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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

Gab@StFerdinandIII - Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Islam, the State, the cult of Gay and Queer, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, 'Science', Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion....a nice variety for the human-hater, amoral, anti-rationalist to choose from.  It is so much fun mocking them isn't it ?

Tempus Fugit Memento Mori - Time Flies Remember Death 

Archive - May 2021

Scientism and the scientific mafia of establishment non-science

Group think, diktats, uniformity, snappy uniforms, polished boots.....And of course Corona.

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If you read the history and claims of establishment 'consensus' science in the 1940s and 50s you will discover the following:


1. There is life on Venus [Carl Sagan et al consensus, updated belief restated in 2014]

2. There is life on Mars [consensus, restated in 1996 as well]

3. There is consensus on globaloneycooling and a new ice age is imminent [1970s dogma, act now!]


The cult of warm or climate change has tried to issue various studies which ‘prove’ that  there was no consensus on globaloneycooling in the 1970s.  This is a ridiculous lie given that the mainstream propaganda outlets, the school systems, the science journals and government funded studies reported ad nauseum that the cooling world was a consensus fact.  The eco-intolerants blamed the trace chemical plant food (.04% gas by weight), which falls out of complex climate convection systems, for an imminent ice-age.


“In the 1960s and 1970s, a growing scientific consensus held that the Earth was entering a period of global cooling. The CIA announced that the “Western world’s leading climatologists have confirmed recent reports of detrimental global climatic change” akin to the Little Ice Age of the 17th and 18th centuries, “an era of drought, famine and political unrest in the western world.” President Jimmy Carter signed the National Climate Program Act to deal with the coming global cooling crisis. Newsweek magazine published a chilling article entitled “The Cooling World.” Source


A Phd does not mean you are smart, or a scientist. 'Experts' are oftentimes ignorant. Dogma is usually quite false, or at least in part falsifiable. Science is never settled. The constant speed of light [300k m/sec] is now thought to be wrong. Evolution for instance has no proof whatsoever to support it and has retarded replicable, practical science, full of jargon and empty words (‘natural selection’ who selects, why, and how to explain extinctions or all-or-nothing complexity like a brain?). Hand-waving and storytelling is not science. The fossil record and geological data make evolution – along with probability theory – a laughingstock. DNA and single cell complexity make meta-mutations or evolution of species simply impossible.


Velikovsky – much slandered and attacked – said that Venus would have a surface temperature of 1000 F. The 'science' community went into an uproar. He was right. He also challenged Darwinian uniformitarian geological cant – the idea that the earth's climate and geology has been stable. This is utter nonsense. The earth's history is one of stupendous and quite sudden catastrophes including flood [s]. If you study geology, you will know this. Velikovsky was right about this as well.  This is why you never hear of him or his ideas.  The ‘establishment’ viewed him as a threat. 


The establishment 'consensus science community', fuelled by tax money, will have you believe in climate stability, globaloneywarming, tulips to teachers; and that all scientific constants are irrefutable and proven. The cult of science is as theocratic and intolerant as any other construction of dogma and diktat.  The age of Corona and the end of man due to a 99.7% survival rate virus is no different. 

Nazi Germany and the Fascist Corona State.

What is the difference?

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The propagandist’s purpose is to make one set of people forget that certain other sets of people are human”. – Aldous Huxley


The Corona cult, based on Medical Fascism and fraud, is an outcome of rampant Statism in every country (the endless expansion of government or State power); manipulation and propaganda by the State; and the outsourcing to unaccountable ‘professionals’ of health in the guise of government funded health-care.  The Corona totalitarianism has many parallels with Nazi Germany.  The Nazis used ‘Science’ as the basis of their Fascism, with Medical ‘professionals’, ‘experts’ and ‘Scientists’, prominently and fully endorsing the Nazi regime, with few dissenters. 


"The medical professions of Germany and Austria, played a critical role in the evolution of Nazism’s programs of human destruction, programs that culminated in mass genocide. In addition, academic medicine not only provided the “scientific” rationale that legitimized eugenic and racial selection, it also exploited human victims for inhuman research."


Socialist-Statist Nazis had their settled 'science', cult of 'science', and were supported en-masse by Doctors, Scientists and Medical 'professionals'.


A long list of German doctors and scientists, who used the camps as experimental centres was compiled after Nuremberg.  There is no doubt that the medical ‘Professionals’, and ‘Scientists’ were fully bought into the Nazi state, along with the civil service and lay-professionals.  You can’t run a Fascist autocracy without the ‘Professional classes’ compliance.  From 1946 to 1949, the Nuremberg codes on medical ethics were produced and signed by every advanced country in order to prevent human experimentation.  Yet here we are, 72 years later, and humans are now ingesting unnecessary experimental mRNA drugs against a 99.7% survival rate virus. 


To dissent as a medical ‘professional’ in Nazi Germany was to neuter one’s career.  To criticise any aspect of the regime’s ‘science’ or ‘medical certainties’ was to endanger one’s reputation amongst the bien-pensant who were developing the Second Church of Reason (the first being the fascistic anti-clerical, anti-heritage detritus of the French Revolution).  There is little difference with what is going on today.  Dissent from the Church of Corona as a ‘professional’ and you are showered with threats, verbal violence, loss of your job, your status, your career and in some cases your life. 


In a government press conference in March 16, 1933, Goebbels stated his goal: to mould a population “to think uniformly, to react uniformly, and to place themselves body and soul at the disposal of the government.”


The Nazis built their regime, their propaganda, their social mobilisation on ‘reason and science’, by mobilising propaganda to make every citizen act in unison, to support the regime’s narrative.  The same has been true of the Corona Fascism.  ‘Save the NHS’.  ‘In it together’.  ‘Look him in the eye and tell him you won’t follow the rules’.  ‘Build Back Better’.  Simplistic messaging, using psychological tools and lurid imagery, reminiscent of Nazi and Communist propaganda.


One of the main targets for Nazism was Germany’s Christian heritage.  The Nuremberg files are clear that Hitler et al were going to completely eradicate the ‘effeminate, Galilean religion’ of the Jews Paul and Christ, which had ‘eradicated’, ‘Teutonic vigour’ and martial prowess.  The Church was destined for destruction.  Much the same is happening with the Church of Corona and its hatred of Western culture, Christianity or any dissent from the powers of the State and its Medical institutions.


Modern States have carefully implemented a health hysteria to counteract a 0.3% virus-death rate, which involves inter-alia: mandatory mRNA stabs, booster shots, curtailment of normal social activity, face-coverings, and most importantly, the digital-jab passport, which will over time imitate the CCCP social credit score digital application, containing all your personal details from finance to whether you have the latest stab or not.  The main objective of the Corona ‘pandemic’ was to implement the digital ‘vaccine’ passports.  This ‘Covid-pass’ in good Orwellian fashion will contain your ‘freedom’ to move, to work, to shop, to travel, and to be educated.  There is no difference between this program and the Nazification of the German masses in the 1930s.  The only difference is the application of modern technology to the Nazi ideal of complete State-Socialist control over the individual.


If you disapprove of the Church of Corona or the Corona-Fascism you are an Untermensch.  In today’s world, just switch ‘Christians’ in Nazi Germany, to ‘Anti-Vaxxers’, or ‘Anti-Covid narrative’ in today’s:


"When the new National Socialist government started to confiscate Church property, turning religious orders out of their houses and arresting priests....Nazis published material accusing the Church of being anti-science and anti-human progress,....From the early 1930s onwards, it was Nazi policy ...processions would be banned ...outdoor events subjected to sudden new rules and regulations....Children were pressured into joining the Hitler Youth movement rather than stay in Catholic youth associations. An attempt was made to ban the crucifix in schools. From 1936 on, parents were pressured to withdraw their children from Catholic schools and place them in Nazi-approved schools. By 1939, most Catholic-based schools had disappeared in Nazi Germany."


The Nuremberg documents reveal an active Nazi hate and persecution of the Catholic Church.  Thousands of priests and Bishops were murdered in camps.  5 million or more Christians died in the camps and from Nazi persecution during the war.  Jewish historian Max Dimon calls it the ‘unknown holocaust’.  Seminaries were shuttered, sermons monitored, Catholic businesses closed, Catholic newspapers (today's Big tech) shut down, Catholic youth and social groups dissolved. 


There is little difference today between the Nazi program and its ‘mass mobilisation’ and the Church of Corona.  People who don’t follow the current model of mass compliance or who do not want to ingest experimental poisons for a 99.7% survival rate virus are demonised, verbally attacked, threatened with job loss, with their churches, their social clubs, their personal associations shuttered, compromised, or monitored.  Anti-science initiatives such as face-coverings, social distancing or not hugging relatives imposed and those who don’t comply can be arrested, abused or mocked.  The 1930s equivalent of newspapers, namely Big Tech and online social media platforms, regularly de-platform dissent from the Corona Fascist program, or openly advocate soft violence against those declaiming against the non-science of the Corona totalitarianism. 


The mass hysteria, imposition of state power, the violence, hate and bile against those who are opposed to Medical Fascism, has much in common with Nazi Germany.


On Hayek's yellow brick road to state domination.

Covid Dicatorship is built on State ownership of the economy, and your body.

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Two trends in the past 60 years have eradicated much of what made Western Civilisation supreme.  One, is the massive scaling of government at all levels, including the international.  Within the never-ending avalanche of aggregated government power, oversight, ministries, agencies, commissions, international agreements, along with exponential tax, spend and debt accumulation, the creation of a scientocracy, basing all decisions and systems on ‘data’, or ‘the science’ has effectively rendered common sense, self-appraisal and debate redundant and impossible.  The great mass of Covid-jabbed and masked sheep for example, against all real science, evidence, history and common sense, typically invoke the magical demi-gods of ‘science’ or ‘following the experts’ to explain their superstitious irrationality. 


The second trend has been the outsourcing of health to socialised health systems, in which the individual’s body now becomes a core concern of the state.  When that happens there is no argument against even the most intrusive statism designed to protect ‘health’, ‘safety’, or the ‘common good’.  In the UK for example the 1998 Human Rights act is basically nullified by the Orwellian Health Act of 1984 (yes that is the year), in which governments per this act, can impose whatever restrictions, laws or coercion is deemed necessary to ‘ensure’ communal health or individual safety.  In this vein, the Covid hysteria, the fascistic lockdowns, demands to ingest experimental drugs, the wrapping of cloth over people’s faces, the distancing, the shuttering of life and society, is an inevitable consequence of vesting the state with your health and outsourcing all responsibility including that of being properly informed about the rudiments of good health, including vitamins, exercise, proper unprocessed food diets, sleep and a balanced existence. 


The only outcome of such a mathematical increase in government has always been the establishment of state power to such a degree that people will actually demand and even vote for, a rapid decline in all varieties of freedom. This includes the choice of 'energy' usage, choice of gender, free speech, travel, making a profit, or even what to say and think.  Soon critical thinking will be declared optional. Hayek's road to enslavement, which was already well underway long before the Covid ‘pandemic’ with its death rate (if you believe government numbers of 0.45%), will be paved with yellow bricks of paternalistic rhetoric, and 'compassionate' plans as governments assure that they, and only they can 'save us'. We will retard our political-economic development by 80 years or more, if this process at the aggrandizement of the endless state, is not stopped and rolled back.


Government spending, printing and debt accumulation ensures future ‘economic bubbles’.  These ‘bubbles’ greatly affect the ‘average person’.  The wealthy, the plutocrats, the government kleptocracy are always unaffected.  Negative real rates, debased currencies and economic dislocations caused by Corona, will build up unnatural pressures into a bubble economy, including high inflation, with lower real wages and higher prices as result.  Similar processes distorted the English market economy in the early 18th century during its 'South Sea bubble'; that of France at about the same time during the 'Mississippi Land Scam'; and that of Holland in the 17th century during the 'Tulip bubble' in which a tulip bulb would have the same value as a small village.


Government's culpability in forcing up land prices through speculation and greed, and unfettered immigration, is something rarely mentioned today. Artificially increasing immigration to grow a state’s tax base, allied with an array of subsidies, programs, and government sponsored lending is the main fact in creating and distorting the basic functioning of a proper land prices, premised on normal supply and demand conditions. Governments have destroyed that normalcy and now land prices are disconnected and unhinged from real wages and salaries, with a 10 to 1 ratio (house price to average single income), normal in most Western countries. 


As the Catholic historian Hillaire Belloc stated so accurately: “The control of production of wealth is the control of human life itself.” Indeed, it is. The state owning wealth, capital, banks and the means of production ensures that the individual loses his status of freedom and becomes merely a worker for the state, an individual no longer, but a knave supporting government policy and preferences.


Hayek knew that economic motives, whatever they might be, were not in themselves the reasons why people did things. These 'motives' were simply used to achieve something else. A nicer home, some savings, a good education for the children, a trip to somewhere exotic and the specie of money was a liberating factor, not only in consumptive choice, but in supplier innovation and technical advancement.


“It would be much truer to say that money is one of the greatest instruments of freedom ever invented by man. It is money which in existing society opens an astounding range of choice to the poor man – a range greater than that which not many generations ago was open to the wealthy.”


In the longer-term, nominal and real state control over banks, capital and vast areas of the economy will decrease the economic motive in society, which leads to a reduction in product innovation; supply, consumer choice, wages and ultimately in the ability of society to help the poor raise themselves up to a higher level. Controlling money and capital is one of the essential elements in a plan of communalism embedded in state control and state culture. Once the government gains control over production and money, it does not easily relinquish it.  The same is true of course for health care.  Once the government controls the supply and rationing of health care based on exorbitant and hidden taxation (hence the delusion that socialised health care is free), the individual loses access to productive alternatives, technology and timely supply of services.  There is a very large cost markup, and resulting decline in real service and outcomes, in having the state manage health.


Hayek sums up the danger best, “Economic control is not merely the control of a sector of human life which can be separated from the rest; it is the control of the means for all our ends.” 


This observation is undoubtedly true.  When governments own 50% of the economy, subsidise ‘news’ organisations; have ‘relationships’ with the Pharmaceutical industry and have a monopoly or close thereto over your health, the implementation of a Corona-Medical fascism is rather easy. 


In the modern Dark Ages, 'I Jab therefore I am' is considered 'science'

Precious little reason or science in the Cult of Corona.

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Rene Descartes was a pious Catholic, who in the 17th century postulated two main ideas regarding faith and reality.  The first was to be sceptical of settled truths and claims of accepted knowledge including Biblical and Christian but extending to all spheres of human interaction with the world at large.  The second was a belief, imitating the late 6th century philosopher-mathematician Pythagoras, that life and matter, were best explained and decomposed into, mathematical patterns.  Math argued Descartes echoing Bacon and many others, could be decomposed into the computational and repeatably patterns.  What those were exactly and how they worked he never bothered to calculate or express. 


Descartes famous dictum ‘I think therefore I am’, does not add much in value. 


A critical thinker would re-join yes, but ‘how’, and ‘why’?  Why do you have a brain, a nervous system, and receptors for stimuli connected to the same?  How and why do you process information?  How did you learn to speak impelled by thinking?  Why would you just ‘be born’ with the complexity required to think?  Descartes does not bother to investigate.  Where is the ‘reason’ in the approach to understanding?  It is missing.  Far from leading to philosophical ‘reason’, I think therefore I am, leads to the opposite – a declaration of faith in scepticism though that is never defined, and a belief in mathematical certainty, though it takes reason to establish such principles, which are entirely material and abstract.  Where is life and the immaterial a ‘reasonable’ man would ask?


Descartes' concepts were not new in the 17th century and they do not help the average man or woman live a better life.  Reality uses mathematical principles and ‘laws’ but the material is irreducibly combined with and impacted by the immaterial which cannot be measured nor calculated.  Descartes whilst somewhat innovative, was no more the ‘Father of Philosophy’, than St. Thomas Aquinas was the ‘Father of Theology’.


But in today’s world, in the age of the Cult of Corona, we have a new Cartesian philosophy: ‘I Jab therefore I am’.


This is the essential philosophy of the post-thinking world.  A world now riven into 2 layers, one the Fascistic state-institutional layer, driving the narrative of an all-consuming plague which will devastate the planet though not a single factual claim can support that premise; and below this layer, the people’s cult of Corona, a religious expression of belonging, of being important, of following in a herd and for many, finally finding a purpose and a reason to exist. 


‘I Jab therefore I exist’ is a corollary to the irrational ‘I Jab therefore I am’.  The cult of Corona is a new religion married to state fascism.


Cartesian philosophy, supposedly an ‘ode to reason’ is firmly premised on the irrational, and this leads ineluctably to a society, where thinking is optional.  ‘I think’, should generate a host of rational inquiries, which would lead to the immaterial and God.  Can ‘thinking’ just ‘evolve’?  Do ‘natural processes’ act on bacteria forcing a ‘selection of traits’ which culminates in a brain?  If you can ‘think’, how is that possible, given you did not exist until conceived?  How did conception occur and how would a ‘natural process’ produce thinking and speech and the creativity to allow Descartes to write on vellum, seated at a table with quill and ink?  Why would such impossible irrationality be considered as ‘reasonable’? Descartes’ philosophical starting point is the equivalent of a runner halfway through a race realising that ‘I run, therefore I am’, and declaring himself fully rational and alive.  Why am I running, did I train, did I prepare, how did I acquire the skills and even the clothing to do so?  The runner would know that his race’s starting point and purpose occurred far in advance of his philosophical musings halfway through the race.  Descartes like much of modern society, has missed most of the race, and most of the point.


In the age of Corona, the Jab is now reality.  Consider the irrationality in taking external toxins and metals, along with experimental synthetic mRNA into your body, substances that you cannot pronounce or spell, do not understand and which must as all drugs do, impact your own natural systems and immunity.


·       The stated death rate is 0.3%, including the massive data fraud on the dead which constitutes some 90% of the total


·       This means a low infection to death rate of 0.15%


·       99.7% of the population, including 95% of the over-75s will not die or even be really very sick from Corona


·       Under the age of 60, the chance of dying from Corona is less than that of dying in a car accident


·       Other treatments including Vitamins, Ivermectin and Zinc exist which are cheaper and less intrusive than the drugs


·       These experimental drugs have killed some 50.000 worldwide (estimate based on self-reporting deaths which will be less than 10% of the total); and 2 million injured.


·       Pharma companies cannot be sued or held liable for death or damage and the drug trials still have 2 years to run


Given the above what would a ‘rational’ person do?  They would avoid anyone ill with the virus, use common sense and ignore pleas to ingest unproven cocktails.  What do we see?  The opposite.  The rush to drug entire populations with synthetic mRNA which self-replicates and which will have long term health affects yet unknown, is neither ‘reasonable’ nor ‘rational’.  It is irrational and unreasonable and at the institutional level fascistic.  You do not inject healthy people with drugs.  The Nuremberg code was developed to prevent state actors from harming the innocent.  Yet here we have the Corona-fascists forcibly injecting populations, causing death and misery, and the average person calls for more, demands to be injected and then considers himself to be ‘following the science’. 


Stupid is not science.  Fascism is not freedom.



Origin of Life, by itself destroys the Religion of Darwin

Abiogenesis is the antithesis of science

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How does animate material appear from inanimate?  How would DNA and genomic software and operating systems, appear from nothing?  Why would nothing create a brain, consciousness and morality?  The Religion of Darwin and its apostles don’t know.  Yet they call their faith in the impossible, ‘science’. 


Charles Darwin recognized the origin-of-life problem:


“In 1863, Charles Darwin opined in a letter to a friend that contemplating the origin of life was “mere rubbish thinking” and that “one might as well think of [the] origin of matter.” Many researchers today would agree with Darwin. And yet, whereas cosmologists know how particles, elements, and many molecules formed after the big bang, biologists still struggle to explain how inorganic molecules turned into the stuff of life.(Mann, Adam, Inner Workings: Making headway with the mysteries of life’s origins, 118(16):e2105383118, April 2021,


The extract above was from Darwin answering Oken’s theory of abiogenesis, namely; that organisms would spontaneously generate on the beds of seas and lakes from some sort of ‘polarising force’.  Darwin replied, “It will be some time before we see ‘slime, snot or protoplasm &’ …generating a new animal… It is mere rubbish thinking, at present, of the origin of life; one might as well think of [the] origin of matter.”  This rebuttal is sensible, given that material and chemicals by themselves do not produce life.  A dead cat with all its cells intact (assume it was strangled), lying in the sun receiving ‘energy’, will still be dead, and will still decompose. 


Cellular formation and complexity was unknown in Darwin’s mid-19th century era.  Yet Darwin and ‘scientists’ knew, pace Pasteur, that abiogenesis was a non-science.  Darwin even admits in his book Origin of Species, that life has to be created by intelligence (last paragraph), just as a piece of treated spruce or maple is cut and designed to make a violin which is then formed and stringed to create a complex instrument emitting sound.  It is unlikely that a violin self creates and forms.  But the cult of Darwin persists, even going back to Oken’s nonsense that life self-creates on the beds of oceans, rivers and lakes. 


The Newest Attempts to Map the Origin of Life


“Several new proposals to explain the origin of life were summarized in an article published recently. In PNAS on 20 April 2021, Adam Mann reviewed origin-of-life theories in his “inner workings” essay, “Making headway with the mysteries of life’s origins.” He discussed lakes with relatively high concentrations of phosphorus compounds, and speculated that such lakes “may have been commonplace in the prebiotic Earth, providing the phosphorus-rich environments for biology and life to take hold.”


In reality, phosphorus naturally tends to combine with other atoms, such as calcium, to form minerals like apatite, thereby rendering it unavailable for biomolecules. This problem can be circumvented in some lakes where the concentration of unbound (thus bioavailable) phosphorus is very high. That may solve one problem. This is important because phosphorus is a key part of the backbone of DNA and RNA, as well as central to adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which cells require for energy.


But life requires much more than phosphorus. About 25 different elements must be bioavailable to produce life. Additionally, as Mann admits, all of these chemicals required for life “also need to be present in high enough concentrations in a particular environment to become incorporated into biomolecules” necessary to produce life.”


Available chemicals, including water, by themselves do not make life.  DNA and RNA complexity are still not fully understood.  Many ideas about DNA have been proven incorrect (eg junk DNA), and the very nature of their composition and inherent complexity makes it absurd that they self-formed.  There is simply not enough Darwinian time for a cell to self-create, self-heal, combine with other cells and form complex systems of purpose and functionality.  The Origin of Life and the amazingly complicated world of micro-biology disprove the Religion of Darwin’s claim to science.