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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

Gab@StFerdinandIII - Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Islam, the State, the cult of Gay and Queer, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, 'Science', Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion....a nice variety for the human-hater, amoral, anti-rationalist to choose from.  It is so much fun mocking them isn't it ?

Tempus Fugit Memento Mori - Time Flies Remember Death 

Archive - April 2021

The ‘Covid Crisis in India’, more Fake News, Fake Numbers and the Jabs.

The Religion of Corona.

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Daily Expose does a great job of destroying the Fake News Narrative on the Covid ‘crisis’ in India.  Some key facts include:


-Less than 0.1% of the population has died from Corona, or more likely probably the jab, on any given day, in the past few weeks 


-India has ramped up massive testing since March 1 2021, including testing on healthy people using the fraudulent PCR test, which at cycles of over 40, will guarantee a positive test even if the person is 100% healthy


 -Ivermectin has been replaced by the poison Jabs, starting this year, and right after the millions of jab applications, we can see a rise in injury and deaths, many of which are attributed to Rona of course


India has a Fake Test Crisis:




“PCR tests look for genetic matter from the new coronavirus using amplification cycles. However, the number of amplification cycles that was needed to detect genetic matter from the virus, which is referred to as the cycle threshold, typically isn’t included in test results sent to doctors and patients. Many coronavirus tests have fairly high cycle thresholds, with most set at 40 and some set at 37. That means a number of people who aren’t carrying much of the new coronavirus are still testing positive, even though they may not be contagious. You can read our full breakdown on the PCR test here."


This means that there will be a huge number of false positives across India, even despite the fact more tests equals more cases. But we’ll say it again, on the record breaking day for new infections in India just 0.02% of the population tested positive for Covid-19.”


Hysterical Dead Counts

“So what about deaths? Well the latest data shows us that on the 24th April 2021 2,767 deaths were attributed to Covid-19, the highest to occur in India so far. But let’s put that into context, with a population of 1.4 billion that is just 0.0001% of the population. And to put it into further context India sees on average 25,270 deaths per day from all causes.”



Jab injuring, killing?


“India began using Ivermectin late August 2020, and as you can see from the graph above it had great success in reducing the number of daily deaths attributed to Covid-19. However for some strange reason they switched tack in January to the experimental Covid vaccines. But didn’t really get going with the vaccine roll-out until the end of February.”



Don’t be a bonehead and believe the endless Church of Darwin propaganda

How would a bone, or 206 of them in your body, ‘evolve’ to form a design?

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Surprise, surprise, no bone evolution.  How or why would the complexity of a bone, bone cells, and associated infrastructure (veins, capillaries, tendons, proteins, shape, function) ‘evolve’ over ‘millions of years’, to form a wonderfully designed and effective skeleton connected to the other systems of corpus, neurological and all the inter-related systems of movement and purpose?  Is that story remotely plausible?  Did the bacteria eventually ‘evolve’ arms, legs, bone structures for face, jaw, pelvis, feet, ankle, knee, shoulders, a rib cage and a spinal column ending in a coccus to name but a few fantastically designed structures?  Did the building you are now in self form?  Did the floors appear along with windows, glass, heating, a roof and running water?  What good is a house without a roof?  What purpose running water without end points such as a shower or faucet?  How could thoughtful design self-create and even self-heal?  Evolution, a non-science, has no scientific answers.  Just conjecture and pretty pictures.


By Jerry Bergman


Bones are made of minerals built and maintained by cells. Bone osteocyte cells serve numerous roles in the vertebrate body, including bone remodelling to renew and repair bone, mechanical sensation, and mineral homeostasis.[2] The problem for evolution is, while the “developmental relationships of the four cell types (osteoprogenitor, osteoblasts, osteocytes, and osteoclasts) in modern bone are well known, very little is known about the evolutionary origins of these cells.[3]


More than half of modern teleost (ray-finned, bony) fishes have acellular bone, called anosteocytic bone, which lacks osteocytes but employs the other bone cell types, namely osteoprogenitor, osteoblasts, and osteoclasts. Furthermore, much speculation about bone evolution exists: “bones may not have evolved, but theories of bone evolution certainly have.[4] Thus, Wagner and Aspenberg, writing in 2011, quipped that if their article on bone evolution was “written a decade ago, it would have been considerably different” from one written today, due to the many different attempts to explain bone evolution based on speculation and just-so stories.[5]


Evolution requires that “this complex architecture of live and inorganic material must have emerged at some point in the course of evolution.” What should be found in this study of two bone examples, therefore, is evidence from less-complex design that progresses to more-complex design. The researchers compared a bone sample from Tremataspis mammillata, with a much younger sample from the fish Bothriolepis trautscholdi. The Tremataspis mammilla is a jawless fish that lived about 423 million years ago, belonging to the extinct Osteostraci group, and the Bothriolepis trautscholdi lived about 380 million years ago, belonging to the earliest group of jawed fishes, the Placodermi. What they found indicated the 400-million-year-old bones had an internal design far more complex than expected from evolutionary assumptions. Quoting the scientists involved in the research, they found that:


Even in the older sample of the jawless armored fish, the 3D images display a complex network with cavities (lacunae) for the bone cells and tiny channels through the bone interconnecting these cavities. “The channels are a thousand times narrower than a human hair and yet, amazingly, they have been almost completely preserved over these 400 million years” … Elaborate analysis of the high-resolution 3D images shows in detail how the network was constructed of cavities (lacunae) and the channels between them. “This proves that our early, still-jawless ancestors already possessed bones characterized by internal structure similar to ours and probably by many similar physiological capabilities as well.”[10]


Although this study used a new technique that requires repeating to validate the findings, so far no evidence was provided from the 3D scans that supports the gradualistic evolution of bone expected by Darwinism. Like all other attempts to document evidence of the evolution of bones from non-bone tissue, this study fails at this goal. So far, the evidence reveals that the first bone was a fully functional structure very similar to the two basic modern bone types. Note how this is expressed by evolutionists: “very little is known about the morphology of the first osteocytes, which is due to the inherent limitations of the fossil record.”[11]



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Heretic: One Scientist's Journey from Darwin to Design

Matti Leisola and Jonathan Witt

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Leisola is a well-known Finnish scientist and former Atheist who followed the evidence of science and converted to Christianity.  He has been endlessly attacked, ridiculed, ignored, shunned, removed from positions, his peer-reviewed research and books delisted (burnt), and many of his speeches and workshops prevented from occurring.   He is an expert in enzymes and proteins, a scientist with a long list of patents, inventions, peer confirmed studies, who is publishes (pace Pasteur) complete manifests and proofs for any to follow or find issues with.  He believes in intelligent design and has never mentioned in his works that God is the designer.  He simply looks at the evidence and states that the viewed complexity cannot arise by random selections.  With some like-minded scientists, including Atheists and Evolutionists he set up a research web site to publish peer reviewed papers addressing evidence, not pre-supposing an evolutionary process (


Leisola on enzymes.  How did they first form?


“…some blind evolutionary process, materialistic evolution would still face an insurmountable challenge, one that can be summarized briefly: Enzymes are biochemical machines crucial to life. These proteins catalyze all the reactions in the cell. They recognize, cut, glue, transport, oxidize, move, and change parts of molecules. But how do you get enzymes, or any kind of protein, in the first place? Biologist Dan Tawfik of the Weizman Institute in Israel oversees a research group dedicated to finding pathways by which proteins may have evolved. But he is candid about the origin-of-life problem. “Evolution has this catch-22: Nothing evolves unless it already exists,” he said. So what does he make of the origin of the first enzymes and other proteins, essential ingredients for life? He described their origin as “something like close to miracle.”


Protein functionality cannot arise by chance:


To be functional, proteins and nucleic acids must be formed from all one or the other. The molecules must have the correct chirality. To use the language of hands again, in a particular case you’ll need all left-handed molecules for things to fit together and for each to function as a building block. That’s a challenge for unguided origin-of-life scenarios. In chemical reactions both chiral forms are produced in equal amounts. That is, you get about equal portions of left-handed and right-handed molecules. There is no known way to produce by random chemistry only one of these forms.”


Mathematically there is no chance that a protein can self-form.


“The average protein is about 300 amino acids in length—more precisely, 267 for bacterial and 361 for eukaryotic proteins. These chains of amino acids can be ordered in 20300 different ways, a figure we can also represent as 10390. That’s a 1 followed by 390 zeroes.


(there are) 1082 atoms in the visible universe, a universe containing more than 100 billion galaxies; and galaxies have, on average, about 100 billion stars. And yet the even number of atoms in the entire visible universe is utterly dwarfed by the possible letter combinations in an amino acid chain 300 units long.”


Leisola and our general lack of knowledge about DNA, RNA and the cell:


“When I translated Evolution: A Critical Textbook from German to Finnish in 2000, there was a lot of discussion as to how many genes humans have. The mainstream view was that there were probably about 100,000. Some years later, as part of the human genome project, it was discovered that we only have roughly 20,000 genes. Then it was discovered that our genes are much more complex than earlier thought. A gene can contain many messages which are read in both directions; genes can overlap; genes can be split in pieces that can be joined together in different ways; and the message can vary depending on where the reading of the gene starts. Theoretically a gene can help produce thousands of proteins and numerous regulatory elements. What the geneticist colleague thought was a field transitioning out of its discovery period had in reality merely taken its first steps into a wild west of scientific discovery, one we are still in today.”


The more we learn about scientific ‘laws’, or processes and the more we try to understand the bio-machinery in our bodies, the less we know:


“David Berlinski, who has taught at Stanford, Rutgers, the City University of New York, and the Université de Paris, put it this way in The Devil’s Delusion: Western science has proceeded by filling gaps, but in filling them, it has created gaps all over again. The process is inexhaustible. Einstein created the special theory of relativity to accommodate certain anomalies in the interpretation of Clerk Maxwell’s theory of the electromagnetic field. Special relativity led directly to general relativity. But general relativity is inconsistent with quantum mechanics, the largest visions of the physical world alien to one another. Understanding has improved, but within the physical sciences, anomalies have grown great, and what is more, anomalies have grown great because understanding has improved.”


No experiment has ever proven that RNA can self-form:


“However, no one has been able to show how RNA could be formed by random chemical reactions, or survive for long after it did form. One of RNA’s jobs is to take the information in DNA and translate it into protein molecules. Both RNA and DNA are made of three parts. Both contain phosphoric acid and nucleobase. DNA’s third part is a sugar called deoxyribose. For RNA, it’s a delicate sugar called ribose—indeed, alarmingly delicate given that RNA-World proponents are hoping that RNA might have been present at the origin of the first life. Ribose is one of the most reactive sugars.”


Origin of Life negates Darwinism:


“James Tour is a leading origin-of-life researcher with over 630 research publications and over 120 patents. He was inducted into the National Academy of Inventors in 2015, listed in “The World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds” by Thomson Reuters in 2014, and named “Scientist of the Year” by R&D Magazine. Here is how he recently described the state of the field: We have no idea how the molecules that compose living systems could have been devised such that they would work in concert to fulfill biology’s functions. We have no idea how the basic set of molecules, carbohydrates, nucleic acids, lipids and proteins were made and how they could have coupled in proper sequences, and then transformed into the ordered assemblies until there was the construction of a complex biological system, and eventually to that first cell. Nobody has any idea on how this was done when using our commonly understood mechanisms of chemical science. Those that say that they understand are generally wholly uninformed regarding chemical synthesis. Those that say, “Oh this is well worked out,” they know nothing—nothing—about chemical synthesis—nothing.”


Mathematically evolution is an impossibility:

“Axe looked at proteins of modest length (150 residues) and published his results in the Journal of Molecular Biology. He found that the ratio of functional proteins to non-functional gibberish was 1 in 1074. He found that the odds of getting a protein with a particular function was 1 in 1077. That’s one protein capable of carrying out that function for every 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,00 0,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, 000 dead-on-arrival wannabe proteins.”


How would DNA error correction self-form?


A Nobel Prize was given in 2015 for the discovery of this error-correcting system. It’s as if every cell has its own personal copy editor. This copy editor is not perfect, but it is extraordinarily effective, and essential. Without it our fertilized egg cells would die long before developing to an embryo. Thanks to this error-correction system, only about one mutation for every ten billion DNA letters is inherited by the next generation. If we could hand-copy the more than four million letters in the complete plays of William Shakespeare with the same speed and accuracy that bacteria read and copy their genomes, we could dash off some 200 copies of all his plays in twenty minutes with only a single typo in just one of the 200 copies.”


There is no common descent.  Each species has distinct genomic systems and genes making them unique and making the ‘gene sharing’ theory irrelevant.


“Kozulić is a talented and versatile biochemist who has over fifty patents. He later worked at private biotech companies. Kozulić’s major arguments against evolutionary theory are related to the huge complexity of biological metabolic informational networks and their regulation. Kozulić analyzed the literature on sequenced genomes and concluded that each species has hundreds of what are termed ORFan genes or singleton genes. These are genes with no resemblance to those found in other taxa (categories of organisms such as species, genera, and families).”


This is an excellent book.  Many of the leading lights of evolution and biology are presented.  Even the most ardent neo-Darwinist true-believer knows that their philosophies are not scientifically valid.  Leisola recounts the vehemence and violence of the evolution-paradigm as it fights back, debases those who question its premises, marginalises those whose research makes it clear that Darwinism is largely a word-salad exercise, demonises any who are not a part of the Church of Darwin.  Scientifically Darwinism is a fraud but a well-funded, muscular, heavily invested and egotistically driven fraud.  Its eventually demise is however, quite inevitable.


The Church of Corona and Vaccinology. The 10 Commandments.

Dissenters are to be segregated, marginalised and probably de-camped.

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There is no science to what is going on with Corona, the 0.3% death rate by flu, the Lockdowns which in the UK alone have killed 50.000, the ingesting of immune-system deranging drugs which have until now killed in the US, UK, and EU at least 12.000 and injured 750.000 and that is only what is reported.  Since when are products forcibly injected into people that cause massive harm and death?  Where did this fascism come from?  Why is it tolerated? 


The Flu Fascism is now a religion, with divides between those who eagerly believe all government-Pharma propaganda and will ingest, eat, drink, do whatever they are told and the more intelligent, critical, circumspect who wonder about an experimental mRNA concoction, who don’t trust the criminal Pharma industry, who don’t know of anyone who has died from Corona, who don’t see the evidence of a pandemic in the mortality rates or overall death numbers; who view government power with increasing concern, and who do not wish their liberties and freedoms to be crushed under the guise of health and safety fascism including the use of Corona passports and social scores. 


Church of Corona and Vaccinology. 10 Commandments


1-Thou shall have no other Gods but the Church of Corona and Vaccinology.

2-Thou shall ingest drugs whose substances you cannot spell or pronounce and whose effects on your natural immune system you can't be bothered to understand.

3-Thou shall pray daily and weekly to the Church of Vaccinology's divine powers following our liturgy and thou shall follow all our commandments.

4-Thou shall follow the High Priests of our Church and do as they say and no dissent is allowed.

5-Thou shall be terrified over a 0.3% death rate flu and will hate anyone who does not fear the wrath of the Church of Corona.

6-Thou shall attack and segregate heretics and anti-druggist Infidels who refuse to follow the commandments.

7-Thou shall believe fake data, propaganda and fake science and repeat the new propaganda 5 times daily, kneeling with head to carpet.

8-Thou shall perform a daily 5-minute hate scream against refuseniks after watching the Ministry of Truth's Fake News broadcast at 6 pm.

9-Thou shall wear a face diaper everywhere and at all times and avoid all human contact.

10-Thou shall proudly display your badge of compliance, the needle pennant, on your clothing at all times, so the Ministry of Love knows you are safe.



Pope Francis, Bishop Spong, Barry Wilson and the Evil within the Church of Christ.

Destroying reality to appease Scientism, or Muhammadanism, results only in destruction.

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According to Bishop Spong and too many others within the Christian Churches, there is nothing divine or even that interesting about Christ, or indeed about humans in general.  We are simply ‘evolved’ bacteria.  Somehow, offending mathematical, biological, DNA, cell probability, bacteria grew a brain.  It just happened, because tautologically, here we are.  And since we are here, it must be true, become no Godly intelligence, no design, no immaterial truths can intervene in the modern Church of Scientism, where everything is materialist, everything is naturalist, all processes ‘just happen’.  These ideas are philosophies, not science. 


According to Spong and many inside and outside the Church, the true historical story of Rabbi Joshua or Jesus, is perhaps more interesting and relevant to our modern world, than the supposed supernatural fantasy created by Paul and the early Pauline church.  According to these Christophobes, Christ was not divine. He was not 'the' son of God. He was most likely a fatherless son of a woman who had given birth to many children from different fathers.  (Notice here the ignorance of language.  Christ had ‘brothers’ they say, but in Hebrew as in Russian, cousins are called brothers and sisters.) Christ was also probably a student inside a group of influential teachers including his Jewish mentors John the Baptist and Rabbi Hillel.


Many books by Reverend Spong [Jesus for the Non-Religious] and Barry Wilson [How Christ became a Christian], are ridiculously poor and historically inaccurate.  They purport to illustrate a non-academic insight into the life of the real Joshua or Jesus in Greek, and the real meaning of Jewish monotheism and ethical thought as taught by Christ and others. Both authors attempt to outline the historicity of Jesus and confirm that he was a man, a teacher and a promoter of Jewish ethics. Christ the historical figure was promoting a line of Jewish thought which could be traced back hundreds of years and which promoted respect for the poor, the sick and the female; hospitality and charity; meditation and spiritual contemplation; devotion to others; forgiveness, love and gratitude to 'God' for life, nature and our world.


It is true that Christ along with John the Baptist and Rabbi Hillel was a radical teacher – radical in that he was a teacher who challenged the social order of Jewish religion and the political order of Roman rule. But Christ's program had everything to do with God and 'heaven' and he confirmed his own divinity many times.  Christ called himself the son of Man – or ben Adam in Hebrew – a common way of suggesting that he served humans as the Lord and Saviour.  Christ was most likely viewed quite mistakenly by the Romans as part of the radical 'Zealot' faction within Judaism, a group associated with the Essene or Dead Sea scroll community who believed in the necessity of spiritual purity and the separateness of Jewish culture.


Christ's message echoed that of Rabbi Hillel and other Jewish spiritual teachers and healers, but it went much further.  Miracles abounded.  The dead were made alive. The sick cured.  The lame could walk, the blind could see.  All done with a purpose.  The metaphors and reality mixing.  If you want to know God, walk to him, with your eyes open.  Open your life and do the necessary work to understand the divine.  As St. Paul would often state, you need to be an athlete, to train, to focus, to dedicate yourself to becoming ‘good’ at understanding God.  Christ was the perfect exemplar of this.  Pious, meditative, prayerful, humble, God in the form of a poor, ordinary man.  That is always the way with God.  Those who are chosen are usually the most common and most human. 


Christ separated the Church from the State. Do unto others as you would like done to you; love even your enemies; and give to the state what is the state and give to yourself and your faith what your faith and your God demands. Those were the three basic tenets which Christ taught. They were however, a rather radical program which challenged the existing Roman political order and the existing Jewish spiritual order. Christ's message was revolutionary for the following reasons:


1.He challenged the blind rituals, codes and animal sacrifices which permeated Jewish belief.

2.Christ viewed the enormous second Temple as an abomination – a place where a caste of arrogant and quite rich priests – the Sadduccees – controlled Jewish spiritual life making a great profit from the rituals and offerings associated with being a good Jew.

3.He challenged the Pharisees who controlled the teaching of the Torah and of Jewish religious belief and who wielded great power over the mass of illiterate peasants.

4.He wanted people to have an individual relationship with spiritual faith or 'God' and to practice simple but effective rules of living and to take responsibility for their own learning and spiritual practice.

5.He taught that the spiritual world [or 'Heaven' as it was named] was more important than the material meaning that the Kingdom of 'God' or spiritual understanding was greater than Rome.

6.Understanding one another, showing compassion and exercising love in a community would bring spiritual awareness and gratitude to those who practiced it.

7.No one human is superior to another. Females, the poor, the sick and the leprous are just as valuable as the wealthiest and more powerful of men.


Christ was not a revolutionary teacher of ethics and living.  If Christ was only a ‘teacher’ pace Bishop Spong and others, he would be as unremarkable in many ways as Buddha.  Christianity would not exist.  11 out of the 12 apostles died for Christ spreading his message, most far from home.  Martyrs in the Church history abound.  Miracles of Mary, Christ and the Saints do exist.  None of this can be dismissed.  All of it to be accepted and embraced.  Christ was the miracle of the Divine, brought to life, the word given flesh, the Godhead in our midst. 


His example, miracles and Resurrection proved his divinity.  Apostle John stated that his various miracles of healing would fill all the books of the world.  The Bible lists only a fraction of what was performed.   And while, pace Spong et al Christ may have wanted a complete reformation of Judaism to worship the only God, his mission was much greater.  It was to spread the truth and the light about the Divinity and to share the power of the Holy Spirit which informs all life and is present with us at all times . God is everywhere.  For Christ this meant down with the temple and up with the liberation of men's minds and souls. It is clear if you read the teachings of Christ 'God' is not some white figure peering through the clouds but 'goodness' and spiritual faith and strength. Christ challenged the entire religious-social environment and like John the Baptist and countless other 'radicals', was killed.  The Romans and Jews did not accept his divinity, but many did recant after his crucifixion when by all accounts the Temple was riven by an earthquake, the sky darknened and thundered and a dark storm lashed Jerusalem. Easter Sunday's miracle of the Risen is a historical fact undisupted by Roman or Jewish sources.  It happened.


But according to the execrable Spong and others the miracle stories of Christ were later inventions by Paul and others to justify the death of Christ [he died to save all of our sins]; to prove that he was a Jewish messiah in the messianic tradition of Moses, Elijah, Elisha and Jeremiah; and to generate irrational devotion to the new Church and its other-wordly orientation. Paul's appeal to divinity won over James – a cousin of Jesus – and his church who taught 'the way' of Christ and based their teachings on the words, the thoughts and the preachings of Rabbi Jesus. Paul and the New Testament are oriented towards miracles and the ancient traditions of supernaturality and superstition. James and his church were focused on Christ, the human, the teacher, the moral guide. Paul won the PR campaign, but lost the message says Spong and his little band.


It is hard to emphasise just how insipid and evil Bishop Spong and other Christians who believe his tripe are.  Debasing Christ’s divinity, ridiculing his message as some sort of ‘radical politics’, ignoring the Risen, dismissing his curative powers and miracles, and disavowing the immaterial nature of his teachings is simply to destroy Christianity.  The miracle of life is the design of its complexity, its perfect harmony, the perfect location of the Earth within the universe, the wonders of DNA, and RNA, the still-poorly-understood complexity of the cell and micro-biology, the various miracles from embryology to protein functionality.  Reducing life to materialist chance, or the life of Christ to ‘good teachings’ is to destroy the truth, the beauty, the God given glory of living.