its key industries’ production depends on a potential enemy.

I learned that we should bring our drug manufacturing and other key industries back to America as soon as possible and we should lobby Congress to pass legislation to make that happen. And if they should object, then the Executive Order pen must be used.

I learned from this Chinese Wuhan Virus crisis that nationalism is necessary if we are to survive. I learned how fragile we really are in the 21st century despite our technology or perhaps because of it.

I learned from this Chinese Wuhan Virus crisis that our President Trump was right about China all along and was correct in promoting incentives to industries to return to America. 

Socialized medicine in Italy and in communist China were quickly overwhelmed

I learned that we should never trust the communist government of China. This misplaced trust in a communist country is now lethal to our economy. 

I also learned that it is going to cost us trillions of dollars to recover and a long time for mom and pop businesses to come back if ever.

The American “bread and circuses,” football, baseball, volleyball, hockey, and other organized sports and competitions may never come back in the same form.

I learned from this “pandemic” that having family time is amazing and we should go back to the basics of family life, turning off the blue screens of the highly addictive and intelligence-robbing smart phones.

I hope Millennials learned, after the shock of having to stand in line for food and toilet paper, that the socialism they so desperately desire is a disaster that will never work no matter who is in charge.

I hope all socialists in this country who want socialized medicine learned that socialized medicine in Italy and in communist China were quickly overwhelmed – rationing ensued and they had to make hard choices for treatment.

Americans learned, I hope, that socialized medicine does have death panels, rationing of medical care based on a person’s age and utility to society.

I learned from this Chinese Wuhan virus crisis that the European Union did not respond well to its member states with medical help. 

Preventive medical tests before admission into a country is a great idea

I also learned that unfettered liberalism screaming for open borders and releasing medically unvetted foreigners among their midst was a disaster waiting to happen and it did. Yes, disease does not recognize borders, but we can screen people for disease and illnesses that can cause a potential pandemic globally. Isolation and quarantine do work.

Preventive medical tests before admission into a country is a great idea, it is not an intrusion on a person’s manufactured global rights. You don’t have rights in a country you have invaded or are a guest of. You must follow their rules, regulations, and laws, including borders.

We isolated ourselves in our homes, gave up rather quickly our constitutional liberties for our own “good” without as much as a whimper—the controlling globalists won, and the media won.

We learned that President Trump was right to build the fence on the southern border.  He was also right about restricting travel from China.

I learned from this “pandemic” that family life in general was improved by staying home and cooking instead of eating in restaurants so much. It was fun to take the kids to the park and re-discover nature, play in the sand, get dirty, chase the dog, fish, instead of watching TV non-stop, playing electronic games, or being obsessed with social media all the time. Life became simpler and more enjoyable, it seemed that we lived it more fully.

I learned from this “pandemic” that schools closed and taught their students online, eliminating a lot of unnecessary personnel and administrators. And why pay high college tuition when you can learn online much cheaper?

The Chinese Wuhan virus crisis taught me that some Americans are still kind and generous

The Chinese Wuhan virus crisis taught me that some Americans are still kind and generous, that some went to work despite their immediate contact with a lot of potentially infected people. But they did it anyway because they have a great work ethic, love to help other Americans, and needed the well-deserved paycheck they earned.

I learned that Americans are just as shameless to hoard food and essentials as the hoarders I encountered under socialism. Some became scalpers and stores price-gouged their customers, taking advantage of the shortage caused by increased demand and decreased supply.

Despite the mainstream media telling us otherwise, it is not racist to say that the Corona virus originated in Wuhan, China. To the liberals out there glued to their favorite leftist alphabet soup “news” channel, Chinese is a nationality, not a race.

From the Chinese Wuhan virus crisis, I learned that the Wuhan province was the location of 10,000 5G stations rolled out by the end of 2019. It is probably a “tin foil hat” coincidence but I am a skeptic and I do not believe in coincidences. 

And I like a good conspiracy theory any day. Exposure to so much radiation leads to a microwave illness with flu-like symptoms and 54 other additional health problems listed here. (Wuhan was the province where 5G was rolled out, now the center of deadly virus)

The 5G roll-out announcement was made by the communist Chinese government. Here is the English version.

Democrats, the political opportunists that they are, would never let a virus crisis go to waste

Last, but not least, Americans learned that toilet paper became the number one hoarded item, and nobody understood why.

Democrats, the political opportunists that they are, would never let a virus crisis go to waste. “Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-S.C.) told caucus members last week that the [stimulus] bill was ‘a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.’”

Would that vision be Democrat socialism?  But then everybody knows that Democrats in Washington do not have a problem putting their political ideology ahead of the welfare of the American people.

What some of my friends learned about the Chinese Wuhan Virus Crisis? Here are some salty and pointed opinions:

What some of my friends learned about the Chinese Wuhan Virus Crisis?

·         “How easily all Americans gave up their constitutional freedoms following a deliberate, media-created and hyped panic. 

·         Never outsource anything to a communist enemy. 

·         What socialism feels like. 

·         How selfish and unethical 75% of the population is. 

·         How stupid we are, how easily manipulated, and how incompetent the clowns are who lead various countries. 

·    How happily Americans surrendered their freedoms, they were not even fighting.

·         It was scary how many politicians and people were willing to ignore the Constitution’s protections when we needed them the most.

·         Life can change on a dime.

·         Prepping under Obama’s reign was a great decision.

·         Never trust a communist but I knew that before.

·         There is a lack of deductive reasoning ability and an abundance of panic mode among many.

·         This Corona Pandemic is a sinister international conspiracy against America… The cause, the symptoms, the mortality and morbidity are not even a fraction of the H1N1… but we are not led by a communist in the White House, we are led by a true patriot and great leader of the world, President Donald J. Trump.

·         Bring our manufacturing base back to America’s soil and employ American workers.

·         The “social distancing” quarantine came easy to me as I’ve been an introvert all my life.

·         The communists still want to take over the world.”

I sadly learned that people lie, cheat, and steal on a mass scale in order to get what they want, putting others at great risk, and neighbors are not neighborly at all in parts of the country where liberalism reigns supreme.


The Coccyx: The Darwin cult ignores biological reality to push its religious doctrine

We never had a tail......

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‘Vestigial organs’ are still taught in schools, as ‘proof’ of Darwin’s religion of fish becoming fishermen, or tulips mutating into gender-bending Teachers.  There is no mathematical possibility that a fish can become a reptile; a reptile a bird; or an ape a human.  The changes to software code called DNA would number in the billions and software systems do not magically produce more code and functionality by themselves.  Darwinian theology is a religion not a science.


From Jerry Bergman’s ‘Useless Organs: the coccyx or end of the spinal column, is always paraded by the Evolution-cult as an example of primate to human transformation.  This is anti-science and anti-biology.

…human coccyx bones were interpreted as the last remnants of this tail and are, therefore, vestigial.  Specifically, Darwin claimed that the “os coccyx in man, though functionless as a tail, plainly represents this part in other vertebrate animals.” The coccyx was judged vestigial by Darwin primarily because of its size and location. This claim has been uncritically repeated since Darwin.


Darwin’s theory about the coccyx is based on ignorance.  The coccyx is composed of three to five (usually four) nodular pieces of fused vertebral bones at the lowest part of the vertebral column. It is the terminus point of our backbone and is designed perfectly for this role.  Its major function is as an attachment site for the series of interconnected muscle fibres and tissues that support the bladder neck, urethra, uterus, rectum, and a set of structures that form a bowl-shaped muscular floor, collectively called the pelvic diaphragm. Without the proper design of the coccyx you would not be able to walk, and your organs in and around the central ventricle of the body would likely fail.


For example, muscles attached to the coccyx serve several important functions.  The cocygeus muscle, which is inserted by its base into the margin of the coccyx and into the side of the last section of the sacrum, helps to support the posterior organs of the pelvic floor, especially during forced expiration, such as in elimination.  The coccyx muscle system expands and contracts during urination and bowel movements, and also distends to help enlarge the birth canal during childbirth.


Without the coccyx and its attached muscle system, humans would need a very different support system for their internal organs requiring numerous design changes in the human posterior.


Another issue for the Darwin-cult, is that none of the supposed ‘near simian relatives’ of humans have a tail.  All of the major primates lack tails.  The ones that do possess a tail are the cat-like lemurs and tarsiers.



Ignorance is not science.



Atheists have destroyed the credibility of science

Immorality, fraud, corruption, lies....

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Scientism, is the cult of science and the blind belief that 'science' whatever that word may mean, is always 'right'. Using science to 'sell' metaphysics is a very old program. For the modern Materialist, Marxist, National Socialist and Communist we have many cults that used science to sell their cant, dogma, lies, immorality and irrational stupidity including:

-Darwin's algae to alchemist theology [no proof of evolution was offered by Darwin, just grandiose fairy tales].

-Lenin's Marxism and Russian Socialism was proffered as the inevitable political-social development of society, buttressed by the science of Marx.

-Hitler's National Socialism used Evolution as its 'science' to prove that superior races must and did exist; and that the Aryan race at the apogee of development had a moral right to exterminate inferior races including Jews, Slavs and in Hitler's famous words, Catholics, who oppose 'science' [meaning evolution].

Atheism is a cult based on Materialist-Evolutionary metaphysics. Atheism is of course an immoral construct and informed both Communism and its twin, Fascism. Both of these programs are concerned with killing the individual and his free-will and placing him under the control of a communal cult. In this regard Atheists must have little issue with killing the weak, the sick, the 'naturally unevolved', or the sub-human such as Jews or Catholics who oppose Hitler's 'science'.

If you want a simple explanation for lizard diversity on Caribbean islands, Darwinism isn’t it, suggests an article on Science Daily about researchers from University of Nottingham who claim they are “shedding light on a 150-year-old evolutionary puzzle.” The team could not rely on Darwin alone: “their model revealed that different ecological and evolutionary processes are responsible on each island.”  Call Ockham.  Then call Dobzhansky (Mr. “Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution”). Evolution does not explain anything.

The objections to the cult of Darwin are endless. The above is one example amongst one billion. Anyone who has studied grade 9 science and biology would find the pond scum to professor theology laughable. DNA is software code and code does not write itself. Today unfortunately, corruption and mindless meme propaganda, is now taken to be science.

In this vein the hysteria over globaloneywarming can only be believed by an Atheist under whatever label they classify themselves [Humanist being the most common]. Plant food which is a trace chemical does not cause weather. Period. But if you hate the human, view modern civilization as a curse; extol abortion and the murder of old people, and scream that Islam-is-peace; than it follows rather religiously, that you will wail over plant food and its destruction of Gaia, based on fraud, data manipulation, lies and propaganda, all of which now means 'science'.


Science now means ignorance. 


The Tonsils - another example of Darwin's religious ignorance

A first line of immune defence is declared 'useless' by the cult of Evolving

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‘Vestigial organs’ are still taught in schools, as ‘proof’ of Darwin’s religion of fish becoming fishermen.  It is biochemically impossible to have metamorphosis of species.  There is no mathematical possibility that a fish can become a reptile; a reptile a bird; or an ape a human.  Zero.  DNA, genetics and operating systems and software simply do not ‘mutate’ into different life forms.  This is a religion, not a science.


From Jerry Bergman’s ‘Useless Organs: The rise and fall of a central claim of evolution’ the tonsils, often cited as part of our primordial development from millions, billions, trillions soon? of ‘evolutionary years’ and an organ which can be happily cut off and thrown away, is of course, just another example of Darwin’s religious ignorance.


The Tonsils are important

In recent years, however, researchers have demonstrated the function of both the tonsils and adenoids. As a result of this newer data, most doctors are now much more reluctant to remove either the tonsils or the adenoids.

The tonsils are lymph glands critical to young people in helping to establish the body’s defense mechanism that produces disease-fighting antibodies. Once these defense mechanisms are developed, the tonsils start to shrink in the preteen years to almost nothing in adults, and other organs take over this function. Many researchers have concluded that because tonsils are larger in children than in adults, the tonsils are important in the development of the entire immunological system.

Researchers have concluded that the tonsils “form a ring of lymphoid tissue” that guards the “entrance of the alimentary and respiratory tracts from bacterial invasion.”

Called “super lymph nodes” they provide first-line defense to bacteria and viruses that cause both sore throats and colds.


Tonsillectomies harm the individual

Most medical authorities now actively discourage tonsillectomies.

Recently, the largest long-term study on the effect of tonsillectomies ever completed was published. Previous to this, most studies were short term, such as 6 months, or at most, a few years. This new study followed up the patients for close to 30 years post-surgery, and involved a total of 1.2 million subjects, including all children in Denmark born between 1979 and 1999. Of those 1.2 million children, 17,460 underwent adenoidectomies, and 11,830 experienced tonsillectomies within the first nine years of life.

Their health records were compared to the 1,157,684 who had retained both their adenoids and tonsils. The results were devastating for the procedure, with the researchers concluding that these organs should be removed only in severe cases. The 30-year research indicated that the modest benefits of the operations mostly vanished by age 40.

Workers in the New York Department of Cancer Control concluded that those patients “who have had tonsillectomies are nearly three times as likely to develop Hodgkin’s disease, a form of cancer that attacks the lymphoid tissue.”

Although removal of tonsils obviously eliminates tonsillitis (inflammation of the tonsils) it may increase the incidence of strep throat, Hodgkin’s disease and possibly polio.


Tonsillectomies are associated with disease

As many as one in five people who underwent a tonsillectomy suffered from serious diseases or health problems that they would otherwise never have encountered. This common childhood procedure more than tripled asthma risk, and doubled the rates of chronic bronchitis, emphysema, upper respiratory tract diseases, and conjunctivitis.116 It also increased the risk of allergies, influenza, pneumonia, and infectious diseases in general. The researchers suggested that with an even longer follow-up study, an increased rate of certain cancers and heart diseases may have been experienced.


Tonsils are vital to the lympthatic, immune and associated organs within these systems.  You can cut off your right arm and survive.  That does not mean it is ‘vestigial’.  When you remove part of a system, there are always consequences.  Evolution’s ignorance of medical science and its obsession with dogma is simply astounding – and dangerous.